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Valentine’s Day Special: Interview with Stefan and Luna from the Lord and Master series




I discovered Lord and Master (the first book in this series) back in 2015 and I definitely became a fan of Kait Jagger writing style! The third and final book in the series, The Marchioness, will be released in March. I’ve read it already and I LOVED it!


I can say without a doubt that the Lord and Master series is one of the best written series I’ve read. I really like how the story is told, the characters and Kait’s incredible talent!!


And for my last post, to crown these awesome Special Posts this year, Stefan and Luna, the protagonists of the Lord and Master trilogy, played an awesome game of “Love Match” and they each had to answer questions about the other!!!


Ohh, if you want to see it, HERE is my review of the first book, Lord and Master!


Thank you so much for doing this, Kait!!!



Hello and welcome to Love Match, where we test couples to see just how well they know each other and whether their relationship has what it takes to go the distance! Today we’ve come to beautiful, historic Arborage House in Berkshire to quiz 26-year-old personal assistant Luna Gregory and her boyfriend, 28-year-old Swedish entrepreneur Stefan Lundgren. Luna works as PA to the Marchioness of Lionsbridge, and in her spare time she likes motorcycling and girls’ nights out with her best friends. Stefan is a former TV personality (and recovering ladies man!) who also happens to be third in line to inherit the Arborage Estate.

Now, remember, neither Stefan nor Luna know what the other has said about them. So let’s see how often they get it right!



1. Okay, Stefan, we’ll start with an easy question. What’s Luna’s favourite song?

STEFAN: It would have to be one by the Arctic Monkeys. They’re her favourite band—she and her friends Nancy, Kayla and Jem once spent an entire summer going to every single concert they played. But which song? I’m going to go with Do I Wanna Know.


2. What were Luna’s first words to you?

STEFAN: Otch, hmm, I’m trying to think…It was September, and I was standing in the farm shop here at Arborage. Luna had just come running in on another of the Marchioness’s crazy, last minute missions. I remember she was wearing a white silk blouse, black pencil skirt and a pair of black stilettos. And with those eyes of hers, ice blue, cold as Hallviken in winter, she looked like a very stern governess. Stern, but also slightly mischievous, maybe just a little bit naughty…mmm…sorry, what was your question??


3. What’s her favourite meal?

STEFAN:Roast beef and Yorkshire pudding.


4. What’s Luna’s favourite part of your body?

STEFAN:Luna will lie about this one, I know it. Proper little Englishwoman that she is, she will say something like my nose or my smile, but Luna and I both know it’s my arse.


5. We understand Luna loves her BMW Enduro motorbike so much, she’s even given it a secret name. Do you know what that name is?

STEFAN: I do. It’s Michael.


6. What’s the hottest sex the two of you have ever had?

STEFAN: Oh ho! I can promise you my oh-so-proper älskling will refuse to answer this question, but I’ll just say this: it involved a tailored suit, a silk negligee, a brass bed and some rope. And Luna’s hair, coming down from that French twist of hers one hairpin at a time…hmm, yes…what was the question again?


7. Which of you is most likely to be jealous?

STEFAN: Ah, me I’m afraid.


8. What was her mother’s nickname for her when she was a child?

STEFAN: She…Luna told you this? It was chicken, but this is a very distressing subject for her. She lost both her parents when she was very young and…I think we should strike this question from the quiz.


9. When we asked Luna what she loved most about you, she said the following three things:
1.Stefan is a management consultant, but he doesn’t just tell people how to run their businesses. He inspires everyone around him, challenges them and makes them believe they can achieve anything they set their mind to.
2.He’s also the smartest, bravest, strongest man I know. I would follow him into a burning building…or into a sinking ship. I’d go anywhere as long as it was him telling me to.
3.Stefan knows me, really knows me, outside and in. He understands me better than anyone else on earth.
But which of these did she say was the most important to her?

STEFAN: My flicka said these things? This…this makes me very happy. You see now, why I love her so much. But she would say number 3 is the most important.




1. Do I Wanna Know

2. ‘Fuck off back to Sweden’

3. Fish and chips

4. Smile

5. Michael

6.Pardon?! I’m not answering that



9. Number 3




1. What’s Stefan’s all-time favourite band?

LUNA: That’s a hard one. What he’ll say is something like Nirvana, or the Kings of Leon, or Kasabian. But really, it’s Abba.


2. All of us here at Love Match remember Stefan from his time on the English TV show Triad, where he and two other business experts were brought in to save failing companies. But do you remember his most famous catchphrase from that programme?

LUNA: I was living abroad when the programme aired, so I’ve never seen it! My best friends all watched it obsessively, though, and I still remember them waxing lyrical about the ‘hot Swedish totty’ on the show. Was Stefan’s catchphrase something like, ‘Sometimes you have to shrink to grow’?


3.What will Stefan say is his favourite part of your body?

LUNA: My eyes.


4.What was his mother’s nickname for him growing up?

LUNA: Ha ha, oh no! It’s liten prince, and his friends never let him forget it.


5. Where is his favourite place to go on holiday?

LUNA: Stefan loves to travel, he’s been all over the world. But I think he’d say he was happiest in his family’s summer house on Gotland, an island off the coast of Sweden. That’s where he’s most relaxed.


6. Speaking of Sweden, a little bird has told us that Stefan and his boyhood mate Mika got into a fair few scrapes growing up, including one that involved the police. Do you know what happened?

LUNA: Ah, yes, Stefan has never fully confessed to this, but his father tells me it involved a life-sized nativity crèche, two teenage boys, and a great deal of alcohol.


7. If we ask Stefan to tell us what animal you most remind him of, what do you think he’ll say?

LUNA: I’ll let you in on a little secret: Stefan has a weakness for small, cute animals. Baby bunnies, kittens, bear cubs—they’re like Kryptonite to him. So maybe he’ll say I remind him of a newborn black Shetland lamb?


8. Stefan didn’t always want to be a management consultant. What career would he have pursued if he hadn’t started his consultancy firm?

LUNA: Yes! I know this one! He’d have been a farmer.


9. When Stefan gave us his top tips for making sure a relationship lasts, here’s what he said:
1.Make sure she knows that in your life, she comes first. And last. And everything in between.
2.Never, under any circumstances, disrespect her friends. Luna will cut you dead if you come between her and her best friends.
3.Remember Stefan Lundgren’s golden rule: ‘I consider it both a duty and a privilege.’ (yes, I’m talking about a sex act and yes, I think you’ve guessed which one)

LUNA: He didn’t! He didn’t say that last one, did he? Oh, he is too bad. The answer’s 1, though. Definitely.




1. Nirvana

2.‘That’s bullshit and you know it’

3.Her eyes

4.Liten Prince


6.Bearing gifts to Baby Jesus


8. Farmer

9. #1 Luna 


Combined score: 14 out of 18.


Well, we don’t know about you folks at home, but we at Love Match reckon Luna and Stefan have what it takes to keep the home fires burning for a long time to come!!!




buy the book


The series will be complete in March when The Marchioness releases, but there’s already a pre-order link! I also LOVE the covers of these books, they’re sooo pretty, I definitely want them in paperbacks!!






Aaaaand, that’s it for this year’s Valentine’s Day!!! I hope you enjoyed these special posts!!! ❤️❤️❤️












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Valentine’s Day Special: Valentine’s Day Tips from Amber Jones and Ethan Vaughn from Sledgehammer by P. Dangelico




Again, I have two characters from a book that wasn’t even released yet! How flipping cool is that??


You should definitely add Sledgehammer by P. Dangelico to you TBR list!


Here is something funny from the heroine and the hero:










Thank you so much for this, Paola!! ❤️



buy the book



Sledgehammer is the second book in the Hard to Love series (they are all standalone), but since it wasn’t released yet, there’s not a buy link, so her is the link to buy the first book in the series, Wrecking Ball:




Stay tuned for more special posts in honor of Valentine’s Day!!!











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Valentine’s Day Special: Relationship Tips from Justin Kerrigan from Someone Not You by Jessica Hawkins




Technically Valentine’s Day is over here in Brazil, but thanks to time zones (sometimes they are useful haha) I can still post the remaining specials for you guys!!


This post is from Jessica Hawkins’ new novella, Someone Not You, featured in the Beaus & Arrows: A Collection of Sweet & Sexy short stories anthology.


Justin, the hero, is a magazine editor and I’m going to meet him tonight (or tomorrow after work depending on the time I finish these tonight)!




buy the book





Stay tuned for more special posts in honor of Valentine’s Day!!!











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Valentine’s Day Special: Relationship Tips from Foster (More than Water) by Renee Ericson




Now it’s time for Fozzy!!! I’ve talked about him and More than Water by Renee Ericson a LOT here. I ABSOLUTELY love that book!

It’s the kind of NA I really enjoy reading!! It’s as angst and romance and the right amount of funny in it! And you’ll fall in love with Fozzy and his nerdiness!!!

You can read my review HERE.






You’ve gotta love Fozzy! I really hope a Brazilian publisher brings this book here for the Brazilian readers!❤️





buy the book





Stay tuned for more special posts in honor of Valentine’s Day!!!











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Valentine’s Day Special: Love Advice from Grayson (Grayson’s Vow) by Mia Sheridan




Do I actually need to praise Mia Sheridan and her Sign of Love series? HELLS YEAH! I love her writing and I’m honored to be reading an ARC of her upcoming one, Preston’s Honor.


And today the hero of one of my favorite books of hers, Grayson from Grayson’s Vow is stopping by to give his love advice too!!


Grayson’s Vow was one of my Favorite Books of 2015 and it’s the kind of book you will definitely fall in love with. I reviewed it HERE on the blog.


Thank you so much, Mia and Grayson!!! ❤️








buy the book


Most of the books in the Sign of Love are standalone (some are duets) and you can definitely read them out of order. My favorite ones so far are Grayson’s Vow and Archer’s Voice!




Stay tuned for more special posts in honor of Valentine’s Day!!!











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Valentine’s Day Special: Relationship Tips from Lawrence from the Virtue series by Mia Asher




I hope you’re all are having as much fun reading these as I am!! I absolutely LOVE doing these special posts for you guys!!


And now it’s time for Law to give his advices! He is one of my favorite characters and I’m still waiting for Mia to write a new story about he and I because we’re clearly meant to be! LOL


He’s from the Virtue series, one of my all time favorite ones! Mia Asher writes angsty books like no one!!! ❤️













buy the book





Stay tuned for more special posts in honor of Valentine’s Day!!!











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Valentine’s Day Special: Love Letter from Beckett to Bailey from Believing Bailey by Linda Kage




Heeeey guys!!


This post is pretty special!! Linda Kage is still writing this book, but she let the hero share a love letter to the heroine here. How awesome is that???

I LOVE Linda Kage and her books!!!








Linda, thank you so much!!!❤️




Stay tuned for more special posts in honor of Valentine’s Day!!!











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ARC Review: Blade Bound (Chicagoland Vampires #13) by Chloe Neill




Happy Monday, everyone!!


Today’s review is for the last book in one of my all time favorite urban fantasy series, the Chicagoland Vampire series by Chloe Neill!!!








The thrilling final installment of Chloe Neill’s New York Timesbestselling urban fantasy series sees a sinister sorcery advancing across Chicago, and it may usher in the fall of Cadogan House… 

Since the night of her brutal attack and unwilling transformation to vampire, Merit’s stood as Sentinel and protector of Chicago’s Cadogan House. She’s saved the Windy City from the forces of darkness time and again with her liege and lover, Ethan Sullivan, by her side.

When the House is infiltrated and Merit is attacked by a vampire seemingly under the sway of dark magic, Merit and Ethan realize the danger is closer than they could have ever imagined. As a malign sorcery spreads throughout the city, Merit must go to war against supernatural powers beyond her comprehension. It’s her last chance to save everything—and everyone—she loves.





MY RATING: 5 Beastly Stars


5 stars

5 stars5 stars5 stars5 stars






***ARC received in exchange of an honest review***


Oh wow! First of all, I’ve been reading the Chicagoland Vampires series for years now and the fact I got to read an ARC of the last book is just so amazing!! It’s truly an honor and something I do not take for granted.


I’ve loved this series from the first book, when Chloe first introduced us to Merit and her friend Mallory and Ethan. I absolutely LOVED Ethan from the moment I first “met” him! And even though this is a paranormal/urban fantasy series, Chloe made her characters very relatable and there was a lot of feelings in every book. She made me love them. She made me cry. She made me smile and laugh out loud. She made me feel every emotion that just a good writer can make a reader few. I went from a “I love Chloe Neill” phase to a “I HATE Chloe Neill” one with these books. But it didn’t last, because she’s an amazing writer and she definitely redeemed herself. I can definitely say that I LOVE Chloe Neill! She created one of my all time favorite series for sure!


Whenever I’m in a “book funk” I choose a paranormal book, because it’s guaranteed they’ll get me out of my funk. Specially if it’s a good story, packed with action and with a truly kick-ass heroine. The Chicagoland Vampires series is one of those. But you can (and will) enjoy these books even if you’re not in a funk. They’re THAT good!


Merit and her gang are the best kind of characters to read about! Not to mention Ethan. They are so entertaining together! I love her sense of humor and her appetite (seriously, this girl can EAT! LOL).


From the moment I saw the cover of this book, I knew I’d love it, because, not like the previous 12 books, it doesn’t have only Merit in it. It has Ethan. So it had to be a special one. And when I got it (as you know I don’t like to read blurbs, specially if it’s a book whose author I already know and trust) I didn’t know before reading it that Blade Bound would be the last installment in the series


But I was right, it is pretty special and there’s a reason Ethan is on the cover. The bond he and Merit share is as stronger as ever and in this book we can see how they are truly partners and equals. From the way they joke with each other, to the way they now know each other and can complete each other sentences and thoughts, their love became as fierce as they did. It was a pleasure to read this book. They’ve came a long way and everything they went through was worth it, just so we could read this book.


I also love their relationships with their friends, specially Catcher and Mallory (I love those two). I love Merit’s grandfather, as usual. We can definitely see where she gets her spunk (and her appetite) from. And the Cadogan House vamps are also pretty entertaining, as usual, specially Luc and Lindsay.


In this book, Merit and Ethan have to face a very surprising enemy (I loved how Chloe changed things up) and they don’t have to face it alone. For me the story came full cicle, because we can see how each character grew in the story. They’re stronger, and because their bonds are also stronger, they can face anything that comes their way!! It was awesome to see them standing together, to fight or to have fun.


I really really enjoyed this series and I loved this book. It was the perfect ending to a perfect series!!!!





buy the book


Blade Bound will be released on April 25th, but you can PRE-ORDER it now!













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ARC Review: Six by K.I. Lynn




Happy Sunday, everyone!!! Although, technically it’s already Monday here! LOL


So, Six by K.I. Lynn will be out in just a few hours and what better way to start the countdown than with a review?! Hehe





imageI had a one-night stand. It wasn’t my first, but it would be my last.

A gun to the head.

A trained killer.

A deadly conspiracy.

Kidnapped and on the run, my life and death is in the hands of a sadist captor who happens to be my one-night stand. Armed with countless weapons, money, and new identities, the man I call Six drags me around the world.

The manhunt is on and Six is the next target. Can we find out who is killing off the Cleaners before they find us?

Two down, seven to go.

When it’s all over he’ll finish the job that dropped him into my life, and end it.
Stockholm Syndrome meets bucket list, and the question of what would you do to live before you died. The questions aren’t always answered in black and white. Gray becomes the norm as my morals are tested.

Death is a tragedy, and I’ll do anything to stay alive.

Are you ready for the last ride of your life? Six has a gun to your head—what would you do?

This isn’t a love story.

It’s a death story.

**Due to the dark and explicit nature of this book, it is recommended for mature audiences only as some scenes may be particularly disturbing.**



MY RATING: SIX Beastly Stars (I couldn’t help the pun, BUT the book deserves the maximum rating)!



5 stars5 stars5 stars5 stars5 stars5 stars







***ARC received in exchange of an honest review***


I first heard of Six by the author herself. As it’s been my new way, I didn’t read the blurb before starting it. I did get some teasing snippets from K.I. Lynn while she was writing it and I got so curious. I wanted her to finish writing it as fast as she could so I could read the book and know what would come.


And she did not disappoint! Now that I’ve read it twice, I can honestly say Six is (and my book husband Nathan Thorne will have to forgive me) K.I. Lynn’s best work so far! It’s a book so addicting as its characters.


I LOVE K.I. Lynn’s sense of humor and her new heroine is full of it. I caught myself laughing out loud for reals so many times! But our heroine isn’t just funny. She is BADASS funny! Six has found his match with her! Six is a dangerous man. One who is not to be messed with, but our heroine manages to do it pretty well. She’s AWESOME!


And Six…who is he (besides my latest book boyfriend, of course)? Well, think of his as a man who has no empaty for the human life, who is hot as hell, who is a trained killer and has a gun pointed to your head. What do you do then? If K.I. Lynn is the one who creates him, you fall in love with him, of course!!




I love a jerky hero, but Six takes it to a whole new level of jerkness. There will be moments you won’t like him (that wasn’t the case with me, but I’m crazy like that lol). There will be moments you wil, in fact, probably hate him. But I guarantee you, there will be lots of moments you will need a fan, because the hotness-meter will BURN you! Seriously, K.I. Lynn writes the hotest scenes!


But the book isn’t just about our funny heroine and our hotter than hell hero. The story is also amazing. The plot in SIX is surprising and new. I love when authors we love give us new types of stories. SIX is a suspence romance and it will keep you on your toes for sure. When you think you figure something out, K.I. Lynn will play with your head and keep surprising you. She mastered the term “plot twist” with this book!


I got hooked by this story from the first page and I really, really, really liked how the story progressed. How everything panned out. There’s a change in the characters and in their relationship as the pages go and it’s gratifying to see it happening. But there are parts of both of them that will never change, which made me happy too.




I also loved the side characters (well, not all of them, there a particular one I begged K.I. Lynn to kill, because I couldn’t stand. She just kept teasing me though LOL). There is one I absolutely ADORE, and there is a particular scene with him that will take the book to a whole new level. hehehe


K.I. Lynn created such a great story with these characters and her writing. It’s easy to read a book like Six because it takes you inside of it, like you’re living the story along with the characters. Books like this are perfect because they make us relate to the story. Even though you might have never touched a gun in your life, reading a book like Six will make you feel like you know how it is to hold one to someone else’s head.


Our two main characters go through a lot together and that is bound to change them. And the way they feel about each other. It’ll be pretty obvious, with their chemistry, where they’re headed, but they don’t see it and I like how K.I. Lynn keeps us on our toes and only reveals what’s inside her evil mind when it happens in the story. LOL


I’m pretty good at figuring out stuff in books, but there were things in Six I never saw coming and it surprised the hell out of me. And I LOVED it. You might think you know what the whole mystery in the book is all about and then you know you figured it out. But you didn’t. Not even close, so kudos to K.I. Lynn for taking me through this journey and keep throwing new surprises at my face. I LOVED it!


As I already mentined I really liked how the story progressed and the changes in the characters, but also how they didn’t change some parts of themselves. They remain true to themselves. Six will always be a sociopath and I love him for it!




Six, the character, is dangerous. He is calculating. He is hot. He is crazy. And he is MINE. All MINE, so when you finish reading it beware, because I’ll be watching you to see if you try to steal my new book boyfriend! LMAO


Six is full of action too. The story pans out as a great action movie. One with a crazy, yet hilarious heroine (even though this is not a comedy, she will definitely make you laugh), a super HOT hero and a story that will drive you to the edge of your seat and give you a surprise after another through the whole process.


Six is on my list of Favorite Books of 2016 and it’s different than every other book in the list. Some of those books are beautiful. Some of them are dark. Some are surprising. Some are fresh and new. Six is fresh, full of action, has a great plotline and great characters and it’s masterfully written. And Six deserves to make the list because it’s a masterpiece. I love a good book that will keep you entertained while you read it and when you know it, you’ve finished it. It will keep you busy and you won’t think of anything else while you’re reading it besides what’s going on inside of it. If that isn’t a sign of a good book I don’t know what else is.


Six will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end. And then it will give you an epilogue that will make you smile for SURE. I loved this book so hard I think of its characters as real people and I often see or read something that reminds me of them, like they were real. Their story will grip you and you won’t want it to let you go so soon!


Expertly written, full of action, hot as hell, and super funny, Six is a book that will keep K.I. Lynn on your list of authors to follow and to click as soon as she announces a new book! It’s that good of a book. It has a complete story that even though it will change constantly while you’re reading, won’t make you confuse at all. It will all make sense and to pass these kind of ideas to paper, is not for just any author.


This is a book that, before I read it, I didn’t know I was missing in my list of read books. But now that I did, I can’t imagine myself not knowing this story and these characters. Six is a book that you simply have to read, if you like action books, and if you don’t, it’s because you haven’t read it yet. It will change your mind.


If you had to choose only one action-filled suspenseful romance to read in 2016, Six would be it for sure!




buy the book


In just a few hours, SIX will be out! So here is the link:














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ARC Review: Luka (The Rhythm series #2) by Jane Harvey-Berrick




Happy Thursday, everyone!!!


I LOVE when I get to read Jane’s books for the first time, they are the BEST! Here’s my review of her upcoming one, Luka!






I’m not a good man.
I’m not a bad man.
But I’ve made some bad mistakes, made the wrong choices.
Who hasn’t? But the consequences are tearing us apart.

I love two people.
I love them differently.
The world tells me I have to choose. Why? Why do I have to choose?
Loving hurts. Dancing heals.

Love makes you soar, makes you fly and sets you free—and then it lets you freefall until you’re smashed and bleeding on the ground. Ultimately, love is the worst thing that can happen to a human being.

Im my opinion.
I love two people.
I love them differently.
One is a man.
One is a woman.
And they are brother and sister.

**** A stand alone novel in the best-selling Rhythm Series. ****







5 stars5 stars5 stars5 stars5 stars





***ARC received in exchange of an honest review***


When I read the blurb of Luka I was worried. First because I don’t like love triangles and I don’t do them anymore. Second because I definitely don’t do MM books. Then imagine how worried I was when I saw a love triangle between two men and a woman??


I have to confess I was very worried and I doubted it. I never doubted Jane’s talent, because if you ever doubt her talent to write and captive you with her stories you are a fool, my friend. No, I was worried because I didn’t think I’d relate to the story and that is essentially why I don’t do MM, I can’t relate to the characters 99% of the time. But then I find a book that is in the rare 1%. Not because it has a MM plotline, it’s in the 1% because it’s rare to find a book that will move you from the beginning.


Joke was on me, because if there’s one thing I can count in Jane’s writing is the way she makes me relate to her characters and their story. And I’ve never been so glad I was wrong about a story!!! Just like Luka I believe that love shouldnt be labeled. It doesn’t matter the gender of who we love, or if we are able to love both men and women. Love is beautiful BECAUSE it’s beyond all that! And I have to thank Jane for showing me this once again!


You know how Slave to the Rhythm is on my TOP list of reads this year. That book moved me in a way I can’t ever truly describe. It’s so powerful in every way. But then here I am reading Luka (and as I’m writing this I’m at 82% so I don’t even know how it ends yet), and I’m met with a book that is so powerful in such a quiet way. There’s a quiet power in this book, and it doesn’t make it less powerful than Slave to the Rhythm. It’s a different kind of powerful, but powerful nonetheless. The way Jane is able to move not only me, but also my heart, with her stories always leaves me speechless.  I can literally feel my heart crying reading a book like this. Not of sadness, but because I’m overwhelmed with so many emotions. I absolutely LOVE Luka. Both the book and the character. It’s hard not to fall at least a bit in love with Luka, he is what love should be. Generous, funny, beautiful and unprejudiced. So once again, thank you, Jane for making my heart soar reading such a beautiful book!!




Now that I finished the book..WOW. JUST WOW! I thought it would go to a direction, and it didn’t, but Jane made me love what she did and then in the last 18% of the book she completely TURNED the story upside down! And I’m glad. I’m glad she is an author who has the guts to write a book that isn’t all rainbows and butterflies. I’m glad she shows us that life isn’t a fairy tale after all and that some things can’t be mended, no matter how great they were. If you want a book that is real to its very core you definitely have to check Jane’s books. I have no idea how she does it, I truly don’t and I’m happy and honored to say I “know” her, because it makes me so proud when I get to read a book like this written by someone I know.


She made my heart soar for sure. From Slave to the Rhythm I thought I had an idea of how Luka’s love life and interest would go. And he had to go through a lot for Jane to show us a glimpse of that! There was, specially, a moment between Luka and his grandmother that made me intrigued and made me smile, because I just KNEW there was something there.




And there is a character that stole my heart. Elizabeta. She made me laugh and cry. She made me cry so hard and I loved it! She made the book more real for me.


I love books like this, that constantly change our minds and I love that something I had an intuition about turned out to be right. But I loved it even more because I never saw it coming how Jane would play it off. And it needed a whole ride for it to be even a possibility. I love Jane’s writing. Seriously. There’s really something about books that do that, that surprise us so much and so close to the end, but in which the story doesn’t get lost. Just the opposite. This story makes so much sense and not once did anything seem out of place.


It seems like I need to thank Jane again. She changed my mind about something and then changed it again. It seems this book is the rare 1% not because of the MM part after all, as I mentioned before, but because it’s rare to find books that move us like this.


Luka is SO MUCH more than a story that has a male couple. It’s much more than a story that has a straight couple. Luka is simply MORE. And trust me, you definitely need to read it. If you don’t like MM, whatever are your reasons, you still need to read this book. It didn’t turn me into a MM book reader, but it turned me into a better reader, not because of it, but because Jane wrote it!


And I may need to cross what I said earlier. The power in this story might not be so quiet after all. It’s hidden, but it’s there and when you see it, it’ll crash into you and you’ll never see it coming.  Amazing job,  Jane! I’m really honored I got to read this book and seems like your books always seem to find me when I need them most. I definitely needed Luka in my life (both the book and the character). It changed my views on things and it confirmed some of the ones I had before. Sometimes love isn’t enough and things can’t be mended. But if you’re lucky enough you’ll find something better and even more worth fighting and living for. I needed this story today. I needed to feel this much today.


I  can’t wait for Jane’s next book, because I can’t wait to have all these feelings again. I crave them. And it seems this exact kind of feelings only Jane can bring into my heart. So hurry, Jane, because my heart wants more of the soaring only you can make it do!!



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LUKA will be released on June 16th, but you can already PRE-ORDER !














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