Translation Requests

Besides being a blogger I’m also a Portuguese/English translator! I’ve helped some authors with minor translations before and I actually work as a translator in addition to my job as an English teacher here in Brazil.

I’ve been studying English since I was 10 (I’m 26 now) and I’m a perfectionist when it comes to it, specially because translating involves much more than just putting something in the right language, we have to accommodate some expressions that may or may not exist in one of the two languages involved, among other things.

If you’re interested in having your book translated to (Brazilian) Portuguese, just send me an email to containing the size of your book in Word document (number of pages and/or word count) so I can give you an estimate.

If you need help with minor translations (like sentences, expressions and small scenes), you can also email me or send me a PM on Facebook and I’ll be happy to help you with it (no estimate needed).