25 Days of Beastly Christmas: Archer’s Christmas Letter to Bree




Merry Christmas, bookworms!!!!!!


I hope you all had an amazing day!!! I spent the day eating. We all had our Christmas party last night (here we usually have Christmas dinner at midnight from thr 24th to the 25th and then we open presents). Santa was very generous, but the best present for me was being able to spend another Christmas with my family! ❤


I’m catching up on lots of missed posts tonight, so please bare with me.


The first post tonight is from Archer Hale, one of my favorite heroes, from one of my favorite books, Archer’s Voice, by the amazing and incomparable Mia Sheridan!!! If you haven’t read this book yet, you’re missing on one of the most touching (and beautiful) love stories you’ll ever read!


Archer wrote a Christmas letter to Bree, so here it is:






Archer, Archer…as usual making us SWOON!!!! I think a re-read of Archer’s Voice is in order!!


















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