Book Review: A Million Different Ways (A Horn Novel #1) by P. Dangelico




Hello everyone!! Happy Tuesday (for me it’s already Tuesday LOL)!!


So, I got A Million Different Ways sent to me by the author, after I agreed to read it, back in April. I read it back then, but my schedule was crazy this last semester, as I already mentioned. Now that I’m on winter break/vacation I can finally update the blog and post more! I actually re-read A Million Different Ways a couple weeks ago and I liked just as much as I did when I first read it.







Six long years I’ve been running, hiding, rejecting friendships and intimacy of any kind. Because nothing will stop them from coming after me. Of that, I’m certain. And then I met him. Powerful, broken, and so alone. Life had put us on an unavoidable collision course, one that could destroy us both…

Worlds collide when an illegal immigrant finds herself working for a wealthy American financier. Escaping a scandal that threatens to land her in prison, medical student, Vera Sava, flees to Switzerland in the hope of reinventing herself, and starting a career in medicine. Her plans derailed, she finds employment as a housekeeper, in the one place that will offer her a job without legal documents.

Sebastian Horn is an angry man. After having lost his young wife in a terrible car accident, he’s decided that life isn’t worth living anymore. Crippled physically and spiritually, he spends what’s left of it numbing the pain with booze and pills.


MY RATING: 4.5 Beastly Stars



4 stars4 stars4 stars4 stars5 stars










***ARC received in exchange of an honest review***


Let me start this review by saying this book as some of my favorite things in romance books: a hero who appears to be a jerk, but actually isn’t (think Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice or Mr. Rochelle from Jane Eyre) and who is also a millionaire.


A Million Different Ways may have a hero that described like that make us think the story might be a bit “superficial”, but it’s just the opposite. I devoured this book from the very beginning. Vera, the heroine, is full of sass and has more than a backbone. She’s smart and kind and I really liked and connected with her. Sebastian Horn is everything I love in a book boyfriend. And I’m in love and want him for myself.


And the story. I LOVED the pace of this story. I absolutely ADORE stories where we can actually see (and feel) the main characters falling in love. It’s not a case of insta love or even insta lust. The story, just like their love, is built. It’s not a slow pace either. It’s just perfect for the plot P. Dangelico created.


A Million Different Ways has just the right ammount of drama to keep the story going and the story flows flawlessly. I was really impressed with P. Dangelico’s writing. Not only the story is well built and the plot well thought, but the writing is really good too. This was a great book to introduce me to this author’s writing.


The story will make you want to keep reading and you won’t belive how fast you read until you see you finished it. It does end in a cliffhanger, but not a bad one. Not for me (and I don’t mind them so much, I rarely get bothered by a cliffhanger and it’s not always I consider an ending everyone gets desperate about a cliffhanger). Despite connecting with her and the facat I really liked her, I got a bit frustrated by Vera, specially towards the end of this first book. I guess she has her reasons, but I think she could have handled things a bit better or even in a more mature way. Now I wait anxiously for the second book. I feel there’s so much more coming after everything in this book that isn’t yet resolved, but the author hinted about in the story.


I also feel that more is coming for some side characters, like Vera’s friend and Sebastian’s best friend and also that more is coming from the villans in the story. I don’t think they’ve done nearly as much bad as they seem to be able to do. But I’m sure Vera and Sebastian will get everything sorted. I’m dying to see more of how they deal with their romance and them falling even more in love with each other. But they need to give each other that chance.


I really can’t wait for more of P. Dangelico’s writing and Vera and Sebastian’s story. The second book can’t come soon enough for me!




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