Valentine’s Day Special: Gifts tips from the Love Riddles series guys by Carey Heywood




Hello again, book lovers!!


Carey Heywood, one of my favorite people on the internet, who also happens to be a great writer, wrote something for you guys for Valentine’s Day as well.

The guys from her book Love Riddle are talking about Valentine’s Day gifts. Here you go:




“What’re you getting Sydney for Valentine’s Day?”
Heath smirks, lifting the remote to mute the game. “You’ve no clue what to get Kacey, don’t you?”
I frown, fighting the urge to punch him. “I always get her that fancy beer she’s into. She’s the biggest beer snob I’ve ever met but it doesn’t scream romance, does it?”
Heath folds over, gripping his gut as he laughs. “You just said screams romance. Holy shit, have you been watching The View?” His laughter makes his question almost impossible to understand.
“Shut the fuck up asshole,” I grumble.
“What’s Mackey busting a gut over?” Trip, my sister’s husband asks.
“The View,” Heath howls, his laughter coming back full force.
Glaring at Heath, I answer Trip, “I was asking him about Valentine’s Day. I don’t know what to get Kacey.”
His gaze stays fixed on Heath. “Why is that funny?”
I shake my head. “It’s not.”
He focuses attention on me. “Want me to ask Reilly?”
Gripping the arm of my chair in frustration, I snap, “Don’t. She’ll tell Kacey I don’t know what to get her.”
“Why don’t you take her somewhere?” He suggests.
That has me straightening in my chair, my fingers relaxing. “That’s a great idea. I think there’s a brewery in Colorado she’s obsessed with.”
“A weekend away. I nice place to stay and a visit to that brewery. Sounds perfect for her. I’ve never met anyone as into beer as her,” he replies.
“Tell me about it. We got a special fridge so if we have company no one will accidentally open one of her special brews.”
His eyes widen briefly but he doesn’t appear too surprised.
Heath, having gotten himself under control turns the volume back on the game. He still never said what he was getting Sydney, interesting.
Trip moves to sit next to me on the couch and I ask, “What’d you get Reilly?”
He leans forward to pull his phone from his back pocket. “I checked our internet browser history and got her a purse she looked at but didn’t buy from me. Every since she had the baby she refuses to shop for herself.”
He then hands me his phone, a picture of a locket on it. “And this from Gavin. I put a picture of him in it.”
“She’ll love it.” I reply, thanking God for the millionth time my little sister ended up with a decent guy.
“Checking the browser history,” Heath says, staring at Trip, “that’s a fucking genius idea.”
My brother in law is a police detective and Heath’s right, I’m going to remember that browser history trick next time I need to get Kacey a gift.
Trip and I watch, with knowing grins as Heath gets up, muttering that he’ll be right back. Since we’re watching the game at his place, I’d bet my truck he’s going to look up Sydney’s browser history right now.






Hahaha that is pretty great advice! The guys just gotta beware of what they might find on those browsing histories! LOL


Thank you so much, Carey!! This was awesome!!





buy the book





Stay tuned for more special posts in honor of Valentine’s Day!!!












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