Blot Tour Stop and ARC Book Review: Rescued (Alley Kitten #1) by Phoebe Rose


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Twenty-three year old startup founder Thomas York has no time for dating. And even less time to to deal with the litter of (adorable) stray kittens who’ve claimed his patio as their new home. But when Tessa — a passionate animal rescue volunteer — shows up to help, even Thomas can’t deny the mad attraction between them.


A born nurturer, Tessa Cantalupe’s used to caring for everyone but herself. Time and again she falls for guys who shred her soul. Will Thomas be yet another scar on Tessa’s heart, or is there a good guy underneath all the bluster and ambition? And will she dare to let him rescue her?


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MY RATING: 3.5 Beastly stars


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*** ARC received in exchange of an honest review ***


Rescued is my first book by Phoebe Rose and I have to say I enjoyed her writing! It started really strong and I immediately knew I would roote for our heroine , Tessa’s, character.


It took me a little while to connect with the male lead character, Thomas, but when I did, and specially when I saw who he was for real, I liked him. I needed him to be more real and that happened, although some of the things that happen to him, some from his own choosing, don’t sound so real to me.
Even when the jury was still out for Thomas, I SWOONED with his moments with Melon,  one my  favorite characters in this book.


Mellon is the kitten Thomas find and when he calls a rescue shelter’s number, Tessa appears in his door, all dressed up. Melon had some kittens of her own, but despite being feral, she is a sweetheart.


I really liked how Phoebe uses the cat and her behavior as an example in the love story between Thomas and Tessa. Both of themn were “feral” at some point in their lives. Tessa is hard on people and she doesn’t truest easily, but when she meets Thomas she realises a lot of things about her life. Like the fact she judged her roomate without really paying attention to the issues she had herself.


I love that this isn’t only a love story…It’s about frienship and taking responsibility for your actions, it’s about not judging the book by its cover. Thomas himself didn’t look like the man he actually is. Just because he has a hot body, doesn’t mean he isn’t a substantial person.


But Tessa isn’t the only one quickly on judging people. Thomas thought his loaded past happened for some reasons, when in reality things didn’t happen that way or because of how he thought they did. It was a nice surprise actually.


I wish the plot line went a bit further in Rescued, I was prepared to see more and to also see a “bigger” conflict in the story. I liked how it went, but from how it began and how the writing led us, I was expecting it to take it a bit further, as I said.


I don’t think Thomas and Tessa rushed things or ran to each other too fast, but I did think some parts of the story weren’t given enough credit. I LOVED Melon though, as I already mentioned. I LOVED how Phoebe used this cat character as a metaphore for so many coming-of-age issues everyone have. Maybe you don’t have, or had or will have, the same issues as Tess and Thomas did, but I guess something in your coming of age will be reminded by this story for sure.


Oh! Another thing, because I am Brazilian I always LOVE when authors write names of stuff, people or cities right and also when they get our costumes. Way to go, Phoebe on writing the Brazilian Steakhouse scene! It totally made me crave some pastels!!!


Overal I liked the story, even though, some things were left a bit unsaid and I wished for a bit more. But Rescued will be for sure one of those charming books! A perfect book to read when you are bored of reading or just tired!


Now I’m very curious about the second book in the series (featuring a different couple)!!!


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Phoebe Rose is a proud member of Team Cat. She lives in a secret lair, deep inside a blackberry bramble in Seattle, where she’s currently weaving a new Urban Fantasy series as well as a New Adult Romance series. Coffee is her second-best friend.


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