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Blog Tour Stop: Mists of the Serengeti by Leylah Attar





Hello, bookworms!!!


I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I cut back a lot on the blog tours. This one though, I couldn’t pass up!


Mists of the Serengeti by Leila Attar is just one of those books. It’ll definitely leave you speechless and so full of emotions!!!





Once in Africa, I kissed a king…

“And just like that, in an old red barn at the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro, I discovered the elusive magic I had only ever glimpsed between the pages of great love stories. It fluttered around me like a newborn butterfly and settled in a corner of my heart. I held my breath, afraid to exhale for fear it would slip out, never to be found again.”

When a bomb explodes in a mall in East Africa, its aftershocks send two strangers on a collision course that neither one sees coming.

Jack Warden, a divorced coffee farmer in Tanzania, loses his only daughter. An ocean away, in the English countryside, Rodel Emerson loses her only sibling.

Two ordinary people, bound by a tragic afternoon, set out to achieve the extraordinary, as they make three stops to rescue three children across the vast plains of the Serengeti—children who are worth more dead than alive.

But even if they beat the odds, another challenge looms at the end of the line. Can they survive yet another loss—this time of a love that’s bound to slip through their fingers, like the mists that dissipate in the light of the sun?

“Sometimes you come across a rainbow story—one that spans your heart. You might not be able to grasp it or hold on to it, but you can never be sorry for the color and magic it brought.”

A blend of romance and women’s fiction, Mists of The Serengeti is inspired by true events and contains emotional triggers, including the death of a child. Not recommended for sensitive readers. Standalone, contemporary fiction.





5 stars5 stars5 stars5 stars5 stars5 stars







***ARC received in exchange of an honest review***



Do you know when you find that book that is THE ONE? The one book that will speak to your soul like not many of them do? Well, Mists of the Serengeti is that one for me.


I didn’t read the blurb when I signed up for the ARC. Because I don’t like to read blurbs and I trust Leylah Attar’s writing. And after this book I REALLY trust it. 5% in and I was already crying (and to make me cry is by a story is not an easy feature).


This is one of the most beautiful books I’ve ever read. EVER. You know I’m terrible at choosing, but from my almost 2500 read books, I can definitely point Mists of the Serengeti as one of the best books I’ve ever read. IN MY LIFE! I’ve read it days ago and I’m still feeling EVERYTHING. Leylah Attar is a genius. Her writing is beyond spectacular. Not only the story is beautiful, but her writing too is beautiful. It definitely manifests itself in this story, we can see the beauty of spectacular writing. And it’s a joy. You’ll want to cry not only for the story, but for the fact the story is so beautifully written.


Mists of the Serengeti will break your heart. Into a million different pieces. But it will also mend it and make it swell so much you’ll feel like it could burst out of your chest. The writing is amazing. Poetic and powerful, Leylah’s words will make you feel so much you might feel overwhelmed by how strongly they’ll move you.


This is more than a love story between a man and a woman. It’s more than a story, period. Mists of the Serengeti is maybe a species of book that sometimes you feel it’s extinct. It goes beyond the act of reading. It literally moves you. It heals you. It overwhelms you. And it makes you want to read more just for the pleasure of finding another book like it. I don’t think that’s quite possible, the story is unique and the writing is so moving. I can list only a few books that made me feel quite like it and I have a LONG list of read books.


I know we’re only in the first month of the year, but I dare say that if you could only read one book in 2017, it’d have to be this one. It’s like the rare gem of a book we so rarely find, it’s different and fresh. I had no idea going in what this book would be about and every new chapter brought a new surprise for me. It has romance, it has angst, it has sadness, it deals with a difficult topic (one I had no idea existed).


Mists of the Serengeti is beyond epic. Because of its characters, which I loved because I related to them from the moment they first appeared. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. OF. THEM (not the bad guys, though. I hated those lol). It’s also because of the story/plotline and how well it was executed. And most of all, because of Leyla Attar’s writing. I LOVE, just LOVE, experiencing books with such a level of writing that it’ll make you want to cry for how beautiful and moving the words are. I live to find these kinds of books. Books with words that fit so perfectly they’ll fulfill your heart and soul.


“People will love you. People will hate you. And it always has more to do with them, than it does with you.”


I could talk for hours of how great this story was. How great the characters were, but I still can’t get past how great it’s making me feel. Extremely beautiful, Leyla Attar’s words will take you beyond the pages of your book/device and they’ll transport you to Tanzania’s Serengeti, to her characters hearts and they’ll give you ALL THE FEELS.




From Goma, to Scholastic and Jack and Ro, each character will make you a better reader, they’ll fill your heart in all the right places. They’ll mend it after it gets broken, because it will get broken. But it’s okay, because life can be sad. Terrible things can happen. But how we learn from it and how we survive those terrible things will change us. Mists of the Serengeti shows us how powerful love can be. Not just for the love story or all the love in it. But because you WILL love this book. And after finishing reading it, you’ll see how strongly it’ll make you feel. How you’ll feel overwhelmed and how you simply have no words for how much you’ll love it. At least that’s how I’m feeling right now.


Unlike a lot of my favorite reads, I don’t wish I could unread this book to read it all over again for the first time, because I can’t imagine not having read it. I’m not being an a** kisser when I say that my life wouldn’t be the same without reading this book. It impacted me and I literally can’t imagine not having read it, because now this story is part of my life. Every single person on the planet should read this book. We need the tears as much as we need the laughs. Just like we need the rain to experience the beauty of a rainbow. You need to read this book, just to experience the beauty of Leylah Attar’s words and how moving this story is.


The epilogue in special. I ABSOLUTELY LOVED it. I don’t mind books with no epilogues, but this time I would have minded. I might not have realized it, before reading it, but it’s one part of the book that you simply HAVE to experience. After the whole story, the epilogue will be the perfect way to crown this masterpiece!


As I said, I could talk about it for hours, but even so I’d still not have all the words to express how I feel after reading this book, how incredibly moving it is and how Leyla Attar’s words can be so powerful and beautiful, so I’ll leave you with this quote: “You ever wonder what we’d find if we could pick up the threads back to the point where things unravel where paths cross and lives pivot, and people come together?”. Well, after reading Mists of the Serengeti you definitely will!





buy the book









Leylah Attar writes stories about love – shaken, stirred, and served with a twist.

Sometimes she disappears into the black hole of the internet, but can usually be enticed out with chocolate. Leylah is a New York Times, USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of contemporary romance/woman’s fiction.

Author Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Goodreads | Pinterest


















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Blog Tour Stop (and Review): The Bellator Saga: The First Trilogy Box Set by Cecilia London





Hey everyone!!


You must know by now how obsessed I am with The Bellator Saga by Cecilia London! Cecilia was my find of 2015 and I can’t stop talking about her books!


As I told before, she released a box set with the first trilogy with all new covers. I LOVE this covers and keeping a secret about them was hard ahaha I can’t wait for the next trilogy and their covers!


Two souls intertwined. One epic love story.

Get swept away in the passionate romance between political opposites Caroline Gerard and Jack McIntyre in the first half of The Bellator Saga.

This set contains the first three books in the series, Dissident, Conscience, and Sojourn.


Now, I’ve already reviewed the first two books in the series, Dissident and Conscience. Because of that I will only review Sojourn in this post and you can read my reviews for the first two books here:







Haunted by her experience at The Fed, Caroline tries to create a new identity. A new present, a new future. She can’t escape the memories that dog her when she least expects it, leaving her mired in a depression that she finds difficult to escape. Caroline needs to regain her physical and mental strength if she intends on surviving the journey to find the elusive rebellion. But that’s easier said than done with the ghosts of the past constantly whispering in her ear.

The road is long and dangerous, and there are no guarantees. She and her companions have no idea what they will find when they arrive at their destination. And what they finally discover may change everything.

Sojourn is not a standalone and should be read after the first two books in the Bellator Saga.


MY RATING: 5 Beastly Stars


5 stars5 stars5 stars5 stars5 stars





In Dissident, Cecilia London introduced us to Jack and Caroline and their story was mostly told from flashbacks from 5 years before the present. We had an idea of what would happen to America but in Conscience we get to see more and experience so much more!  Conscience brings more flashbacks too and the present parts of it were full of a raw darkness that more than once shocked me. They are not “dark romances”.Not by a long shot. But the darkness in this story will have you on the edge of your seats and will have you wanting to get inside your devices or books to help Caroline.


Cecilia didn’t hold back. We can feel and experience every injustice Caroline suffered and there are times you’ll need a breather and you think “she can’t possibilly suffer more!”, until Cecilia surprises us once again.


But Sujourn? It brings a whole new level to the story. If we experienced whatever the characters did in the previous books, in Sojourn we can feel EVERY SINGLE feeling they do. Specially Caroline’s.


” She should have known that no matter what she did, she’d never be able to contain the memories. She wondered if there was a safe and convenient way to induce selective amnesia.”




We can clearly see how the story changed and how it is evolving book after book. Not only Cecilia’s storytelling, which is amazing. But the story itself. We get to see the transformations in Caroline too. I felt her despair, I felt her sadness, I felt her anger. I could feel everything and it amazed me how Cecilia has consistentially make her change. After everything she went through she couldn’t possibly be the same person. Or even close to it. There were moments I didn’t recognize Caroline and the flashbacks she had (in this book we get fewer flashbacks than the other two and it’s focused more in the present) couldn’t make ME, the reader, see any light  anymore. Even the flashbacks weren’t enough to bring the old Caroline back. And you know what? I LOVED THAT! Because it was BELIEVABLE!


This level of writing is always so refreshing! Writing a complex story like The Bellator Saga and making it, not only believable, but also relatable? That’s no easy feature, guys! Seeing how the story and the characters are evolving? It’s like watching a snow ball become an avalanche and I honestly can’t wait to see Cecilia unleash more into us!!!


Sojourn marks the half of the series (there will be 6 books in total) and we can see that our heroine is at a crossroad. She’s between what she was and belived and what was done to her made her become and belive too. There’s also the question of Jack! Because the in present situations we don’t get to know what happened to him and her children. We get hints of what might have happened and they got me curious and worried at the same time!


Now, I said Caroline was at a crossroadS, but in a way she already chose the path she will follow. The hard choice now is HOW she will do it. And I’m so glad we get to see it now and in the next three books, because not only do I feel like she is my friend (and I’m always rooting for her), but I also want to see who and what she is going to become and how her path will be, because no matter the changes that were very much imposed to her, one thing is for sure, she will never lose the essence of the fighter inside her. I don’t think she would ever be able to abandom the fight for justice and a better reality. The question now is what will keep feeding this fight, if it’ll be revenge, if it’ll be justice, anger…


“She didn’t care if she had to stay awake for every moment of every day and every night for the rest of her life. She wasn’t going to play this game anymore. She had to be free. No more fucking memories.”


Even though the story has so much loss and violence and some serious tones, the flashbacks deliver the HOTNESS. Two words: Jack McIntyre! We get all kinds of sexy times with Jack and I LOVE every single one of them. Not only those, but the sweet moments of them together. Well, who am I kidding? I LOVE EVERY MOMENT OF THOSE TWO TOGETHER!!!


Jack will entice all sort of swoony feelings you! He can be sweet,  he can be sexy (always). Jack is romantic and kinky. Loveable and cocky. Jack McIntyre is EVERYTHING! And their love story? Even if it’s just flashbacks what they had? That will make everything worth it!!!


Cecilia is doing a MARVELOUS job with this series.  Her whole concept is amazing and the way she writes? She can put her ideas into paper (or screens lol) in a way that makes us connect with the characters and relive what it’s happening, or what has happened,  to them like we were there too.


But let’s not forget about our background! What is happening to America? What will be done? Who will stop the evil Santos??? Even if you don’t like politics, the story Cecilia created is FASCINATING. To think that the land of the free could become what it has in the story? It’s super scary. To see what censorship and the lack of basic freedoms can do to, not only a country, but a nation? It’s VERY scary!


I want to see our heroine kicking some butts!!! I can’t wait for it. Not that she hasn’t before, but now I want to see her doing it more actively and to see others paying for all the suffer she and her friends endured.


After Conscience I didn’t think it was possible for her to suffer more, but seeing the emotional scars of what was done to her was very hard. Because we got to know Caroline and seeing her becoming someone else? It’s hard. Really hard. We can see and feel every one of her frustrations.
Caroline is a strong woman. There was no doubt in that, but at the point the story is now, she is now I can honestly say she’s one of the strongest female character’s I’ve ever read about!


But every strong woman also has her moments of doubt and of loneliness. And seeing someone like her doubting herself is desparing. Someone so strong shouldn’t have to had proven over and over her strenght. And that leaves marks. Not only physically and not only “just” her emotional scars. It leaves marks to her soul and it changes her.


You can see I’ve used the word “change” so much. But if I had to define Sojourn with one word that would be it. CHANGE. Not only the changes in Caroline and other characters as well. But also the change in the story. The change in America. The change in the writing. Cecilia’s writing was good from book 1, but now we can see yet another facet of her talent. The story hasn’t changed that much, but the little change it had was not only palpable (and necessary), but amazing to see!


Cecilia’s voice is getting louder and louder and I seriously can’t wait for the next three books because the curiosity is killing me! Not only to see what will happen in the story and to the characters, but also to see Cecilia’s writing growing more and more. To experience it is being very fullfilling! To see an author’s writing growing alongside with her characters? There’s not enough money worth of a book like that, that’s for sure!


buy the book



box set cover final.jpg





Rising Democratic star Caroline Gerard is reluctant to fall in love again after losing her husband. Can Republican playboy Jack McIntyre break through her grief and capture her heart? Told mostly in flashback and set against a chilling fascist backdrop, Dissident is a rollercoaster ride of political intrigue, passionate romance, and undying love.


Caroline faces the biggest challenge of her life when confronted with the cruelty and sadism of her captors at The Fed. Hope fades quickly, even as she holds onto her one last bit of sanity and her unshakable belief that her husband will rescue her. But is that faith just a mirage?


Reeling from her experiences at The Fed, Caroline tries to forge ahead and create a new identity. But that’s hard to do with the ghosts of the past constantly whispering in her ear. She is determined to find the rebellion and move on with her life, but what will she find when she arrives there?

When they reached the ballroom he locked the door behind him. Jack walked over to one of the decorative side tables and produced a box wrapped with red paper.

“Merry Christmas,” he said, handing it to her.

“Why didn’t you give this to me earlier?”

“I needed us to be in private when I gave it to you. Open it.”

It had to be jewelry. “I told you not to get me anything outlandish.”

“I don’t have to listen to you. Even if we are married.”

Caroline ripped the paper away. She opened the box and was greeted with an exquisite emerald necklace. Fringe design, with each individual green stone framed by tiny sparkling diamonds. The necklace was dripping with jewels from end to end. It looked like a prop from an eighties soap opera except it was stunningly, gorgeously real. She wouldn’t even want to speculate about the cost. “Jack-”

“Do you like it?” he asked.

She was convinced he only gave her presents just to gauge her reaction. To see how long she’d gawk at them before starting to gush. Caroline wasn’t refined when it came to her spontaneous responses to him. Did she like the necklace? A rather silly question since it was one of the most amazing things she’d ever seen.

“It’s beautiful,” she whispered.

He took the box from her. “I didn’t recall seeing you with anything other than sapphires or diamonds. We’re going to have to do something about that.”

She could only imagine the media attention they’d get if she paraded around wearing a necklace that cost more than what the average household made in a year, several times over. Sometimes her husband forgot that he was running for governor, not auditioning for the cast of Falcon Crest. “It’s too much, Jack. It’s so…elaborate. I can’t wear that in public.”

He smiled. “Then don’t. Wear it just for me.”

“Just around the house? Like, when I’m watching baseball and stuff?”

He laughed. “‘And stuff’?”

Her language was less polished than usual. “I’ve had a ton to drink today. I can’t always be articulate.”

Jack pulled her to him, leaning toward her ear. “How about you wear the necklace and nothing else, and grant your husband a dance?”

Now she saw where he was going. “A nice Christmas waltz?” Caroline suggested. “Fully clothed, of course. We must always be proper.”

He tugged at her sweater. “Try again.”

His romantic and seductive gestures were sweet, but impractical. “It’s cold in here.”

“I’ll turn the heat up.”

“What about you?”

“We don’t need to worry about me.”

Caroline sighed. “I meant your clothes.”

He unbuttoned her pants. “They’re staying on.”

That seemed unfair. “I’m not sure I like this power differential.”

Jack ran a finger under the waistband of her panties. “I think you do,” he whispered.

She shivered when he pulled her pants and underwear down. “Will there be music? Or are you going to parade my naked self around the ballroom in silence?”

“I picked a special song for the two of us.” He grinned. “And you won’t be naked. You’ll be wearing the necklace.”

She ran her hands down the front of his shirt, imagining how it would feel for her bare chest to rub against it while they danced. “You will undress at some point, right?”

He kissed her again. “Upstairs. Let me do this,” he said softly, stripping off the rest of her clothes, even her bra and panties. He laughed when he reached her socks. “Are those dinosaurs?”

Caroline liked wearing fun socks. She didn’t care if they were juvenile. She’d get away with it for as long as she could. “They’re wearing little Santa hats.”

Though he’d started to yank them down, he hastily pulled them back up to below her knees. “These can stay on. But only because they make you look so damn adorable.”

She tried not to think of what she’d look like wearing nothing but whimsical dinosaur knee socks and an emerald necklace, but the expression on his face indicated that Jack didn’t particularly care. He kissed her deeply before retrieving the necklace. He took his time placing it around her neck, then stepped back to look at her. It took all her effort not to blush. She hadn’t anticipated the night ending this way.

Jack tipped her chin up. “You look fucking marvelous.”

Her face had to be as red as a cherry. “Even with the socks?”
He brushed a stray hair out of her face. “There are few things sexier than a woman wearing an emerald necklace and dinosaur socks…and nothing else.”

Cecilia London is the pen name of a native Illinoisan currently living in San Antonio, Texas. She’s filled several roles over the course of her adult life – licensed attorney, wrangler of small children, and obsessed baseball fan, among others. An extroverted introvert with a serious social media addiction, she is the author of The Bellator Saga, an epic, genre-crossing romance series. You can catch all of her quirky updates on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, or at her website.













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Review Tour: The Game Changer by Collette West





Title: Game Changer
Series: New York Kings #1
Author: Collette West
Genre: Sports Romance (18+)
Published: July 15, 2014 



Young, rich, and unaware of how seriously hot he is, Brooks Davison is tearing it up as the latest shortstop for the New York Kings, despite his tendency to blush whenever girls scream his name. 
When a health scare forces his best friend, Kyle Roberts, off the team, no one can stomach the thought of replacing him, especially so close to the playoffs. 
Until Kyle’s sister, Sasha, steps in, convincing management to let her take his place. The idea of signing the first female player in Major League history proves too tempting for the Kings to resist. 
Nevertheless, Brooks doesn’t want any part of it. Sasha is Kyle’s little sister, not some sideshow. 
Yet when Kyle takes a turn for the worse, Brooks promises to do everything in his power to help Sasha win a championship for him. Because there’s no way he’s letting either of them down. Not now, not ever.

MY RATING: 3.5 Beastly stars


3 stars3 stars3 stars4 stars





I absolutely LOVE sports romances!!! A few years back I had my baseball phase, when I read like one baseball romance per day for a long time and reading The Game Changer I got all those feelings back!! 🙂


We don’t have baseball here in Brazil and I always need to pay a bit more attention to “get” the game. Back in the day I was pretty fast haha. But I have to say baseball players, at least in books, are my favorites!


I really liked The Game Changer. But I recommend reading the previous books before this one. Yes, it is a standanlone, but the characters from the other books are in it and it got me (and my OCD) curious about how they met too!


I really liked Sasha, the heroine. I liked Brooks too, but I  connected more with her than with him. He was a bit too good for my own tastes, but it doesn’t mean I didn’t like him. I did. I love how protective of her he was and what a great friend he is!


The Game Changer is a book focused on our heroine and she is great! I could read a few more pages about them and I’d be happy, specially them interacting with the rest of the team! I missed a bit more of that.


I liked the aspects of the game in the story and the team interaction, as I mentioned, but I missed getting to know Sasha and Brooks more. I guess because they actually didn’t meet in the beginning of the book (although we get that later), I got a bit lost, but I picked it up quite quickly. Brooks has a bit of an insta-love quality to him when it comes to Sasha and since I’m not particularly keen on insta-love stories, that’s probably why I had a hard time connecting with him.


Sasha is a very mature young lady and I liked that about her. Overall I liked the story and enjoyed it, but I wish there was more interaction between them and a bit more into their story.


This is the kind of “light” book I really enjoy reading. It’s good to take our heads off the heavy stuff for a while and no better way than with a book without complications that we’ll enjoy reading.


Collette made me gasping at some parts of the book, specially towards the end! I was on the edge of my seat and I couldn’t belive what I was reading! NICE, move! I particularly enjoyed a certain video about the past!!! LOVED that! It brought the connection I missed before!


buy the book







I’m in a fitful kind of sleep, one arm tossed over my face, one leg hanging off the bed, when I hear a rapping at my door.
My heart starts to pound. What if it’s some demented stalker fan? I pull the covers up to my chin, determined to wait it out. But when it comes again, my curiosity gets the better of me and I inch slowly off the bed. Going stealthily step by step, I take a deep breath and look through the peephole.
I gasp when I see Brooks standing there.
My heart goes from a dull pounding to full-on somersault mode. I run my hands through my hair. I must look a wreck. But why should I care?
Because he’s pacing outside my room in the middle of the night.
He knocks again, and I unfasten the chain and twist the lock before I change my mind. His feet are bare, and he’s wearing nothing but a faded Pac Man shirt and his boxers. He shouldn’t be out here looking like he just rolled out of bed, but he is.
The way his eyes are roaming across my body makes me conscious of the fact that I’m only wearing a pair of itty-bitty shorts and a flimsy tank. I cross my ankles and fold my arms around myself in an attempt to bolster my courage.
“Don’t,” he whispers, stepping across the threshold. His hands encircle my wrists, gently pulling them away from my body. “You’re too beautiful to cover yourself up.” He presses the door closed with the back of his foot, extinguishing whatever light was streaming in from the hallway.
Now we’re alone together in the darkness of my room, and I’m kind of glad he can’t read my face. I’m too conflicted. I don’t know what to do. I don’t know why he’s here. But if I’m being honest, I’m glad that he is. He’s finally making the effort to reach out to me instead of leaving me in the barren wasteland I’ve been living in. Oh, how I’ve missed basking in the warmth of his smile.
“What are you doing here?” I ask, feeling the heat of his body against mine.
“Apologizin’,” he says in that sexy twang of his, drawing out every syllable.







Collette West grew up as somewhat of a jock-nerd hybrid. Entering the world three weeks premature, her dad nearly missed her birth because he had seats behind the dugout for a sold-out, highly-anticipated match-up between two of baseball’s biggest rivals. Not to be outdone, her book-loving mom taught her how to read by the time she was three. A love of the game coupled with an appreciation for the written word were instilled in Collette’s impressionable brain from a young age. No wonder her characters believe in the philosophy: sports + romance = a little slice of heaven.
Splitting her time between the Pocono Mountains and Manhattan, Collette indulges her inner fangirl by going to as many games as she can from hockey to baseball and downloading every sports romance novel in existence onto her iPad. When she’s not clicking away on her laptop, she enjoys walking her dog in Central Park, satisfying her caffeine craving at the Starbucks on Broadway and keeping an eye out for Mr. Right. But above all, she loves dishing with her readers.
She is the author of the New York Kings series which includes: GAME CHANGER, GAME ON, PERFECT GAME, INSIDE GAME and GAME WINNER and the Stockton Beavers series which includes: SINGLE.





Enter here for a chance to win: a Rafflecopter giveaway

















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Blot Tour Stop and ARC Book Review: Rescued (Alley Kitten #1) by Phoebe Rose


Hey everyone!!


I can’t believe the weekend is finally here! This was a FULL week! LOL


Now, check out my review of Rescued, releasing on Nov 10th!!






Twenty-three year old startup founder Thomas York has no time for dating. And even less time to to deal with the litter of (adorable) stray kittens who’ve claimed his patio as their new home. But when Tessa — a passionate animal rescue volunteer — shows up to help, even Thomas can’t deny the mad attraction between them.


A born nurturer, Tessa Cantalupe’s used to caring for everyone but herself. Time and again she falls for guys who shred her soul. Will Thomas be yet another scar on Tessa’s heart, or is there a good guy underneath all the bluster and ambition? And will she dare to let him rescue her?


Add it to Goodreads:


MY RATING: 3.5 Beastly stars


3 stars3 stars3 stars4 stars





*** ARC received in exchange of an honest review ***


Rescued is my first book by Phoebe Rose and I have to say I enjoyed her writing! It started really strong and I immediately knew I would roote for our heroine , Tessa’s, character.


It took me a little while to connect with the male lead character, Thomas, but when I did, and specially when I saw who he was for real, I liked him. I needed him to be more real and that happened, although some of the things that happen to him, some from his own choosing, don’t sound so real to me.
Even when the jury was still out for Thomas, I SWOONED with his moments with Melon,  one my  favorite characters in this book.


Mellon is the kitten Thomas find and when he calls a rescue shelter’s number, Tessa appears in his door, all dressed up. Melon had some kittens of her own, but despite being feral, she is a sweetheart.


I really liked how Phoebe uses the cat and her behavior as an example in the love story between Thomas and Tessa. Both of themn were “feral” at some point in their lives. Tessa is hard on people and she doesn’t truest easily, but when she meets Thomas she realises a lot of things about her life. Like the fact she judged her roomate without really paying attention to the issues she had herself.


I love that this isn’t only a love story…It’s about frienship and taking responsibility for your actions, it’s about not judging the book by its cover. Thomas himself didn’t look like the man he actually is. Just because he has a hot body, doesn’t mean he isn’t a substantial person.


But Tessa isn’t the only one quickly on judging people. Thomas thought his loaded past happened for some reasons, when in reality things didn’t happen that way or because of how he thought they did. It was a nice surprise actually.


I wish the plot line went a bit further in Rescued, I was prepared to see more and to also see a “bigger” conflict in the story. I liked how it went, but from how it began and how the writing led us, I was expecting it to take it a bit further, as I said.


I don’t think Thomas and Tessa rushed things or ran to each other too fast, but I did think some parts of the story weren’t given enough credit. I LOVED Melon though, as I already mentioned. I LOVED how Phoebe used this cat character as a metaphore for so many coming-of-age issues everyone have. Maybe you don’t have, or had or will have, the same issues as Tess and Thomas did, but I guess something in your coming of age will be reminded by this story for sure.


Oh! Another thing, because I am Brazilian I always LOVE when authors write names of stuff, people or cities right and also when they get our costumes. Way to go, Phoebe on writing the Brazilian Steakhouse scene! It totally made me crave some pastels!!!


Overal I liked the story, even though, some things were left a bit unsaid and I wished for a bit more. But Rescued will be for sure one of those charming books! A perfect book to read when you are bored of reading or just tired!


Now I’m very curious about the second book in the series (featuring a different couple)!!!


buy the book


Will be found HERE come release day




Phoebe Rose is a proud member of Team Cat. She lives in a secret lair, deep inside a blackberry bramble in Seattle, where she’s currently weaving a new Urban Fantasy series as well as a New Adult Romance series. Coffee is her second-best friend.


Author links:



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Blog Tour Stop and Book Review: Roustabout by Jane Harvey-Berrick



Happy  Friday, Bookworms!!


Today I’m reviewing Roustabout, the third book in the Traveling Series by Jane Harvey-Berrick.







Twelve years ago Tucker McCoy walked away from the hell that was his family with not much more than the shirt on his back. No regrets. Never once looking back.

Living his life as a roustabout turned stunt rider with a traveling carnival keeps a smile on his face. His new family are the people he’s chosen to be in his life, the people who travel his road. Kes, Zach and Zef don’t share his blood, but they share his hopes and dreams. Understand his fears and know what makes him tick. They’re his brothers, his real family.

If you keep moving, no one can catch you—it’s a simple rule. So when Tucker crosses paths with Tera Hawkins, he knows he should move on. There’s no woman that’s ever been worth breaking his rules for. Besides, she’s off limits, untouchable. He knows stronger men would walk away, but dammit, he’s always been weak.

All he can offer her is a night she’ll never forget, but will that one taste be enough?


MY RATING: 3.75 stars


3 stars3 stars3 stars4 stars




***ARC received in exchange of an honest review***


I absolutely LOVED The Traveling Man (see my review HERE)  and The Traveling Woman (see my review HERE), they are both on my list of favorite books of 2015. And even though I didn’t rate Roustabout 5 stars I liked it a lot too!


This review is a bit harder for me to write because I LOVE Jane Harvey-Berrick’s writing and I LOVE the magical world she created in the previous two books. But with this one I missed that overwhelming feeling of belonging to a book while readint it, that powerful connection to the story. I had one issue from the start. Unfortunately I didn’t like the heroine. I mean, overal, I like Tera, but I don’t like her attitude.


I couldn’t connect with her in any level at first and to me she didn’t seem like a strong woman. Tera is a character that I would like to have more of her so I could maybe understand her better, because to me, she didn’t appeal, unfortunately.


I loved Tucker in TTM and TTW, he was funny and I loved his player vibe. I still liked him in Roustabout, we get to see he is not the shallow man everyone thinks he is, he is deep and I knew that behind his joker mask there was a man with a wounded past. And what a past it was!


Tucker travel back to his past and his roots made for the start of the conflict in the plot, although it was just the beginning of it.


Tucker’s past was a horrible one, with a mother who neglected him over her drinking and his only salve in the middle of a sh***ty life was a woman who ended up betraying him to the most! When I learned the level of Rene’s betrayal, I wanted her to BURN. Almost as much, or even more, than I wanted Sorcha to burn in the other books!  And since she wasn’t satisfied with already ruining something in Trucker’s past, she goes and do something to harm his present and future too.


One thing I thought was a minor lose end was how Rene was dealt, in my opinion she deserved a whole lot of trouble for what she caused. I’m glad though that Tucker showed, once again, how much of a good man he is. He totally made me swoon!


In Roustabout we learn about Tucker’s past and we see him with our favorite gang, his circus family! I loved seeing Kes and Aimee again, and Zack and Luke, and Zef and Rollo. They make for the perfect family and I’m glad Tera get to see that the circus family is the most loyal and loving one, much more than her own family.


Speaking of Tera’s family…hm, by the end of The Traveling Woman, even though I still didn’t like him, I could see some redeeming qualities in the Senator. Senator Hawkins is Tera, Kes and Con’s father. And I don’t like him at all now. He was quite mean to Tucker and he continues to give Kes the cold shoulder, even though he thinks Con is reputable enough to be his son. I love that Tucker shows him he is more than a roustabout, more than a stunt performer. He is what the Senator wished he was one day and that is the biggest IN YOUR FACE to Senator Hawkins. He deserved it and much more! I LOVED when Tucker crashed their party, literally!


I hate that Tera doens’t speak up for her brothers to her father. Even though she learned so much about the kind of man her father is, she continues to be the spoiled daddy girl through most of the book. I don’t think she changed that much in that aspect. I didn’t like the way she goes after Tucker, the way she does and because of that I can’t see her connection with him. Which for me was a shame, because Kes and Aimee’s connection is what makes the other books to me.


In Roustabout, I love Tucker, and how he shows he is an honorable man and how he grows up, but I’m still disappointed at Tera. I don’t see the magic in their love and because I saw so much of it in the other books, it was what I was most expecting. Maybe it was because I personally didn’t connect with the heroine, but the love story was not strong enough, or wasn’t shown as strong enough, in my opinion.


Roustabout is told in both Tera and Tucker’s POVs. I don’t particularly like male POVs, but I think Jane is a master in writing them. In fact, I think Tucker’s POV was better than Tera’s. In Tucker’s we get more inside his head than in Tera’s.


One thing I liked about Tera and I wish was more shown is her relationship with Kes. It’s great to see they bonded as brother and sister and we get to see they do share love. I wish we have seen more of it, though. It would make for a good character development on her. I liked how she and Aimee became friends too and how Tera gets advice from her.


The circus family was, as usual, very enjoyable and funny. How I wish to be around these characters! And after so many years together, this book brings some changes in their lives. It’s great to see they growing!! I want to know more about Zef, he definitely intrigues me. Plus we get Daniel if we get his story and you all know how much I love my Daniel! Zack and Luke…I’m not sure I want a full-novel story on them to be honest, but I like them. I loved Zack in the previous books.


Jane almost broke my heart with this book and for parts of it I was not sure I could continue withtout being desperate. Well played, Ms. Jane! I’m sure I have a few gray hairs on my head how because of you! LOL


Overal I enjoyed Roustabout and being back to the Circus, but to me there were some minor lose ends and I missed the connection between the hero and the heroine. Would I still recommend it? Definitely! You don’t want to miss Tucker in all his hot (and hot it was! I needed to fan myself a few times) glory! Plus if you missed the Carnival after reading The Traveling Man and The Traveling Woman as I did, Roustabout will take you right back to it! The Carnival life might not be for everyone, but everyone deserves to see and feel the magic in it, after all the carnival isn’t the traveling, it isn’t the places where the circus will be set, the carnival are the people who travel with you, who make the circus. The Carnival is in their hearts.


“This is the carnival, where magic happens…and dreams come true.”



href=””>buy the book

Amazon US | Amazon UK | B&N




The motorcycles circled the stadium like gladiators, or maybe like men jousting on horseback in days gone by: charging at each other, daring each other, until eventually they were ringed around the outer fence, each preparing for their first jump.

Zef went first, blasting off the ramp, followed a split second later by Tucker in the opposite direction, and I was so certain they were going to crash in the middle, I screamed and closed my eyes.

Aimee squeezed my hand hard, causing me to wince. I opened my eyes just in time to see Kes leaping through a circle of fire, the flames glancing off his helmet.

On and on it went, higher, faster, closer. Sweat trickled down my body, pooling under my armpits, leaving me drenched and weak.

The engines revved and hummed, and then they all charged together, a flying tower of men, with Kestrel cartwheeling over the top of them.

The crowd screamed and clapped and cheered, and Aimee and I stood up, shrieking with them.

“Oh my God!” I yelled over the noise. “I nearly had a heart attack!”

Aimee laughed and wiped her eyes.

“Every time,” she whispered, her voice shaky. “Every time.”

I followed her back to the RV where the guys were peeling off their sweat-soaked leathers, standing in their underwear, huge smiles plastered across their faces.

Tucker scooped me up in a sweaty hug, his hot skin slick to the touch.

“You are amazing!” I said honestly, a relieved laugh breaking out of me. “Stinky, but amazing!”

He laughed loudly, his head thrown back, his eyes crinkling with happiness, and then he kissed me, deeply.

The Traveling Man (Traveling Series, #1)

Amazon US | Amazon UK | B&N

traveling man

I was ordinary. Nice. He was extraordinary. And he wasn’t always nice.

Moody and difficult, brilliant and beautiful, Kes scared me and he protected me. He could be incredibly hurtful and incredibly thoughtful. He wasn’t perfect, but he was perfect for me. He challenged me, he took me out of my safe little box and showed me the world could be magnificent. He was everything I wasn’t.

Aimee Anderson is ten when the traveling carnival first comes to her nice little town. She doesn’t expect her world to change so completely. But meeting Kestrel Donohue puts her life on a different path.

Even though she only sees him for the two weeks of the year when he passes through her home town, his friendship is the most important of her life. As a child’s friendship grows to adult love, the choices become harder, and both Kes and Aimee realize that two weeks a year will never be enough.

The Traveling Woman (Traveling Series, #2)

Amazon US | Amazon UK | B&N

traveling woman

How many times do you gamble on love? When love has knocked you down, should you give it another chance? When does optimism become stupidity?

And what happens when the man you’re in love with is never still, always moving, always traveling? Do you say goodbye, or do you leave behind everything that you’ve worked for, everything that you’ve ever known? Can a traveling carnival be my home?

Oh. You thought I had the answers. No, sorry. No answers, just a lot of questions—and a heart that wants to rule my head.

Can one person be my home?





I lived in London for over 10 years and have a love affair with New York. It’s only since I have moved to the countryside, that the words have really begun to flow.

I live in a small village by the ocean and walk my little dog, Pip, every day. It’s on those beachside walks that I have all my best ideas.

Writing has become a way of life – and one that I love to share.


Connect with Jane

Website | Facebook | Goodreads | Amazon Author Page | Twitter



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love 2









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Blog Tour Stop and Book Review: Conscience (The Bellator Saga #2) by Cecilia London


Happy Hump Day, Bookworms!!

I’m so happy the day for my stop in the Conscience tour has finally arrived! My week started kind of hectic. I mean, I thought it was Friday already when I woke up! But thinking of Jack and Caroline will definitely brighten my day!!


Tour: Conscience by Cecilia London





An escape plan foiled….

A determined woman….

One last tiny sliver of hope….

Jack will find me.

The Fed wants answers. And Caroline is determined not to provide them. They pull out all the stops, testing her sanity, testing her strength, testing her humanity.

Jack will find me.

Subject to cruel and merciless treatment at the hands of a government she once trusted, Caroline clings to her sole lifeline, her only chance at maintaining her tenuous hold on reality: her memories of her husband, Jack, her children, Marguerite and Sophie, and the friends who mean the world to her.

Jack will find me.

But what happens when hope starts to fade? How long until her interrogators cross over into the unspeakable sadism she fears ? How long before she finally breaks apart?

Part Two of a Six Part Saga. Conscience (approximately 115,000 words) is not a standalone and must be read after the first book in the Bellator Saga, Dissident. All books in the series end in a cliffhanger. For readers 18+. This book contains adult situations including graphic violence, explicit (consensual) sex and light BDSM, psychological and physical trauma, and an oftentimes raw, dark, and gritty plot.


MY RATING: 5 – Can I give a million – stars


5 stars5 stars5 stars5 stars5 stars





I’ve read Conscience twice already and I can say this book kept me on the edge of my seat from the beginning to the end, not once but, twice! Even already knowing what would happen, the second time I read it I was still as eager as the first time!


The first time, I was up until almost 3 am reading it and I just couldn’t believe it!! Cecilia London has got to be my BEST FIND of 2015! Writing a series like the Bellator Saga must not be easy at all! The story is a web of deception, love, intrigue and everything a good book should have! I had (twice) the biggest book hangover in the history of book hangovers and even right now and words fail me.


THIS BOOK! It’s completely amazing! Jack and Caroline’s story, started in Dissident, continued (and still does) to amaze me. Their love is so real and the story is so RAW! Conscience is a story so GRITTY, unebelievably impossible to forget that will keep you alert for days. The story will pop into your head and you will remember it at random times and it will just make you want to read it all again, no matter how hard it may be at times!


As I said before, Dissident is my TOP book of the year and it’s ahead of Conscience just because it’s the first book, it was with it I fell in love with the characters and Cecilia’s story and writing! Both of them are in my TOP books of the year (I have quite a few favorites, but this year there are some that made the top)! Conscience is a book that GRIPS you in a way that it’s even hard to describe. The characters are perfectly constructed and they never fail to amaze us, either they are the good guys or the bad guys.  There  is a consistency in this sequel that makes it even more real. It doesn’t dodge from the first book, it justs adds to the enjoyment.


I loved to see how both Jack and Caroline grew up. Not only as individuals, but also as a couple. And differently from Dissident, this book has as many scenes in the present/future (the present  in the book is about 5 years into our present or so) as it has in the past. The story in Dissident was mainly told in flashbacks from the past. In Conscience we have a LOT going on in the present and even though I dreaded the moments the present would arrive, I also couldn’t get enough of it. Don’t get me wrong, Conscience was hard to read at sometimes, not because it was bad, but because the writing was so good, it got TOO real. I mean, it’s the most tense book I’ve ever read in my life. And I’m known for loving my angst and tension. I don’t back down easily, and Conscience didn’t make me back down, but it made me suffer at certain points. I suffered every minute with every character. And that, to me, is a sign of a good book.


This book has a darkness to it without being a dark book. It’s not a “dark romance” at all, it’s not a mind f***k. But the story has a concept that is quite evil. I mean, a dictator taking over the Land of the Free? That in itself is dark enough to think about. And the craziest thing is that it’s not only believeable in the story, but it’s something that if we think about, could actually happen the way Cecilia described it.


America is not the same anymore. The people are not the same anymore. But our favorite characters? They don’t back down from this kind of challenge. I mean, Caroline is FIERCE. I’m in awe of her and her strenght. And Jack is Jack. Swoon-worthy, Knight in shining armor, loving (and kinky) Jack! Cecilia managed to make me love an older hero. Jack is a Silver Fox, he’s 50, although he doesn’t look or feel like it. But it’s great to find a character that is mature enough to know what he wants and get it without sounding like a p***sy doing it. Caroline is no teenager also and that’s part of the allure of these two. They have had lives before they’ve met and that made them ready to meet each other when they did. I also love how they never abandoned their ideals, and it’s great to see that two people with such different backgrounds and such different political views can love each other and support each other as much as those two!


The side characters are just as amazing. I mean, in this book the main characters, as in the hero and the heroine, are not the only ones that make the story, as in so many books we read. The side characters not only have helped making them into who they are now, but they also help to make the story. They are not there to fill gaps and to distract us. No, no. They are as important to the story as Jack and Caroline. I can say even the bad, evil ones are kind of important (I mean, I hate it, but it’s the truth LOL).


And despite it being the most tense book I’ve ever read, I wouldn’t trade reading it for anything!!!! A story of this level, that mixes contemporary romance, erotica, intrigue, a bit of a political thriller, and one of the most swoon-worthy heroes I’ve  ever read? It’s not something I would pass. Ever! Imagine the movie “V for Vengeance” mixed with a poweful love story, a web of intrigue around the USA that could actually happen (and now I’m singing Muse’s Uprising in my head!!)?? Imagined that? That’s just the tip of the iceberg that is the Bellator Saga! There’s SO MUCH in this story!


I could talk about it for days and days and still have a lot to talk about it. It’s truly a “saga” kind of story! And I can’t wait to unravel more layers of this story. In Conscience we have plenty of Jack (not enough for myself, though, there’s never enough Jack  and Caroline in this story), I still want to see what he’s been up to these days. And I get CHILLS just thinking of what can come next. I’m so anxious and happy to have more to read!


These Cecilia London books are the kind that, even though, the story isn’t over with these books, you won’t mind waiting for the next ones. I mean, of course you want them NOW, but from these two books we kind of already know a lot that has happened, because it gives flashbacks into the past. And even though we want more, they don’t leave us hanging, it’s hard to explain.


I said that when I read Dissident, the prologue made me want to cry and made the hairs on my arms stood up! Well, my reaction to Conscience was pretty much like that. The difference is that it was even more intense and through most of the book! And I LOVED it!!!!


I have a feeling, and this is speculation on my part, that the next books will progressively be told more from the present, although there will be flashbacks into their past. I know Caroline, Jack and their friends and family still have a long way to go. But this is a journey you won’t mind waiting, specially because it’s so well-written. Cecilia has such an attention to details, but without making the story boring or pedantic. Even though the descriptions and the story are detailed, it’s not one of those stories that have an air entitlement to it. It’s a story that is smart, it deals with politics, but in a way that is simple for us to get, specially because the love story is so powerful and enjoyable, so you just want to know more about the characters.


Conscience is a POWERHOUSE of a book! But the most powerful thing about this story though, isn’t what Caroline and her friends and loved ones have to deal with (I mean, poor Caroline has had to deal with more than half the characters I’ve read in my life had), nor the love story between her and Jack, or how incredibly FIERCE she is! The most powerful thing here has to do with Cecilia’s writing and how REAL the story feels.. The characters and the story are so ALIVE, it’s like they are breathing  through each page. And that is just AMAZING. No words can describe the feeling of reading a book of this kind!!



conscience heart teaser blog tour

buy the book

Amazon USAmazon UKAmazon CANookKoboiBooks


Add to Goodreads 



Here are two excerpts of Conscience:


They’d start out nice and then devolve if they didn’t get what they wanted. She knew better than to think that they’d abide by the policies and procedures that were in place when she was working for the DOJ. Not if they weren’t Mirandizing prisoners. It was an entirely new ballgame. And she wasn’t going to play.

Howard frowned at her. “We’ve seen the classified information you obtained.”

Stay focused. Give them basic identifying information. Talk about the furthest topic from what they want to hear.

“My legal name is Caroline Joan Gerard,” she said quietly.

His eyes narrowed. “What?”

“I was born at Highland Park Hospital in Highland Park, Illinois on September 4.”

The two agents exchanged glances.

“Who were you working with?” Bradbury asked.

More people than you think, asshole. “I graduated from St. Mary School in Buffalo Grove, Illinois.”

Bradbury glared at her. “How did you get on a government server?”

Very subtle. They thought she’d turned into a hacker in order to obtain classified information. Interesting. Were they bluffing, or did they know?

“I am an alumnus of Adlai E. Stevenson High School in Lincolnshire, Illinois,” she said.

“Who were you working with?”

Time to have a little fun. “Adlai Stevenson was the governor of Illinois from 1949 to 1953,” Caroline said blankly.

“Excuse me?” Howard laid some papers out on the table in front of her. He was getting angry. “Where did you get these?”

She knew better than to look at the documents. She stared down at a different part of the table. “He ran for president twice on the Democratic ticket.”

Bradbury reached across the table, pulling her chin up so she was facing him. “Tell us what you know.” He turned to Howard. “This bitch is messing with us.”

Of course she was. She’d written her senior thesis on Adlai Stevenson. She could carry on for hours if she had to. She’d barely covered enough for a lame Wikipedia entry.

“He unofficially ran again in 1960 but was defeated by JFK,” Caroline said.

Bradbury punched her in the nose and tears sprang to her eyes.

“Move on,” he told Howard. “She’s fucking around.”

“Where are your children?” Howard asked.

An interesting segue. They weren’t going to play nice. At all. They probably thought they could somehow trick her into talking if they threatened her family. Caroline closed her eyes, trying to remain focused. She would never betray the ones she loved. Howard and Bradbury would figure that out quickly if they were worth their salt.

“Adlai Stevenson is widely regarded as leading the resurgence of the Democratic Party in the 1950s,” she said.

Bradbury punched her again and the blood started to flow. Fantastic. He plopped down on the table next to her, presumably to seem more intimidating.

“Where’s Senator Sullivan?” he asked. “We know she has your children.”

Caroline’s nose was bleeding profusely. She tried to wipe at it with the back of her hand and spat out some blood. “Stevenson served as ambassador to the United Nations before his death in 1965.”

Bradbury pulled her up from the chair by her hair, dragging her across the room. “Stop talking about fucking Adlai Stevenson,” he growled, shoving her up against the wall.

His threat came across as comical, for reasons she couldn’t quite understand. She again failed to hold her tongue. “Why would I want to fuck Adlai Stevenson? He’s dead. That’s gross.”

Caroline knew that laughing at her own joke would mean she’d get an even bigger ass kicking but she didn’t care. They weren’t going to start being gentle with her. Howard was sitting back in his chair quietly observing their entire exchange. Bradbury shoved her up against the wall again.

“Do you think this is funny?” he asked.

Another giggle escaped her lips. “Kinda.”

He reared back and punched her in the jaw. Her head thumped back against the concrete. She saw stars.

“Do you still want to laugh?” He kneed her in the stomach and she doubled over and fell to the floor. “Make another bullshit comment. Try it.”

She’d proven her point. He’d unfortunately done the same. “I’m finished,” she gasped.

He knelt down near her head, drawing his gun. How the hell had she missed that they were armed? Was everyone in this place packing heat?

“Where’s Governor McIntyre?” he asked. “And if you say one more fucking word about fucking Adlai Stevenson you’re getting a bullet to the brain.”

Caroline decided to test that theory. “Who’s Adlai Stevenson?” she said automatically.

Bradbury stood up and kicked Caroline in the side of the head. “If you don’t want to talk, it’s your funeral,” he said, right before she blacked out.



They were walking down the empty hall to the ballroom when Jack spun her up against the wall. “When we get back to our room I’m going to fuck you so hard you’re going to feel me with every move you make tomorrow,” he whispered into her hair.

She laughed lightly. “Perverted old man. Saying something like that right before I’m going to give a speech.”

“Just giving you something to think about,” he said. “If I wasn’t concerned about hidden cameras in the elevators I’d stop between floors and fuck you there too.”

“I’d do it if I didn’t think it would give those damn pundits and misogynistic male bloggers something else to leer over. And it may not be very gubernatorial,” she said. “I’m trying to be more of a lady. It doesn’t seem very ladylike to let you rip off my panties and have your way with me inside an elevator car.”

Jack laughed. “Says you.”

He pressed his hands against her backside, rubbing his palms against the soft material of her dress. Caroline knew what kind of mood he was in.

“Naughty girls get spanked,” he said in a low voice.

She smiled seductively and tugged on his tie. “Don’t make promises you won’t keep.”

“You know I’m good for it,” he breathed, squeezing her ass.

He wasn’t lying. He always followed through on what he promised in bed, as long as they both consented to it. If he was true to his word, Caroline would have a very uncomfortable flight back to Philadelphia the next day. But it would be worth it. She got excited thinking about what the rest of the evening might bring.

She brought her lips close to his. “If the public only knew, Mr. McIntyre. The dirty, nasty things you do to your wife when you know for certain that no one else is around.”

“They’re almost always at Mrs. McIntyre’s request,” Jack said, kissing her softly. “Even if they’re borderline illegal in some states. I live to make her happy.”

“I know you do,” Caroline whispered.

She wrapped one of her legs around him subtly so that no one else could see. One of her more effective tricks. She pressed up against his hip and kissed him, feeling him start to get hard.

“You’re not playing fair,” Jack said against her mouth.

“That’s what you get for distracting me,” she said silkily. “Now you’ve got something to focus on for the rest of the night. I’m going to be very, very bad. Be ready.”

He reluctantly slid his hands off her ass. “I’m always ready.”

Caroline heard voices nearby and practically jumped away from him. “I’ll see you in the ballroom, Jack,” she said in a loud singsong voice. She turned around and winked at him before striding down the hall, leaving him with a dazed grin on his face.



conscience prison teaser blog tour

Tour: Dissident by Cecilia London

Read for FREE


She once was important. Now she’s considered dangerous.

In a new America where almost no one can be trusted, Caroline lies unconscious in a government hospital as others decide her fate. She is a political dissident, wanted for questioning by a brutal regime that has come to power in a shockingly easy way. As she recovers from her injuries, all she has are her memories. And once she wakes up, they may not matter anymore.

Dissident is a blend of romantic suspense, contemporary romance, political thriller, and speculative fiction. Told mostly in flashback, it details the budding romantic relationship between our heroine, Caroline, and Jack, the silver fox playboy who tries to win her heart.

Part One of a Six Part Series. Each part is a full length novel between 60,000-120,000 words and ends in a cliffhanger. For readers 18+. This saga contains adult situations, including non-gratuitous violence, explicit (consensual) sex, psychological and physical trauma, and an oftentimes dark and gritty plot (particularly in part two).


Add to Goodreadsconscience barbed wire blog tour conscience shoes teaser blog tour




Cecilia is my pen name. I may or may not live in San Antonio, Texas. I’ve been known to apply quotes from ‘The Simpsons’ to everyday life. I live for baseball season.

Enter here for a chance to win:  Rafflecopter giveaway










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Blog Tour Stop and Book Review: Bury Me by Tara Sivec


Hey Bookworms!!


Happy Friday!! I can’t believe it’s Friday already!! Thank God, though!!! LOL

Today I’m going to review another book. Bury Me by Tara Sivec was released this week and I really liked it!!


bury me





“All things truly wicked start from innocence.” – Ernest Hemingway


I hear screams in my head.
I see blood on my hands.
When I look in the mirror I see a stranger.
How is it that I can remember bits and pieces of my life, but nothing of any importance and nothing that makes any sense? Everything is twisted and nothing is right. I’m choking with every breath I take, suffocating on the unknown.
Two days ago, everything changed. Two days ago, the people I should trust the most became strangers in my convoluted head. The dreams I have can’t be real. The fleeting memories that whisper through my mind are scary and wrong…they have to be. If they aren’t, I have something much worse to fear than my fractured mind. I need to find out the truth, even if it destroys me.
I’ve been told my name is Ravenna Duskin. I’m eighteen years old and I live in a prison…


MY RATING: 4 F**d up – Beastly stars


4 stars4 stars4 stars4 stars




Bury Me is my first Tara Sivec book. I know, I started with the darkest of them all! But that is me! Gimme dark and I’ll be a happy girl!


And after finishing it, what comes to my mind? “What the hell did I just read???”  How did Tara Sivec come up with this story??? And the funny thing is how did my own mind come up with so many right theories about it??


This book was a FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC psychological thriller! Towards the ending I did make some of the mysteries and I couldn’t believe I was right about some of them! Some actually surprised me as well.


Bury Me isn’t my typical dark romance though. It’s not about abductions, about Stockholm Syndrome, about a cruel hero and a naïve heroine. The heroine in this story is FAR from naïve, actually! It was very fresh to me reading a pyschological thriller like this one.


Does it have romance you might ask? Hm….yes. Maybe. But in this case a (or the) romance isn’t the focus of the story at all. And let me tell you, you won’t be focused on it at all anyways! The story will engage you and you’ll be dying to know what the f*** happened to this girl!! And when we finally learn it, well, you probably DID NOT see that coming! And even if you had (by the end you will come up with it on your own, but I had a few suspicions a bit before the ending) seen it coming, it will still be shocking the way things actually happened!


There is sort of a “quiet” intelligence about a book like Bury Me. It builds a story from the start and the author wouldn’t want to give us much until the end. But at the same time there is no stalling in the story either. Things happen in a right progression and that helps the readers come up with the mysteries themselves. And I liked that a lot.


Tara Sivec trusts her readers enough not to give them the story all chewed up and ready. She gives us the tools and clues and we come up with the result with her help!


Even though I’m not even slightly new to dark (or darkish) books, this one was quite refreshing. Although for real, I wouldn’t really put it in the “dark books” category. It is a total mind f***ck though! No denying that. Specially after that epilogue. That epilogue was GREAT! No apologies for whom any of the characters are or were. Just pure mind-f***ness!!!


I really liked how Tara Sivec build this story. I like how our heroine slowly build her mind back and the way she kept reassuring herself of who she was everytime a new puzzle was fit in the right place! That was a good way to write it and connect the reader with her story!


I did wish for a bit more though. Maybe more about what happened to some of the side characters. The epilogue was good to enlightening us, but I miss that something “more”. That “punch” that takes the story beyond.


Was it a good story though? DEFINITELY! Was it worth the read? HELL YEAH! You don’t want to miss this one! I’ve always heard about how funny Tara Sivec’s books are and although I haven’t read her other books yet, with this one she puts herself in another level. Because writing this kind of book takes balls!!


With this story she totally managed to “bury” some ideas of who or how a hero or heroine should be. She buries the pre-conceived notions of “right”and “wrong” and what makes someone “good” or “bad”. And maybe being “bad” might not be THAT bad after all. Even though it is, it can still be acceptable. Actually, even if it isn’t, she totally made it acceptable in her writing! Bravo, Ms. Sivec!!



buy the book





Before I can command my feet to move toward the shape—the safer of the two evils—I hear another sound in the opposite direction and foolishly turn my head. Something heavy and solid crashes against my skull and I feel myself falling. Darkness descends over me one last time, covering my eyes, clogging my ears and stealing the breath from my lungs. Nothing will ever be the same again.
Nothing will ever be good again.
It will all be bad.




Tara Sivec is a USA Today best-selling author, wife, mother, chauffeur, maid, short-order cook, baby-sitter, and sarcasm expert. She lives in Ohio with her husband and two children and looks forward to the day when they all three of them become adults and move out.

After working in the brokerage business for fourteen years, Tara decided to pick up a pen and write instead of shoving it in her eye out of boredom. She is the author of the Playing with Fire series and the Chocolate Lovers series. Her novel Seduction and Snacks won first place in the Indie Romance Convention Reader’s Choice Awards 2013 for Best Indie First Book.
In her spare time, Tara loves to dream about all of the baking she’ll do and naps she’ll take when she ever gets spare time.
Tara also writes under the pen name T.E. Sivec. Check out the page for T.E. Sivec for more information.


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Blog Tour Stop and Book Review: Dissident (The Bellator Saga #1) by Cecilia London



Hi  everyone!!!


I’m so excited my date for this tour is finally here! I actually read Dissident by Cecilia London a while ago. It was funny because Cecilia sent me an ARC Request (and I loved it, because she specifically said I could be as honest as I wanted, wich is always something so good coming from authors) and we started talking but I actually forgot to respond her with an answer and I’m so glad a few weeks later she sent me another email, because I would have missed ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS I’VE READ IN MY LIFE!!!

And the best part is that Dissident is currently FREE !!!


Tour: Dissident by Cecilia London






She once was important. Now she’s considered dangerous.


In a new America where almost no one can be trusted, Caroline lies unconscious in a government hospital as others decide her fate. She is a political dissident, wanted for questioning by a brutal regime that has come to power in a shockingly easy way. As she recovers from her injuries, all she has are her memories. And once she wakes up, they may not matter anymore.


Dissident is a blend of romantic suspense, contemporary romance, political thriller, and speculative fiction. Told mostly in flashback, it details the budding romantic relationship between our heroine, Caroline, and Jack, the silver fox playboy who tries to win her heart.


Part One of a Six Part Series. Each part is a full length novel between 60,000-120,000 words and ends in a cliffhanger. For readers 18+. This saga contains adult situations, including non-gratuitous violence, explicit (consensual) sex, psychological and physical trauma, and an oftentimes dark and gritty plot (particularly in part two).


MY RATING: 5 ++++++++ STARS


5 stars5 stars5 stars5 stars5 stars5 stars





First of all, Dissident is one of those rare books that incite an almost supernatural feeling in me. From the blurb I was certain I would like it and I wasn’t wrong.


The prologue alone gave me goosebumps and made me want to cry and I couldn’t get enough of Caroline’s story.


Have you ever got so high on a book you can’t imagine what have you been doing that you didn’t read it before? Dissent is THAT kind of book and even after two months, I still the happy buzz only amazing books give me… I completely blame Cecilia London for this!! She has such a talent to write such a detailed and intricate story!!


It’s hard to describe this book, besides saying it’s AMAZING!!! It has a dystopian thing going on, but forget everything you know about dystopies. It has nothing to do with The Hunger Games or Divergent. It has nothing paranormal about it either. It’s a book about what happens to America five years from now, when a crazy politician takes over. So it’s not even a big leap in the future. It shows what 5 years in the wrong hands could do to the most powerful country in the world. But Dissident is mostly told in flashbacks from 5 years before, so far it isn’t exactly about the “new” America, which got me so curious!! We know Caroline and her husband are being chased and we have some idea of why, but we don’t know how that happened yet.


Dissident is the perfect beginning of their story, because in it, we get to know Caroline and Jack, before the sh***tstorm hits the fan. And let me tell you, I will BATTLE anyone for Jack McIntyre!! He is the type of hero that makes you swoon ALL THE TIME he appears on a page! He is a sexy slightly older millionaire that is also a politician. He is Republican while Caroline, our FIERCE heroine is a Democrate. And worse, Caroline once tried to discredit him. In her defense she was going through something really hard and painful. But not as hard and painful as what she has yet to face, though.


So Dissident is mostly a contemporary romance, with some sexy politicians…think the TV show Scandal with a hot Silver Fox and some mad writing skills from Ms. London!!! Oh and heroine and hero are in their late thirties and forties, which was so fresh!


For fans of angsty romances, Dissident is the book for you. And if you’re not a fan, I’d still encourage you to try it, because the story in this book can change your mind! Dissident is not only angsty, but it’s funny and gritty and it holds you captive from the first page to the last one!


“People never really think about the last time they’re going to have sex with someone,” she said. “The last time they’re going to kiss them goodbye. The last time they’ll hear the other person’s voice. We take our relationships, our spouses, our partners for granted until one day, poof, it’s over. Maybe we’d all be a little better off if we lived each day as if it might be the last.”


Caroline is my favorite kind of heroine (to me she’s in the league of Nora Sutherlin from the Original Sinners, my favorite series). She is fierce, yet sensitive. She is a woman of convictions and she stick to them. She’s an honest politician and she is funny as hell! She and Jack make a perfect partnership, after she gets her head out of whenever it was and realizes that! LOL


Caroline and Jack have a real relationship. A real love and they are such REAL characters. We get so immesed in their story, it’s almost like they’re breathing through the pages of the book! I fell in love immediately with both of them. And also with some of the side characters. They are perfect sidekicks! Caroline’s best friend is another politician, with ideals so different from her own. Christine is older than her and she is the Iron Lady. She NEVER shows her feelings, unless they are for Caroline and her daughters and her husband, Tom. Besides being so different and also so cold, Christine and Caroline have a real friendship. I also loved Tom, he is such a supportive character.


Jen and Katie are other characters I love! They are Caroline’s aids also fierce. This book is full of truly fierce women, something I miss in literature sometimes!


But despite having a political background, Dissident is very much a love story. After all, how can anyone resist Jack McIntyre??? He is sexy, sometimes kinky (more so in the second book – that I’ve already read and will be reviewing later), loyal, loves Caroline and her daughters and friends (even Christine who seems to HATE him). He is PURE alpha male, without being a fake one. The man is definitely HAWT!!!


dissident teaser 1


One of the things I most liked about this book is that Cecilia doesn’t use unnecessary drama in her story. Everything is right where they should be. Either if it’s a dialogue, or even a nickname (or lack of one). Everything about Dissident is so detailed, without being too much or boring. This book is packed in action, the story is always evolving.


It’s always hard for me to put into words books I love as much as I loved Dissident. You’ll only truly get it once you read it. It kept me up reading it and I just wanted more and more. The feelings it gave me!


Plus it is such an intelligently woven story! I mean, how crazy it is to think of a time where Americans don’t have their basic rights, the ones that are example to most of the world, anymore? Even crazier to think of Estates separating themselves within the country. To think a man who is so prejudiced could control the country. The background story in Dissent isn’t in the back at all! It’s much as part of the love story as the characters. The background makes the story as much as the characters, as much as the love story.


There are so many feelings involved in reading Dissident. There is angst, there is swooning, there are some fan-yourself hot moments, there is love, there is admiration. Once you start reading you can’t stop and you want to get to the bottom of it.


Yes, there is what most people would consider a cliffhanger. Although for me it wasn’t really a cliffy, because from the parts of the present, we kinda alreay know what is happening. For me a story that isn’t over isn’t necessarily a cliffhanger. Not when it’s done right. Book 2 has more of a cliffy than book 1, but still not much of one, because we just know there’s more to come! Dissident is the kind of story I don’t mind waiting (not too much though) for the other books. Because when you read it you get that these kind of story can’t be told in only one or two books and it can’t be rushed. There is so much to tell.


Caroline and Jack’s journey is only beginning, but once you start it, you’ll definitely want more. I related so much to Caroline. To her sense of humor, to her cursing, to her sense of justice. As a Law student myself, this book fascinated me, mostly because the Law system and the Political system here in Brazil is so different than in America. But even so, I could relate to it. This book is in no way a political propaganda. It’s a story set in a real world. In a real country and it’s so crazy, because it’s something that could actually happen (after all Hitler got his power through Democracy). It’s fascinating and intriguing and yet it isn’t really a political romance.


And although I said the background story is a part of the love story, which is true, Dissident is very much a love story, so it has the usual wanted suspects in a love story: a swoon-worthy hero, who is also completely ALPHA MALE, a witty heroine, some great dialogue, some HOT  and SEXY times, and love…a lot of love going on.


I definitely like the fact that Jack and Caroline build a relationship through time. It takes them months, specially Caroline, to make any sort of romantic moves. Actually it’s pretty much clear from the beginning how much Jack was infatuate with her. I absolutley LOVED seeing their relationship growing from a comfortable friendship into something more. They are true partners, despite of the adversties that are thrown in their way and despite Caroline’s stubborness and Jack’s secrecy. It’s always more gratifiying to see a relantionship growing and the two parts actually working to make it, well, work! It’s so much more real that way!


This series isn’t entirely in a specific niche, it’s got political subject, it’s got some smut (although it’s not overly smutty – thank God . Although there is some kink coming), it’s about the very near future (so tecnically it has a “dystopian” thing going) and it’s got contemporary romance vibes.


dissident teaser 3


So categorizing Dissident isn’t not easy. Wich I like. I love books that are out of the box, the “different” ones. Usually I call “different” the books that make me feel this much (The Original Sinners, Degradation by Stylo Fantôme, Rainfall…I’ve mentioned a few here in the blog). Dissident (and the sequel Conscience) are definitely on that list!


I still can’t belive how Cecilia keeps track of ther thoughts and ideas with a story like the Bellator Saga. It is seriously, one of the best books I’ve ever read!


Dissident is on my TOP 5 books of 2015 and as you know, I don’t make those lists, I usually have a list of favorites, but I don’t rank books between the favorites (Conscience, the sequel, is up there too – it’s actually the most angsty book I’ve ever read).


Cecilia London is my BIG discover of the year and I’m so very glad I gave her a chance, because the lady has LOADS of talent. Her talent speaks for itself in her books. It feels like you’re reading a classic, one of those classic sagas. I can’t wait for more of the Bellator Saga or even anything she writes. She has me 100% convinced and I don’t think she can write something I won’t like!


dissident teaser 2


buy the book





Cecilia is my pen name. I may or may not live in San Antonio, Texas. I’ve been known to apply quotes from ‘The Simpsons’ to everyday life. I live for baseball season.




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Blog Tour and Book Review: Beat by Vi Keeland

beat blog tour

Hey everyone!!!

I’m finally back on track to writing my reviews, yaaay! Even when I can write my posts, I write mini-reviews on most every book I read in  Goodreads, if you want to sent me a friend request there, CLICK HERE.



Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00072]




Dimpled smile of a boy

Hard body of a man

Sings like an angel

Fucks like the devil

I was stuck between a rock(star) and a hard place.

At fifteen, his poster hung on my bedroom wall.  At twenty-five his body hovered over mine.  Every girl’s fantasy became my reality.  I was dating a rockstar.  Yet I was slowly falling for another man.  The problem was—the two men—they shared a tour bus.

Flynn Beckham was the opening act.

Dylan Ryder was the headliner.

What happens when the opening act begins to shine so bright, it seems to dim everything else in its wake?

I’ll tell you what happens.  Things get ugly.


MY RATING: 4 Beastly stars


4 stars4 stars4 stars4 stars






Although Beat is a standalone novel there is a previous book, Throb,  that has our hero in it.


Speaking of our hero, Flynn is such a great combination of sweet and sexy in a rockstar!


The story in Beat stars when Flynn goes to our heroine’s bar, Lucky’s. Lucky’s is the bar that Lucky, our heroine, opened years ago and now is owned by her and her best friend. Lucky is also an amazing singer, and her parents were rockstars as well, but she that has stage fright after a traumatic event in her past and now works as a voice coach.


Flynn is immediately taken by her. And you can say she was also taken by him. The only problem? She actually has a boyfriend. And he is a rockstar.  But so is Flynn, although he is fairly new in the business compared to Dylan.


Dylan is Lucky’s boyfriend and singer in the band Easy Ryder and Flynn’s band In Like Flynn is actually their new opening act. Plus when their bass player need a time out so Flynn is called to fill in for him too. Soon enough Dylan is jealous of all the attention Flynn gets. Not only he is super hot, he also sings very well. Even better than Dylan I dare say.


Dylan is a jerk in my opinion. He wants Lucky to be on his beck and call. She even sells part of her bar to her best friend so she won’t work there anymore. She’s their label’s voice coach and Dylan has his way to make her go on tour with them to coach Flynn. And that was just one of his many mistakes, because Lucky and Flynn’s chemistry is undeniable. The tension is off the charts.


I loved how sweet Flynn was and all the ways he comes up to help Lucky with her stage fright. Also, his little niece, Laney, was absolutely adorable! There’s something about a book hero that gets along with children, right?! They are even sexier!!


Flynn is one of those rockstars that are sweet and approachable, yet hot and sexy. So when Lucky can’t decide soon enough who she wants, her boyfriend whose posters she had in her bedroom wall since she was a teen (and she could’t believe she started dating years later) or the sexy new rockstar that enters her life, it breaks Flynn’s heart a bit.


But she isn’t a wishy-washy, indecisive heroine. I hate those kinds. She actually knows what she wants, she just needs to have the courage to go and get it!


I really liked Beat. The writing, the characters, the story. They were GREAT!


One thing I wish that was different, though, is that I wish it focused a bit more on Lucky’s problem and her “steps” to overcome it!

I wouldn’t mind a little bit more into the story either, because who wouldn’t want a bit more of Flynn????


Beat was steamy, but it also have a great story, so it’s the kind of steamy that I enjoy! Vi Keeland did a great job with it and now I want to read Throb and meet Flynn back then to see who is the crazy lady that actually let him go. Lucky for us, he did find his way into his own story (pun intended)!!!


beat it's live

buy the book

Amazon US ➜

Amazon UK ➜

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B&N  ➜


book trailerWhat the book trailer here:

beat... Teaser




Despite the fact that Lucky had just casually mentioned that the lobby lounge serves coffee beginning at six a.m., I’m pretty sure of myself that she’ll be down there.  But when I step off the elevator, the lobby is quiet.  Empty.  The coffee urns are just being set up in the lounge.  I pour two mugs, make them just as we like it, and settle on one of the couches on the far side of the room where it’s private, yet I can still keep an eye on the door.

I grab a newspaper and begin to flip through to kill time.  Then my eyes catch a pair of pink-painted toes in flip-flops.  I don’t know why, but it’s in this moment that I realize, I’m fucked.

The sight of her toes makes me smile.

I’m falling for another guy’s girl.  Something I promised myself I’d never do.

But then I reason with myself.  I haven’t done anything wrong.  Thinking a woman is beautiful and spending time with her doesn’t have to turn into anything, right?  They’re just toes after all.  But look how cute they are.  I’ve never been a foot guy, yet I wouldn’t mind sucking…  Stop.  Just stop.  We’re just friends.

Because I’ve been friends with so many hot women in the past and not fucked them?  Yep.  I’m screwed.  I need to get the hell out of here.

“Good morning,” she whispers and smiles down at me.  My eyes lazily travel up from her toes.

I’m totally not going anywhere.

I hold up her mug of coffee.  And then I realize she still has the thin shirt she wears to sleep on and I’m eye-level with the sexiest taut nipples I’ve ever seen.

Screw sucking her toes… “Certainly is.”  I grin.


beat teaser rd 3














beat teaser new














* Throb

Amazon US:

Amazon UK:

Barnes & Noble:




*Worth the Fight (MMA Fighter Series, Book One)


Barnes & Noble:


Smashwords –



* Worth The Chance (MMA Fighter Series, Book Two)

Amazon US:






*Worth Forgiving (MMA Fighter Series, Book Three)

Amazon US:

B & N:




*Belong to You (A Cole Novel, Book One)

Amazon US :


*Made For You (A Cole Novel, Book Two)

Amazon US:


*First Thing I See (Stand Alone)

Amazon US:


*Left Behind (Stand Alone)

Amazon US:



vi keeland

Vi Keeland is a native New Yorker with three children that occupy most of her free time, which she complains about often, but wouldn’t change for the world. She is a bookworm and has been known to read her kindle at stop lights, while styling her hair, cleaning, walking, during sporting events, and frequently while pretending to work.  She is a boring attorney by day, and an exciting smut author by night!

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Goodreads | Pinterest


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Blog Tour Stop and Review + Character Interview: My Time in the Affair by Stylo Fantôme

my time in the affair blog tour

Hey everyone!!!

I’m so happy for Stylo! Not only My Time in the Affair released on May 2nd but it got #1 in Romantic Erotica on Amazon. Stylo deserves all the success and recognition! I lost count on how many people I’ve pimped her books, since Degradation! When I first read Degradation before it was even released I started recommending it and everyone  who read it LOVED it and seems like it’s the same with My Time in the Affair, everyone I recommend it to, ends up liking it!!!









I made a conscious decision to cheat on my husband.

Now, before you judge me, hear my story. Hear how much I’m like you, how similar my thoughts are to your own. Yes, I’m a horrible person. Yes, I’ve done horrible things. Yes, I don’t deserve forgiveness. Yes, bad things happened because of my actions.

But I’m willing to bet I’ve done things that maybe, just maybe, you have thought of doing.

Maybe, just maybe, you’re not as innocent as you’d like to think.

Or maybe I’m not so guilty …

WARNING: This book involves CHEATING. The word AFFAIR is in the title. The main character has an AFFAIR. In the synopsis (directly above), she states that she intentionally has an AFFAIR. If you don’t like CHEATING, then you have been VERY WELL warned. Also, this book is primarily written in the third-person narrative.


Goodreads Link:




5 stars5 stars5 stars5 stars5 stars





Oh WOW! That was pretty much my reaction after finishing My Time in the Affair, a month or so ago. Stylo really consolidated herself as one of my favorite authors, with this new standalone she more than proved she can write different stories than the ones she already published.


Everyone knows my love for the Kane Trilogy, Jameson and Tate are forever imprinted in my mind (and heart). But even loving it so much and knowing Stylo is an amazing writer I admit I had my doubts about this book. Not because it deals with cheating, I actually don’t have a problem with that. What I was afraid was that this could be a book about a heroine who got herself a identity crisis and got a summer fling and got back to her husband. That was when I first saw the title to Stylo’s new book.


When I read the synopsis I just KNEW it would be my kind of book! And I was right. This isn’t a book about cheating. This is simply one of the best romances I’ve read in a while. After I finished it I found some other pretty good ones, but My Time in the Affair is just such a FRESH story.


mtita teaser 10


It’s got a different vibe than most books we’ve been seeing lately and I love that! It’s this THRILLING love story. So SEXY and GRIPPING! Our hero is an alpha, but a different alphan than Jameson was. But an alpha all the way. The man can COME FIND ME anytime he wants and BREAK my you-know-what.


MTITA teaser 3


Tal has about everything (and anything) I LOVE in a book boyfriend. He is confident and cocky, but he can also be sweet in the right times.  He isn’t a guy who seduces a married woman out of her marriage. If anything he was seduced by Mischa.  I absolutely LOVED Tal from the first scene he appeared to the last one! He has a secret though, a secret Mischa wasn’t expecting. But then Mischa didn’t really expected to fall in love with her Rome affair.


MTITA Teaser 6


Yes, she was convinced she was going to cheat on her husband, but she tried and couldn’t. If it wasn’t for Tal, I honestly don’t think she could have gone through with her plan. Tal was as unexpected as their blooming love. And their relationship is so much more than an affair. Since the first moment.




Mischa, though, without knowing is in the middle of a web of intrigue and has no idea what’s coming for her. I admit at some few moments I didn’t get her, but that didn’t prevent me to like her or her love story. If I had to choose though, my favorite character would be Tal.


Tal and Mischa have an instant EXPLOSIVE chemistry! Did I mention EXPLOSIVE? Because be prepared, your painties will for sure DESINTEGRATE with the Tal loving going on there! Also he is a dirty talking, but not a calling names one…he is much more into antecipating his moves talker! And he sure DELIVERS them!!


MTITA teaser 5


The book is mainly told in third person which I prefer, but we get some POV’s from Tal and Mischa too. And as I said, My Time in the Affair is so much more than a story about a woman who cheats on her husband. I’m not saying cheating is right, but well Mischa really didn’t have a marriage. It was not about the sex, but about the fact that marriage is much more than a friendship, it’s about a partnership. Something Tal and Mischa had from the beginning.


MTITA Teaser


You know when a book doesn’t have a signature genre, like dark, MC, paranormal, but it’s a contemporary (and INCENDIARY) romance that has everything that makes a romance junkie’s heart beats faster? Well, My Time in the Affair is one of those. But what is different here? First of all the writing. The writing is OFF THE CHARTS PERFECT! Stylo knows exactly where to put her words and how to weave them and how to put her ideas into paper. As a reader I can sense that when I’m reading her books. She knows exactly how she wants her story to be and how to make it happen. That is real magic! My second choice would be Tal! God, I LOVED him! His cocky attitude (confidence, Carol! It’s confidence!), his sweet moments, how he teaches Mischa how to be brave and speak up for herself. How he calls her Misch, how he swears, how he makes their love so explosive! You gotta love a character that is written so right, that he makes you wish you were inside the story and not outside reading it. And then there are other reasons, but one I have to point out is that this book is different just for the fact that it deals with cheating with an honest front. I know, cheating is the opposite of honesty. But reading My Time in the Affair, there is no doubt this story is honest. We get to see how Mischa is from the beginning and even wanting to cheat, she isn’t a cheater. Tal and Mischa are honest about who they are and what they’re doing. There is no tip-toeing around the fact that yes, both of them are doing something wrong. Again, I don’t judge people, we can’t help falling in love. Do I think Mischa’s decisions were right? I don’t know, I do put myself in her shoes though. After all who could resist Tal, specially coming from such an empty marriage?


MTITA teaser 4


My Time in the Affair is very different than the Kane Trilogy (let’s face it, nothing can quite compare to Satan and Tate), but just like Degradation, it’s not your typical romance. That is the only similarity I find between them. Besides the amazing writing, of course. Yes, MTITA is not your typical romance, but normal is quite overrated in my opinion, so sign me up to a Stylo Fantôme’s book boyfriend any day of the year! hahaha


Although Jameson was filthy mouthed and super dirty, he is a clean-cut guy, a (not so classic) CEO. Tal is quite different. He is rugged, he is out there in your face, he is so cocky. He embodies the Mediterranean from his roots, wild and beautiful. And unpredictable, but yet someone you can trust undoubtely.


MTITA teaser 7


I don’t think Mischa is as secure of herself as she would like to be. At least not until she meets Tal. She is afraid, after all she’s been stuck in a meaninless marriage for a while. She wants to be daring and what better place than a far away country. A country known for its lively lifestyle, for partying, for passion! Funny thing is that until Tal, she didn’t actually find the passion in Italy. So yeah, I believe she learns that with the right person everywhere can be amazing, every time can be perfect and every encounter can be explosive, thrilling and amazing.


MTITA teaser 8


And it was good that for a change, the hero is the one who could admit his feelings first. Who could admit he didn’t want her to leave. Of course, Mischa doesn’t want that too, but it takes some time for her to work out the idea that she isn’t cut for a Italy fling, for one-night stands, for cheating and lying. She is made for Tal and Tal is made for her.


But will that be enough? When the person you learned to trust and whom you confided such deep secrets to turns out to be so different than you thought he was…could you still give it a chance? That is the real fire trial in their relationship. It’s not her marriage, it’s not her insecurities. It’s the fact that deep down there are still doubts and that maybe, just maybe, Tal is nothing like the man she learned to love and trust.


mtita teaser 2MTITA teaser 9










There’s not much I could say about this story and why you should read it without giving something away. Just know that if you’re reticent, it’s not about cheating. Cheating is such a small part of their love and relationship. I love the fact that the story started a way, they met, they started their fling and when we think everything is done, Stylo flips the table and gives us more. That’s what I like in a good book, how versatile yet so consistent it can be!




What Stylo did here, was turn strangers (or so it seemed *wink wink*) into lovers, into something more and flipping it all out and turning the whole story around. The adversities we thought Mischa and Tal would have are nothing like what they actyally were. It’s not even about coming clean about their affair anymore. It’s about so much more than that! I love those kinds of plot twists, even though from the mystery around Tal, I got an idea what was really happening there.


My Time in the Affair is an amazingly written book. A tale of love in the middle of the stilness in  life can be. It’s sexy as hell, captivating, exilarating, super funny (OMG, Tal is so funny. He and Mish together are the PERFECT dose of funny and sexy, with some lovely banter going one between the characters. I love the fact that during their time together we get to see them getting to know each other, more than she knew her husband in all their years together and more than Tal allowed himself to know any other women before. We get to see them falling in love and it was AWESOME to experience that alongside with them!



I’m glad so far everyone who I recommended it to, or who I see finished this book really gets it’s not about a cheating story-line. It’s about characters in a shitty situation, it’s about falling in love, it’s about accepting life’s challenges, it’s about grabbing life with our bare hands and making it our own. Making it perfect to live with the right person. With the right partner. It’s about coming to find life. Coming to find happiness!It’s about coming to find not only the time they met through their affair, but it’s about coming to find what else they can live out of the affair!







Mischa snorted, stood up, and began collecting her paperwork. The man stood up as well, and next thing she knew, he was pressed up against her side. She started to pull away, but he wrapped his arm around her waist.

“What are you doing!?” she was shocked.

“The night is young, and you are very beautiful. Come, let us get to know one another,” his voice was low as he leaned down towards her. She practically bent in half trying to get away.

“You’re about to get to know my fist! Let go of me!” she snapped.

“American women are so feisty, I love it. I will show you -,”

Babe! Sorry I took so long!

Misch turned her head and stared in shock as a second man came up to her other side, grabbing her free hand and bringing it to his lips, kissing the backs of her fingers.

Am I releasing pheromones or something!?

“Excuse me!?” she squeaked. The new guy was tall, and though he blended in with the local scenery, his accent was American. He didn’t look at her, just held her hand and glared at the other man.

“Can I help you?” he demanded.

“You know this woman?” the Italian guy questioned.

“I should hope so, I fucking married her,” new guy snapped, then grabbed her left hand, holding it up so the other man could see her wedding set.

“I am sorry. She said she was alone,” Cassanova began sliding away.

“Well, she’s not alone anymore, so get the fuck out of here.”

Misch’s mind was blown, and she didn’t say anything as the American man hugged her close to his side. She watched as the Italian gentleman glared at them for a moment longer, then walked away, cursing in the other language. A deep voice chuckled from above her, and she was let go.

“Did you just save me?” she asked, moving away from her new friend.

“Yeah, you looked like you needed it,” he informed her, smiling down at her.

Oooohhhh, wow. And I picked tonight of all nights to not dress up …

“I’m sorry, who are you?” she blurted out.

“Your savior.”

He was smiling, but she didn’t feel like he was joking. His voice was low and his smile sly. He had incredibly thick, black hair, which almost shined and had waves on top of his head. His eyes were so dark, they almost looked black, matching his thick eyebrows and heavy lashes. His lips were on the fuller side, and he easily had two days worth of stubble on his jaw. Her heart started beating faster.

No, no, no. This can’t be happening. I’m not doing this. I don’t want this.





I don’t know if  you remember my last character interview, where I had a birthday party on my blog and the crew from The Kane Trilogy came to visit me. Well, I was looking for Tal, because we’d scheduled an interview too…


*hides behind the hot Mediterranean-looking man before Jameson chases her*

Carol: Phew…thanks so much, he did not like my twerking idea…OMG, Tal!!! *doesn’t  where to look at (he is really good-looking)* I was looking for you! I’m so glad you could come! Thank you so much for your presence, I know you don’t like to leave Mischa alone…

Tal: HAHA well, you’ve seen the kind  of trouble she can get into when left alone

Carol: First of all, I want to know, when are you coming for a mission (or pleasure time) here in Brazil? It’s no Rome, but I could get my v…broken here too! I’ve already made a t-shirt for that *shows him a t-shirt saying “Got my v*** broken in Brazil in the front and #TalCameToFindMe in the back*. I really hope Mischa doesn’t kick my ass, Tate is a good sport with my questions to Jameson ahaha

Tal: If you promise to make one in my size, I’ll make Brazil our next destination.

*hm…tries to figure out what his size is*

Carol: What was your first ever impression of Mischa? When you officially met her, I mean?

Tal: That she was very gorgeous and very nervous.

Carol: Do you still really enjoy your job? Would you changed it if Mischa wanted? (I don’t think she would though…)

Tal: Coming out with the hard stuff! It would be rough, but if she really couldn’t handle it, if that was the breaking point, yeah, I would leave my job. In a heart beat.

*break for swooning*

Carol: What’s up with the hide and seek routine? Who am I kidding? That’s super hot! (Jesus, did I say that out loud…AGAIN?)

Tal: HAHA gotta keep the ladies on their toes.

*I know I’m on my toes*
Carol: In your opinion what are Mischa’s best qualities? And the worst ones?

Tal: Her best quality is that she’s a realist – she examines every thought, every emotion, to see if it’s … I don’t know, “correct”, in her mind. Her worst quality is she has a lot of self-doubt.

Carol: A tough one, but please know that I don’t judge you or even Mischa…I get her completely… How could you tell you can trust her not to cheat on you?

Tal: Because she wasn’t that girl, not really. She’s not a cheater. I know that sounds stupid, but she isn’t. If it hadn’t been me, if it hadn’t been her, I honestly think that she never would’ve cheated at all. Fate. What a bitch.

(Isn’t his answer PERFECT? I totally agree with him!)

Carol: Speaking of it…you should really get in the business of helping unhappily married women to feel sexy again.. I’m not married, but I could use some #TalCharm….Sorry, I disgress…Before Mischa, what would you say you looked for in a woman (even if it was just for pleasure)? And what changed after Mischa?

Tal: Before Mischa, I looked for nice legs and nicer tits. Low standards and lower morals – fun-on-the-go. Mischa changed everything. She made me want to have conversations at 3am, and go to stupid cafes at 1 in the afternoon. Made me want to hold on to something.


Carol: What is the most amazing place in the world you have ever been?

Tal: What’s with women and this question!? HAHA~ Honestly, I don’t pay a whole lot of attention anymore. I’d have to say home. Jerusalem.

(Would you take me? I’ve always wanted to know there!)

Carol: If you could live anywhere, besides Italy, with Mischa, where would you choose?

Tal: I’m partial to the southern coast of Europe in general, though I also like Thailand a lot. But really, she just has to say “we’re moving” and I’d just say “where to?”

(Please, Mischa, don’t come to kiss my ass, but I’d totally stalk him to any of those places. I really want to get to know them too!)

Carol: In your opinion what is the best memory of Italy with Mischa you have? And what do you think is hers?

Tal: Hmmm …. are we talking PG-13, or X-Rated? HAHA My best memory is the time we spent together in Positano. Even with all the shit going on with her ex, her family, all of it – it’s still the place where we really … came together, you know?

In my blog you can ALWAYS be X-Rated haha. And yeah, I know, I really agree with you!


Carol: Do you have any hot friends to introduce me to? Don’t mind me, I’m probably drunk on some birthday punch…Hey speaking of it, where is my bday gift???

Tal: I packed you one, but Misch claimed it was “inappropriate” and then some name-calling happened. But don’t worry, I’ll mail it to you.

*slips Tal her mail address* I’m looking forward to it! Like anything is inappropriate after I met Jameson bahahaha.

Carol: Sorry again…well let’s change subjects, I don’t want you getting aggraveted with me like Jameson did…I know you’re a gentleman (although I like when you aren’t *looks coily at him*).
I don’t know if you already know about my blog’s traditon, but after some questions I always do a quickfire Q&A with my guests, where you answer the first thing that comes to you mind…Ready? (hm…I bet you’re always ready *winks*)

BBB: Bed or Sofa?

Tal: HAHA anywhere I can make it happen
BBB: Top or Bottom?

Tal: Top – but honestly, I’m just happy to be invited to the party

(Well, I AM indeed having a party…*speculates*)

BBB: Are you a breast man or a butt man?

Tal: You can’t ask a man that! It’s impossible! Both. All of it. Everything.

BBB: Movies or books?

Tal: Books

(Brownie points here!!)

BBB: Wine or beer?

Tal: Beer

BBB: Favorite kind of lingerie (and color) in a woman?

Tal: Anything red is sexy, and hot damn, a whatchamacallit … with the laces … a corset. With thigh highs!

*checks her phone for the closest lingerie shop*

BBB: Chocolate or chips?

Tal: Chips

BBB: Naked or half-naked?

Tal: Naked, as much and as often as possible


BBB: Dogs or cats?

Tal: Dogs

BBB: Rope or feather?

Tal: Excellent question! Hmmm … I’d have to say feather.

Oh Really??? *wonders why*

Don’t look at me like that!! Sorry, but everyone wants the nitty-gritty ones, I’m getting famous for those kind of questions hahaha

BBB: Spanking or being spanked? (Wanna test that?)

Tal: Bend over and you can get my answer right away

Oh my! *Gets up to do it, but realises there are people around*Ooops, raincheck?

BBB: Cars or Bikes?

Tal: I love a suped up bike

BBB: And finally, boxers or briefs?

Tal: Briefs – I have a weird thing for bright colors, too. Anything to give the ladies a show.

*looks down hoping he’ll show*

BBB: OHHHHH I have a last one *smiles devilishly*…Are you a shower or a grower?

Tal: AHAHAHAHA what kind of question is that!? I mean, in my opinion, I’ve got a frickin’ show stopping, award winning, tool of magic in my pants. Totally. But I suppose you’d have to ask Misch … though I’m positive her answer will be the same.
(Tool of magic????? *looks down, REALLY hoping he’ll show her*)

Thank you so much for being here Tal, it means a lot to me! Plus it’s been really fun, right?!
I’d ask you for a shout out to my friend Jessie, but she agreed you could be mine for my birthday, so, sorry, Jessie, he’s all mine today! 🙂
You can #ComeFindMe anytime you want!! 🙂

Tal: Thank for having me, and yeah, if you’re ever lost, you definitely know who to call.

*proceeds to make a plane to get lost real soon*



Hahaha that was fun!!


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I like dogs more than I like most people, and I don’t trust anyone who doesn’t drink. No, I do not live in an igloo, and no, the sun does not set for six months out of the year, there’s your Alaska lesson for the day. I have mermaid hair – both a curse and a blessing – and most of the time I talk so fast, even I can’t understand me.

Yeah. I think that about sums me up.

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