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Valentine’s Day Special: Interview with Stefan and Luna from the Lord and Master series




I discovered Lord and Master (the first book in this series) back in 2015 and I definitely became a fan of Kait Jagger writing style! The third and final book in the series, The Marchioness, will be released in March. I’ve read it already and I LOVED it!


I can say without a doubt that the Lord and Master series is one of the best written series I’ve read. I really like how the story is told, the characters and Kait’s incredible talent!!


And for my last post, to crown these awesome Special Posts this year, Stefan and Luna, the protagonists of the Lord and Master trilogy, played an awesome game of “Love Match” and they each had to answer questions about the other!!!


Ohh, if you want to see it, HERE is my review of the first book, Lord and Master!


Thank you so much for doing this, Kait!!!



Hello and welcome to Love Match, where we test couples to see just how well they know each other and whether their relationship has what it takes to go the distance! Today we’ve come to beautiful, historic Arborage House in Berkshire to quiz 26-year-old personal assistant Luna Gregory and her boyfriend, 28-year-old Swedish entrepreneur Stefan Lundgren. Luna works as PA to the Marchioness of Lionsbridge, and in her spare time she likes motorcycling and girls’ nights out with her best friends. Stefan is a former TV personality (and recovering ladies man!) who also happens to be third in line to inherit the Arborage Estate.

Now, remember, neither Stefan nor Luna know what the other has said about them. So let’s see how often they get it right!



1. Okay, Stefan, we’ll start with an easy question. What’s Luna’s favourite song?

STEFAN: It would have to be one by the Arctic Monkeys. They’re her favourite band—she and her friends Nancy, Kayla and Jem once spent an entire summer going to every single concert they played. But which song? I’m going to go with Do I Wanna Know.


2. What were Luna’s first words to you?

STEFAN: Otch, hmm, I’m trying to think…It was September, and I was standing in the farm shop here at Arborage. Luna had just come running in on another of the Marchioness’s crazy, last minute missions. I remember she was wearing a white silk blouse, black pencil skirt and a pair of black stilettos. And with those eyes of hers, ice blue, cold as Hallviken in winter, she looked like a very stern governess. Stern, but also slightly mischievous, maybe just a little bit naughty…mmm…sorry, what was your question??


3. What’s her favourite meal?

STEFAN:Roast beef and Yorkshire pudding.


4. What’s Luna’s favourite part of your body?

STEFAN:Luna will lie about this one, I know it. Proper little Englishwoman that she is, she will say something like my nose or my smile, but Luna and I both know it’s my arse.


5. We understand Luna loves her BMW Enduro motorbike so much, she’s even given it a secret name. Do you know what that name is?

STEFAN: I do. It’s Michael.


6. What’s the hottest sex the two of you have ever had?

STEFAN: Oh ho! I can promise you my oh-so-proper älskling will refuse to answer this question, but I’ll just say this: it involved a tailored suit, a silk negligee, a brass bed and some rope. And Luna’s hair, coming down from that French twist of hers one hairpin at a time…hmm, yes…what was the question again?


7. Which of you is most likely to be jealous?

STEFAN: Ah, me I’m afraid.


8. What was her mother’s nickname for her when she was a child?

STEFAN: She…Luna told you this? It was chicken, but this is a very distressing subject for her. She lost both her parents when she was very young and…I think we should strike this question from the quiz.


9. When we asked Luna what she loved most about you, she said the following three things:
1.Stefan is a management consultant, but he doesn’t just tell people how to run their businesses. He inspires everyone around him, challenges them and makes them believe they can achieve anything they set their mind to.
2.He’s also the smartest, bravest, strongest man I know. I would follow him into a burning building…or into a sinking ship. I’d go anywhere as long as it was him telling me to.
3.Stefan knows me, really knows me, outside and in. He understands me better than anyone else on earth.
But which of these did she say was the most important to her?

STEFAN: My flicka said these things? This…this makes me very happy. You see now, why I love her so much. But she would say number 3 is the most important.




1. Do I Wanna Know

2. ‘Fuck off back to Sweden’

3. Fish and chips

4. Smile

5. Michael

6.Pardon?! I’m not answering that



9. Number 3




1. What’s Stefan’s all-time favourite band?

LUNA: That’s a hard one. What he’ll say is something like Nirvana, or the Kings of Leon, or Kasabian. But really, it’s Abba.


2. All of us here at Love Match remember Stefan from his time on the English TV show Triad, where he and two other business experts were brought in to save failing companies. But do you remember his most famous catchphrase from that programme?

LUNA: I was living abroad when the programme aired, so I’ve never seen it! My best friends all watched it obsessively, though, and I still remember them waxing lyrical about the ‘hot Swedish totty’ on the show. Was Stefan’s catchphrase something like, ‘Sometimes you have to shrink to grow’?


3.What will Stefan say is his favourite part of your body?

LUNA: My eyes.


4.What was his mother’s nickname for him growing up?

LUNA: Ha ha, oh no! It’s liten prince, and his friends never let him forget it.


5. Where is his favourite place to go on holiday?

LUNA: Stefan loves to travel, he’s been all over the world. But I think he’d say he was happiest in his family’s summer house on Gotland, an island off the coast of Sweden. That’s where he’s most relaxed.


6. Speaking of Sweden, a little bird has told us that Stefan and his boyhood mate Mika got into a fair few scrapes growing up, including one that involved the police. Do you know what happened?

LUNA: Ah, yes, Stefan has never fully confessed to this, but his father tells me it involved a life-sized nativity crèche, two teenage boys, and a great deal of alcohol.


7. If we ask Stefan to tell us what animal you most remind him of, what do you think he’ll say?

LUNA: I’ll let you in on a little secret: Stefan has a weakness for small, cute animals. Baby bunnies, kittens, bear cubs—they’re like Kryptonite to him. So maybe he’ll say I remind him of a newborn black Shetland lamb?


8. Stefan didn’t always want to be a management consultant. What career would he have pursued if he hadn’t started his consultancy firm?

LUNA: Yes! I know this one! He’d have been a farmer.


9. When Stefan gave us his top tips for making sure a relationship lasts, here’s what he said:
1.Make sure she knows that in your life, she comes first. And last. And everything in between.
2.Never, under any circumstances, disrespect her friends. Luna will cut you dead if you come between her and her best friends.
3.Remember Stefan Lundgren’s golden rule: ‘I consider it both a duty and a privilege.’ (yes, I’m talking about a sex act and yes, I think you’ve guessed which one)

LUNA: He didn’t! He didn’t say that last one, did he? Oh, he is too bad. The answer’s 1, though. Definitely.




1. Nirvana

2.‘That’s bullshit and you know it’

3.Her eyes

4.Liten Prince


6.Bearing gifts to Baby Jesus


8. Farmer

9. #1 Luna 


Combined score: 14 out of 18.


Well, we don’t know about you folks at home, but we at Love Match reckon Luna and Stefan have what it takes to keep the home fires burning for a long time to come!!!




buy the book


The series will be complete in March when The Marchioness releases, but there’s already a pre-order link! I also LOVE the covers of these books, they’re sooo pretty, I definitely want them in paperbacks!!






Aaaaand, that’s it for this year’s Valentine’s Day!!! I hope you enjoyed these special posts!!! ❤️❤️❤️












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Valentine’s Day Special: Relationship Tips from Foster (More than Water) by Renee Ericson




Now it’s time for Fozzy!!! I’ve talked about him and More than Water by Renee Ericson a LOT here. I ABSOLUTELY love that book!

It’s the kind of NA I really enjoy reading!! It’s as angst and romance and the right amount of funny in it! And you’ll fall in love with Fozzy and his nerdiness!!!

You can read my review HERE.






You’ve gotta love Fozzy! I really hope a Brazilian publisher brings this book here for the Brazilian readers!❤️





buy the book





Stay tuned for more special posts in honor of Valentine’s Day!!!











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Valentine’s Day Special: Love Advice from Grayson (Grayson’s Vow) by Mia Sheridan




Do I actually need to praise Mia Sheridan and her Sign of Love series? HELLS YEAH! I love her writing and I’m honored to be reading an ARC of her upcoming one, Preston’s Honor.


And today the hero of one of my favorite books of hers, Grayson from Grayson’s Vow is stopping by to give his love advice too!!


Grayson’s Vow was one of my Favorite Books of 2015 and it’s the kind of book you will definitely fall in love with. I reviewed it HERE on the blog.


Thank you so much, Mia and Grayson!!! ❤️








buy the book


Most of the books in the Sign of Love are standalone (some are duets) and you can definitely read them out of order. My favorite ones so far are Grayson’s Vow and Archer’s Voice!




Stay tuned for more special posts in honor of Valentine’s Day!!!











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Valentine’s Day Special: Relationship Tips from Lawrence from the Virtue series by Mia Asher




I hope you’re all are having as much fun reading these as I am!! I absolutely LOVE doing these special posts for you guys!!


And now it’s time for Law to give his advices! He is one of my favorite characters and I’m still waiting for Mia to write a new story about he and I because we’re clearly meant to be! LOL


He’s from the Virtue series, one of my all time favorite ones! Mia Asher writes angsty books like no one!!! ❤️













buy the book





Stay tuned for more special posts in honor of Valentine’s Day!!!











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Valentine’s Day Special: Relationship Tips from Desmond Flynn from Rhapsodic (The Bargainer #1) by Laura Thalassa




Heeeey bookworms!!!


So, last year I read a book that ended up being one of my Favorite Reads of 2016 (I will review it here at some point, I promise)!! Rhapsodic is the first book in the Bargainer series by Laura Thalassa and if you like fantasy novels you’ll LOVE it!! And if you don’t like those, this book might change your mind after all!!

And today I have the honor to share Desmond (the hero of the book)’s relationship tips. I won’t deny it, these made me SWOON so hard and I definitely will re-read this book this month still!!!








Ohhhh Des…How I wish to bargain some favors with you!! ❤️






buy the book





Stay tuned for more special posts in honor of Valentine’s Day!!!











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Valentine’s Day Special: Relationship Tips from Scarlet from Scarlet Stone by Jewel E. Ann




Hello again!!


This next post is from Jewel E. Ann. Jewel let the heroine of her book Scarlet Stone, Scarlet, come give us some relationship tips as well!






Thank you so much, Jewel and Scarlet!! ❤️


Ohhh and there’s a GIVEAWAY for 3 ebooks of Scarlet Stone on my FACEBOOK PAGE right now!! Opened until tomorrow (Feb 15th)!!




buy the book





Stay tuned for more special posts in honor of Valentine’s Day!!!











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Valentine’s Day Special: William and Raven outtake from The Florentine series by Sylvain Reynard




Hey again book lovers!!


Here is the second post of the day!


Sylvain Reynard, the author of the Gabriel’s Inferno series and the Florentine series kindly wrote an outtake from the main characters in the Florentine series, William and Raven, so I could share it here with you!!


Thank you so much for this, Sylvain!! I’m sure all your fans appreciate it as much as I do!! ❤





William, Prince of Florence 


We’d missed St. Valentine’s Day. 


I first met Raven in May and soon after, she captured my heart. Our future was uncertain, threatened by enemies both inside and outside the city of Florence, where I am Prince. For these reasons, I determined to live each moment with her to the fullest. I would not wait until February for a grand display of my affection.


Raven entered our bedroom at the end of a long day working at the Uffizi Gallery. I noticed she was leaning heavily on her cane, which meant she was tired. No doubt her disabled leg was causing her pain.


“Welcome.”  I bowed, speaking in English because she’d taken a shine to my Oxonian accent.


She smiled, like the rising of the sun. Then she stopped short, taking in the changes I’d made.


I’d positioned a high backed chair at the foot of our bed, like a throne. Before it, I ‘d placed a silver basin with steaming water, a pile of clean towels and a few other accoutrements.


She limped toward me, curious. “What’s this?” 


“A surprise. Come.”  I bent and kissed her firmly on the mouth – a greeting. I put her cane aside and escorted her to the throne. Once she was seated, I pulled out a low stool and sat at her feet.


“I don’t understand.” She smoothed her black hair behind her ears and fixed her green eyes on me. 


I’d already lost myself in their depths. Raven’s eyes mirrored her soul and were always full of feeling, courage, and compassion. If I’d had breath, she would have stolen it from me.


“This is a gift.” I placed my hand on her knee, slipping a thumb under the hem of her dress.  She shivered in reaction, for my vampyre skin was cool.


“Relax,” I whispered.

I draped a towel over my lap and lifted one of her feet, carefully unstrapping her shoe and removing it.  I repeated the same procedure with her other foot, allowing myself the luxury of touching her skin, trailing up the back of her calf.


She sighed, a hazy look on her face.


I fought back a smile.


I placed her feet in the silver bowl, which was filled with warm, soapy water. The scent of roses lifted.


“Too warm?” My eyes sought hers. Like all vampyres, I had difficulty sensing temperature.


She shook her head. “It’s perfect.”


She leaned forward and placed a hand on my shoulder. “Am I dirty?” 


I blinked. “Don’t you know the story of Mary Magdalene? Washing Jesus’ feet with her tears? Drying his feet with her hair?”


She sat back. “Is that what this is?”


“My hair isn’t long enough to dry your feet.” I winked at her and she laughed. 


I liked the sound of her laughter. I adored it. 


“You’re washing my feet,” she remarked, her voice filled with wonder. “I’m not a Christ figure, William.”


“How do human beings express love?”


“They write poems. They kiss. They have sex.” She smiled knowingly.


“Love and lust can be confused.”


“That’s true.”


“Washing feet can’t be confused with lust.” I squeezed her ankle. 


Her heart skipped a beat. 


I looked in the direction of her heart, listening to the rhythm until it resumed its normal pace.

Her right foot was part of her disability and it turned unfortunately to the side. I cupped water with my hand and poured it over her foot, using my fingers to smooth over the flesh.


“You can see it.” She gestured to her leg.


“Yes.” I withdrew her feet from the basin and rested them on my lap.


Our eyes met and she looked away.


I took my time, rubbing the cotton towels gently over her skin.


“It doesn’t matter to you, does it?” Her green eyes darted to her injured leg.


“It troubles me because it troubles you.”  I leaned over and pressed my lips to the top of her foot. “But because it’s part of you, I embrace it. Fully.”


Raven inhaled deeply. A small droplet escaped the corner of her eye, coursing down her cheek.


I reached up to catch the tear with my sleeve.


She took my hand and kissed it, closing her eyes and pressing my palm to the side of her face.


I pulled her into my arms and she buried her face in my neck. I felt the wetness from her eyes and went still as she took her long, black hair and dried her tears from my skin.


She’d given me many gifts in our time together, but the greatest gift was her love.


“Thank you, Cassita,” I whispered, pressing her to my heart.





buy the book


Here are the links to the books in the Florentine series:





Stay tuned for more special posts in honor of Valentine’s Day!!!











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Valentine’s Day Special: Relationship Tips from Remi, Rafe and Luc from Saving Evangeline and Tempting Jo by Nancee Cain




Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!!!


I’m keeping the my tradition of having special posts for Valentine’s Day today!!


There will be posts from some awesome characters all day today!! So stay tuned!!


And the first one is from the characters of Saving Evangeline and Tempting Jo by the lovely Nancee Cain! I adore Nancee and her characters!! Remi (from Saving Evangeline), Rafe and Luc (both from Tempting Jo) are sharing with us some relationship advice.





DANG! Boys all over the world, you gotta take these advices to heart! Specially Luc’s! LOL ❤️


Thank you SO much, Nancee!! I really appreciate you letting your characters appear here again!


buy the book


Both these books are standalone, although Tempting Jo might contain spoilers about Saving Evangeline.





Stay tuned for more special posts in honor of Valentine’s Day!!!











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Valentine’s Daily Special: Nathan’s Love Poem to Lila from the Breach Series by K.I. Lynn




Hey Bookworms!


Happy Saturday!! If it’s up to me, it’ll be a great one, with a start like Nathan Thorne!


Nate is the hero of the Breach series by K.I. Lynn and he is the filthiest-mouthed book boyfriend. He is all prim and peoper lawyer on the outside, but the real Nathan is a BEAST! 😀


I L❤️VE him and the whole series (I recently read them for the fourth time!) and K.I. Lynn recently released a BOX SET with all three books!!


Last year, Nathan left a Valentine’s Day card to all his fans (HERE), but this year we have something different from him. Nathan write Lila a love poem!!






We gotta love Nathan’s romantic side!! ❤️😈❤️


Thank yiu so much K.I. Lynn and Nathan for this!!! I don’t even need to say that I love it, right?!


buy the book


The box set features all three books and the novella in the series (the reading order is: Breach, Dissolution -novella, Infraction and Reciprocity)












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Valentine’s Daily Special: How to Steal a Book Boyfriend by Willow Aster




Happy Monday, everyone!!!


Today’s first Valentine’s Daily post is a bit different than the previous ones! I LOVE the book True Love Story by Willow Aster and Ian, the hero is SO swoony!!! So I asked Willow for advice on how to steal him! 😜


Willow came up with the funniest list ever and of course I want to follow every step on it!! LOL






DANG! Looks like I won’t have Ian so soon (and I wish you guys luck in trying to steal him too LOL)!! I guess I need a certain drummer’s number for Valentine’s Day! LOL ❤️


Thank you SO much, Willow!! I laughed so much reading this!


buy the book


True Love Story is a standalone book and Willow also wrote another standalone featuring characters from TLS! I haven’t read Fade to Red yet, but I clicked it today. As I said I LOVE True Love Story, it’s got a GREAT love story, funny moments and angst and it’s an emotional rollercoaster that I absolutely want to ride again and again (I’ve read it three times so far)!





Stay tuned for more special posts in honor of Valentine’s Day!!!











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