Fifty Shades Darker Movie Trailer (and a Thank You note to E.L. James)




Hiiiiii everyone!!!


I know, another post so fast??! Things are changing over here!!! Plus I’m in the makings of starting a secons blog, in Portuguese! Between my jobs, college and two blogs it’ll be a wonder how I’ll find time to read! LOL


Anyways, today is a pretty special day! The official trailer for the Fifty Shades Darker movie was released! I’m not sure I’ve told you guys but I read FSOG YEARS ago when it was still a fan fiction and before it was even thought of becoming a book, much less the phenomenon it became!


I’ve always been an avid reader, I learned to read way before my peer and when I was 10 I was already a hardcore reader, so I’ve been reading a lot for 17 years now. But the Fifty Shades Trilogy and E.L. James brought something that was definitely missing in my reading life: book friends! Back then no one really read here (reading is kind of a “new” hobby and trend) and no one really got my obsession with books. But with the release of FSOG and the start of the indie comunity more and more authors started releasing theie own books attracting more and more readers. So thankfully for FSOG I met so many wonderful fellow readers and got tobecome friends and interact with authors!


Anyways, here is the movie trailer! I LOVED Fifty Shades of Grey Movie and I have a feeling Fifty Shades Darker will be even better! Darker is my favorite book from the trilogy and Jamis looks awesome in this trailer! I LOVE that he is buffier! He is definitely HOT!! And I love how he and Dakota interact! Now I can’t wait for the release of the movie!! ❤












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