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Valentine’s Day Special: Relationship Tips from Foster (More than Water) by Renee Ericson




Now it’s time for Fozzy!!! I’ve talked about him and More than Water by Renee Ericson a LOT here. I ABSOLUTELY love that book!

It’s the kind of NA I really enjoy reading!! It’s as angst and romance and the right amount of funny in it! And you’ll fall in love with Fozzy and his nerdiness!!!

You can read my review HERE.






You’ve gotta love Fozzy! I really hope a Brazilian publisher brings this book here for the Brazilian readers!❤️





buy the book





Stay tuned for more special posts in honor of Valentine’s Day!!!












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25 Days of Beastly Christmas: A Christmas Song from The Monday Girl by Julie Johnson




Hey bookies!!!



Last post of the day! I still have one more Christmas post, but it’ll be posted tomorrow!


Julie Johnson, the author of The Monday Girl, prepared a version of the song “12 Days of Christmas” based on her book and its heroine, Kat Firestone. I LOVED Kat! The Monday Girl is a great book and I can’t wait for the sequel!!!





















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25 Days of Beastly Christmas: Christmas Excerpt from Yours to Bare by Jessica Hawkins




He again, everyone!!!



Before I start with the special Christmas post, let’s talk about the book it’s from. I’m OBSESSED with Yours to Bare by Jessica Hawkins.


It’s DEFINITELY one of my Favorite Reads of 2016. Yours to Bare is a PHENOMENAL book!!!


It is one of those rare books that makes us think that if we had to choose only one more book to read in the year it would have to be it!


It has the right amount of angst and the story flows so perfectly! The only flaw in this book is that it had to end!I believe it’s Jessica Hawkins best work so far and I’m so happy I got to read it!!


Yours to Bare is provocative, romantic, tantalizing, angsty and so much more, you simply won’t be able to forget about it after you read it!!


Finn is going to STEAL your heart. He is a pretty big character in Slip of the Tongue, but you can read Yours to Bare without reading it, it’s a standalone. It’s great seeing how Finn grew though. And even though he may not have acted in the most perfect way in the past, his actions were pretty reproachable, you can’t help but stay on his side this time! He’s amazing that way!


Here is a Christmas snippet from the book. It shouldn’t spoil anything for you, but you REALLY need to read this book! Finn is going to STEAL your heart. He is a pretty big character in Slip of the Tongue, but you can read Yours to Bare without reading it, it’s a standalone. It’s great seeing how Finn grew though. And even though he may not have acted in the most perfect way in the past, his actions were pretty reproachable, you can’t help but stay on his side this time! He’s amazing that way!



Finn and I eat breakfast at the kitchen table with my feet in his lap. A few inches to the left, and I’d wake the beast—then I’d be Finn’s breakfast. But I’m already pushing it. I have to be at work soon, and I still haven’t showered.


Finn massages the arch of my foot with one hand and shovels eggs into his mouth with the other. “I’ll miss you,” he says.


I melt a little knowing I’ll be away from him for a few days, but I can’t get out of spending Christmas with my dad. “Think you can go a few days without sex?” I tease him.


“Me? Weren’t you the one all over me last night?” he asks. “Sitting on my cock while the neighbors watched . . .”


My heart skips with his sudden dirty talk. It feels extra filthy in the daylight over eggs and bacon. Lying by his side last night had been like floating on a cloud. Sheets so soft, my body calm and sated. Heaven. “Amen.”


“Hmm?” he asks.


“Nothing.” I arch my foot in his hand. “You’ll text me, right?”


“All day long.”


“Will you post any of the pictures we took to Instagram?”


He nods as he chews. “I have some great ones from earlier this week.” He winks. “And the one with the red bow.”


I blush. We had fun with that ribbon, tying it on all sort of body parts.


Finn looked at me from the foot of the bed, camera in hand. “Spread out. Arms above your head.”


I did as he said, my insides clenching at his command. I was naked and turned on enough not to worry how my tits or stomach looked. He was in work mode and fully clothed, but once he got his shot, he’d fuck me.


When I was in position, he traded his camera for a fat, satin, cranberry-red ribbon we’d purchased at a giftwrapping kiosk. His eyebrows cinched as he secured my wrists together, tightening the bow just enough to pinch. “I wouldn’t mind finding you like this under my tree,” he said, getting onto the mattress.


I bit my bottom lip. “Maybe you will.”
He took the photo, the bow vibrantly red against my pale forearms, the ghost-white sheet.


Posing for him is an unrivaled sort of foreplay.





















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25 Days of Beastly Christmas: Archer’s Christmas Letter to Bree




Merry Christmas, bookworms!!!!!!


I hope you all had an amazing day!!! I spent the day eating. We all had our Christmas party last night (here we usually have Christmas dinner at midnight from thr 24th to the 25th and then we open presents). Santa was very generous, but the best present for me was being able to spend another Christmas with my family! ❤


I’m catching up on lots of missed posts tonight, so please bare with me.


The first post tonight is from Archer Hale, one of my favorite heroes, from one of my favorite books, Archer’s Voice, by the amazing and incomparable Mia Sheridan!!! If you haven’t read this book yet, you’re missing on one of the most touching (and beautiful) love stories you’ll ever read!


Archer wrote a Christmas letter to Bree, so here it is:






Archer, Archer…as usual making us SWOON!!!! I think a re-read of Archer’s Voice is in order!!

















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25 Days of Beastly Christmas: Jo and Rafe’s letters to Santa



Hey book people!!!


MERRY CHRISTMAS EVE!!! Today is my favorite day of the whole year!!! We always host a Christmas party for friends and family and at midnight we open presents! 🙂

Today’s first special post is about the main characters from Tempting Jo by the lovely Nancee Cain! I discovered Nancee last year, but her friendship this year is one of my early gifts from Santa!! ❤


These doesn’t spoil the book for you, and if you haven’t read it, hope





And here is Rafe’s letter:






















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25 Days of Beastly Christmas: Jack Fckn’ Carter’s Letter to Santa



Hey bookies!!!


I’m FINALLY free of classes and tests and on vacation! Yesterday was the first day of Summer here in Brazil and I’m so excited! Even though I won’t travel, I LOOOOVE Summer!!!!

Today’s first special post is courtesy of Jack Carter from the Game series by J. Sterling! I LOVE Jack and I met Jenn this year and she’s such a sweetheart! I LOVED meeting her. She is not only beautiful on the outside, she has a beautiful soul too!!!


Jack wrote a letter to Santa and let us have a peek! 🙂 Thank you Jenn and Jack for sharing it with us!!!





And here is me with Jenn when I met her here in Brazil:
























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25 Days of Beastly Christmas: A (original) Christmas short story from the Virtue series by Mia Asher




Hey bookies!!!


I only have one more test to go, but I’ll have such a busy week!  I have some Christmas parties to go and I still have 27 books to read this year to finish my 400 books challenge!!! I hope you’re all enjoying the Festive Season. It’s my favorite time or the year and I wait the whole year for it, but as soon as December comes, it passes SO FAST!!!!


Anyways, today’s post is SUPER special!! It’s an original short story Mia Asher, one of my favorite authors and the queen of angst, wrote for my Christmas blog feature!! I’m so thrilled for you all to read it!!! But first a WARNING!! DANGER! DANGER! This short story contain spoilers, so if you haven’t read the series, specially Sweetest Venon, the second and last book, don’t proceed (WHY HAVEN’T YOU READ IT YET, ANYWAYS????! LOL)!


Be prepared to swoon, because…RONAN *-* !!! I do miss my Law now! Maybe Mia could write him a Valentine’s Day one? Feature me??? *wink wink*






Wish Upon a Star


“Daddy! Daddy!”


I put down the book in my hands and turn in the direction of my five-year old daughter Annabelle as pride, love, and amusement fill my chest. She takes small steps that are firm and full of purpose. The kind that says, get out of my way or I’ll trample you in my twinkle-toes while wearing a ballerina tutu and my older brother’s Darth Vader cape. A pout on her face that one day a man—a very lucky man who I might deem worthy of her—will take one look at and know that he’s in big trouble. I chuckle because when she pouts like that, she reminds me so much of Blaire when things aren’t going her way.


“What’s up, princess?”


She comes to stand next to me, frowning. I reach out and touch her dark hair, the exact same color as her mother’s. She’s a small replica of Blaire with her wise blue eyes and pale skin. She crosses her arms trying to appear solemn even though the traces of chocolate ice cream in the corners of her mouth ruin the effect.
“What did Miles do this time?” I ask, trying my best to appear serious as my daughter when all I want to do is smile and pull her in for a hug.


“I was playing with my bahbies and Coco was making a wish upon a star when Miles—”


“Who is Coco?”


Annabelle rolls her eyes as though the answer were blatantly obvious. “My favorite bahbie, Daddy. You know, the one that Nana gave me for my birfday.”


“Oh yes, of course, how silly of me to have forgotten Miss Coco. Do you think she’ll forgive me for forgetting about her?”


She smiles a dimpled smile as she moves to sit on my lap, and kisses my cheek as though I am a lost cause. “It depends.”


“Really?” I raise an eyebrow and wrap my arms around her little body. “And may I ask on what?”


She pauses, appearing to think of her answer. Then Annabelle grins, her eyes filling with a light full of mischief. “Maybe if you get Mommy to give Coco and me more ice cream.”


I laugh, tickling her. “You do not play fair Miss Annabelle Fleur Geraghty. I wonder where you get that from.”


“From Mommy, of course,” she says, giggling some more.


I think of my wife and the man I was before I went to Paris to get her back—to get my girl back. I wasn’t a man, not even the shadow of one. There was nothing inside me but empty spaces, darkness, and regrets. But one day Jackie confessed the truth to me, and I could dream again. I dared to dream again.


I stare at my daughter, and realize it’s Blaire’s love and faith in me that has made me a man worthy of my family. Pulling Annabelle in for a hug, I drop a kiss on top of her hair. “But tell me, princess, what did Miles do?”


“Miles said that wishes upon stars,” she shakes her head and makes a face full of girlish disgust and not a little hurt, “are for babies. He also said that my wishes won’t come true because stars are just balls of farts.”


I have to cough to hide my laughter. That boy. “Hmm,” I tap my chin, pretending to be lost in thought. “May I tell you a secret?”


She nods animatedly, her expectant blue eyes widening. She frowns. “You won’t even tell Miles?”


“Of course not, princess.”


“Good, because he’s a boy. And he smells. And he doesn’t let me play with his Legos.”


“It will be our little secret. You have my word.”


She raises her chin proudly in the air just like her mother, nodding only once. “You can tell me now, Daddy.”


My God, I wish the man who falls in love with my daughter good luck because she will certainly lead him a merry dance. Poor fellow.


At that moment, I hear Blaire’s laughter coming from the other room. I pick up Annabelle, holding her in my arms as I stand and go in search of Blaire. I find her in the living room dancing jauntily with Miles to the rhythm of Here Comes Santa Claus by Elvis Presley as it plays in the background, the Christmas tree lights bouncing on them like stars. With a smile on her lips, she’s holding onto Miles’ hand as she twirls him over and over again, making him giggle like the seven-year old boy that he is. And as I watch my wife and son dancing to the holiday tune, I fall in love with her all over again.


Blaire must sense my gaze on her because she looks up, her eyes connecting with mine. And in that second I see our past, our present, and our future pass by. All the hurt and pain we went through to get to this point not forgotten but conquered. And the present and future are all the more beautiful—sweeter—because of it. Some battles, they say, are worth fighting for. I’d be willing to go to war every day of my life for Blaire and our children until there was nothing left of me to give.


She smiles then, and I forget how to breathe. Christ, this woman is mine. Thank you, Jesus.


“What are you guys doing over there? You’re missing all the fun.” She looks at Miles, and asks teasingly, “Should we let them join us in our little dance, handsome?”


Miles who a minute ago appeared to want to be anywhere else but dancing with his mom, now puffs out his chest, appearing to have grown at least ten inches. “Only if you want, Mommy.”


Blaire and I both laugh.


“Very well said, my boy,” I say as I turn to look at Annabelle, her Darth Vader cape sliding down her shoulders. “What do you think, princess? Shall we show your mom and brother how it’s done?”


Annabelle giggles and claps her hands. “Yes, Daddy!”


As Annabelle and I near Blaire and Miles, I lean down and whisper in her ear, “You know how I know dreams really do come true?”


“How, Daddy?”


“Because I once wished upon a star.”


“And what happened, Daddy? Did it come true?”


I stare at my daughter in my arms, at my wife standing with our son, and I know the answer. “Yes, my princess, it did.”




















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25 Days of Beastly Christmas: Gabriel’s Holidays Plans with Julianne from the Gabriel’s Inferno series by Sylvain Reynard



Heeeeey again!!!



I have another special post for you! Professor Gabriel Emerson from thr Gabriel’s Inferno series agreed to share with us his Holidays plans with his Julianne.























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25 Days of Beastly Christmas: A Christmas letter from Tony to Claire by Aleatha Romig




Heeeeey guys!!!


So, as usual I’m apologizing here. I’ ve had a very intense two weeks of finals and I ended up not being able to focus on the blog. But now I’m baaaack!


Today’s post features the main characters of one of my favorite series, Tony and Claire from Consequences by Aleatha Romig!!! Tony wrote a letter to Claire and allowed me to let you see it! 🙂


Thank you Tony and Aleatha!!! ❤



 Tony’s Christmas Letter to Claire:








Consequences, book 1 in the series, is now PERMANENTLY FREE! If you haven’t read it yet now it’s your chance to start the series! If you like dark and mind-f*** books,mthis series is FOR YOU!













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25 Days of Beastly Christmas: A (original) Christmas short story from Dangerous to Know & Love by Jane Harvey-Berrick



Heeeeey guys!!!


So, as you can see I’m doing something for you guys this Christmas again, but this year it’ll be a bit different! I’ll have (at least) a Christmas-themed post every day until Dec 25th!!!


And today’s post (the first one)  is something really really special!!!! When I first started blogging, the first review I published on the blog, when it was still called Sex and the Books, was for Dangerous to Know & Love by Jane Harvey-Berrick (REVIEW HERE). It was a very basic review. And this book is NOT a basic one. It’s one of my all time favorite books. And for today Jane prepared an original, never before seen, shor story for Daniel and Lisanne, the hero and heroine from DTK&L set on Christmas time!!! This is so special! And it was a comolete surprise to me, I invited her to join my “25 Days of Christmas” posts and she chose Daniel and Lisanne!


Elephant Shoes, everyone!!! (You need to read this amazing book to understand this, but trust me, once you do, you’ll definitely want more!!!).






So here it is, enjoy this special treat Jane wrote for us! And don’t forget to show her some love on her FB page!!



Daniel and Lisanne’s Go Christmas Shopping


An original short story from the author of DANGEROUS TO KNOW & LOVE


“Red or black, babydoll?”

Lisanne shot Daniel a scathing look.

“You’re seriously asking me?”

Daniel grinned.

“Yeah, ‘cuz I’m smart like that.”

“Huh. You know perfectly well that you’re totally choosing a gift for yourself. Don’t pretend it’s really for me.”

“Sure it is!”

“Daniel Jacob Colton! That is a big fat lie. You were the one who wanted to buy a new one. I was fine with the old one.”

Lisanne wanted to look annoyed, but Daniel wasn’t falling for it. Maybe it was the way her lips kept turning upwards into a smile when she was trying to be mad at him.

He pulled her toward him, his large hands wrapping around her waist. He leaned down, burying his face in her hair and nuzzling her neck.

“I love it when you tell me off, babydoll. Makes me horny.”

Lisanne laughed out loud.

“According to you last night, reading my business studies textbook made you horny.”

Daniel frowned and looked up.

“What did you say? I felt your lips vibrating.”

Lisanne’s stern gaze softened.

“Daniel, did you leave your CI off again today?”

He shrugged and looked away.



“I was wearing it for football practice last night…”

“…and now it feels a little sore?”

He shrugged again then rested his chin on her shoulder as his large body curled around her smaller one.

Lisanne’s heart gave a sad little flip-flop. Daniel was so good at lipreading, she sometimes forgot that he was deaf. Which was unforgiveable. He usually used his cochlear implant, but when he wore his football helmet at the same time, it wasn’t always comfortable and then he’d have to leave it off the next day.

Lisanne kissed his full lips and ran her hands over his spiky black hair. Then she leaned back so he could see her mouth.

“Let’s get the black,” she said. “It’s kind of sexy.”

Daniel’s smile was instantly restored.

“You look sexy in everything, babydoll. Or nothing. Yeah, I like you best in nothing.”

“You’re incorrigible,” she laughed.

“I love it when you use big words.”

“I love YOU!” Lisanne said seriously.

Daniel kissed her again, passionately, hungrily, pulling her soft body against his much harder one.
Until the salesman cleared his throat.

“Ahem. Did you guys decide if you’re buying the black or the red?”

Lisanne’s cheeks turned scarlet as she pulled away from Daniel.

“Uh, I’ll take the black, please. It’ll match my boyfriend’s.”

The salesman hid a smile as he rang up the sale and placed the black leather biker jacket in a bag. It was similar to Daniel’s jacket, but being new, it was stiffer and shinier. But it would also give her much better protection when they were on Daniel’s Harley than her battered old jacket.

“Enjoy,” said the salesman.

“We will,” said Daniel, then whispered in Lisanne’s ear. “You’ll wear it for me in bed, won’t you, babydoll?”

His expression was so hopeful that Lisanne wanted to laugh. Instead she stood on tiptoe and kissed him on the cheek. Then she pulled back.

“Yes, and I’ll wear high heels, too.”

Daniel closed his eyes and groaned.
Christmas couldn’t come soon enough.

















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