Review Requests

Hi loves,

If you’d like me to review your book, help with cover reveals, giveaways or anything, please contact me at

I promise to give my honest opinion 🙂


Here is my (new) review policy, for revieweing ARCs and/or books sent by authors and publishers:

1 – If I don’t rate the book 3 or more stars there’s a possibility I won’t review it. I post my opinions, and often mini-reviews, on my GR page for 99% of the books I read and I ALWAYS post my rating there. If I don’t review it on my blog please look there for the review or rating.
2 – Reviews (only for those rated above 3 stars) will be posted within a month after receipt of the book (unless something is pre-arranged).
3 – This is only valid for books I agree to read. If you send a review request and attach the book in it, there’s no guarantee I will agree to read it, so there’s a possibility I won’t read or review it.
I think this way it makes things more fair. I’m not here to make life difficult for anyone and I’m very aware books that I don’t like, others might. My opinions will always be based on honesty, but it’s not always the case that I will want to review a book I didn’t like, at least not here.

If you want to send me a review request, please add these informations in your email:

*Book title

* Is the book a standalone or part of a series? If part of a series, are each book about a different character or are they sequels?

*Is it a romance book (no matter if it’s dark, fighter, biker, sweet, there’s gotta be romance for me!)

* Is it a MM story? If yes, I don’t read MM stories. I don’t mind scenes with more people, but MM only stories are a no for me. Sorry 😦

*Does it have a HEA? If you consider giving me this information a spoiler, I don’t mind not knowing, but if knowing it won’t spoil anything I’d like to know.


Thank you!!


4 responses to “Review Requests

  1. Hi Carol! I’m going to contact you about a review, but just wanted to share my FB page and maybe get a “like”—-

  2. Reblogged this on donnak722 and commented:
    Hi CAROL, the e-mail didn’t go through. I’ll try again shortly.

  3. EmmaIsWriting

    Just emailed you!

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