Valentine’s Day Special: Relationship Tips from Remi, Rafe and Luc from Saving Evangeline and Tempting Jo by Nancee Cain




Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!!!


I’m keeping the my tradition of having special posts for Valentine’s Day today!!


There will be posts from some awesome characters all day today!! So stay tuned!!


And the first one is from the characters of Saving Evangeline and Tempting Jo by the lovely Nancee Cain! I adore Nancee and her characters!! Remi (from Saving Evangeline), Rafe and Luc (both from Tempting Jo) are sharing with us some relationship advice.





DANG! Boys all over the world, you gotta take these advices to heart! Specially Luc’s! LOL ❤️


Thank you SO much, Nancee!! I really appreciate you letting your characters appear here again!


buy the book


Both these books are standalone, although Tempting Jo might contain spoilers about Saving Evangeline.





Stay tuned for more special posts in honor of Valentine’s Day!!!












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