Valentine’s Day Special: Relationship Tips from Dominick and Rain from Miss Take Identity Series by Cleo Scornavacca





For this one we have the hero and heroine of one of my favorite books, Miss Taken by Cleo Scornavacca! So let’s hear (or read LOL) what they have to say in terms of relationship advice!!




DOMINICK: I always say no matter how much you screw up gentlemen, bring your ladies roses….white is what I bring Rain.


RAIN: That’s true. He always brings me flowers, but not screwing up in the first place would be the better bet. Think before you do something. That can be hard in the heat of anger or the heat of the moment, but it’s better than having to clean up the mess you created. Okay….if all else fails bring her something that says you’re sorry and that you were thinking of her. Sure it could be flowers or chocolate …….or better yet, bring her yourself and just say that you were wrong and you messed up, but you still love her.


DOMINCK: With Valentine’s Day upon us, never buy your significant other any sort of appliance and even if she asked for one, err on the side of caution and buy anything but appliances. Not that I made that mistake, but trust me, appliances are not the way to a woman’s heart.


RAIN: Yeah… My husband is right, appliances are not for special occasions. I have a better idea just your typical wine and roses. Although that’s nice, why not plan a small getaway without the kids. Choose a place, any place you would both like to be and book it for the weekend of the holiday.


DOMINICK: Since we’re on the subject of the birthdays and holidays……do yourself a favor and never forget the special occasions.


RAIN: In all seriousness, keeping a marriage together is more than the gifts on holidays. It about making time for one another, no matter how busy life gets. Whether it’s watching a movie, a long walk on the beach. It really is about quality time.


DOMINICK: I dont know if I could top that, but I’m going to try….keeping a marriage happy and together, is all about listening. Okay I know what you’re going to say, I never listen….but the truth is that I hear more than Rain thinks.


RAIN: Also truly choosing your battles carefully. Something Dominick needs to remember. If it not worth fighting for, its not worth fighting about. This is just a total waste of time you could be together.


DOMINICK: This isn’t original but it is the truth….never good to bed or go away mad. Make sure not matter what, you will always kiss goodnight.


DOMINICK: If truly all else fails … swoop her up and take her to bed. ( an evil grin appears on Mr. Kane’s)


RAIN: ( silence and a pause) I’m good with that. ❤







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Stay tuned for more special posts in honor of Valentine’s Day!!!












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