ARC Review: Luka (The Rhythm series #2) by Jane Harvey-Berrick




Happy Thursday, everyone!!!


I LOVE when I get to read Jane’s books for the first time, they are the BEST! Here’s my review of her upcoming one, Luka!






I’m not a good man.
I’m not a bad man.
But I’ve made some bad mistakes, made the wrong choices.
Who hasn’t? But the consequences are tearing us apart.

I love two people.
I love them differently.
The world tells me I have to choose. Why? Why do I have to choose?
Loving hurts. Dancing heals.

Love makes you soar, makes you fly and sets you free—and then it lets you freefall until you’re smashed and bleeding on the ground. Ultimately, love is the worst thing that can happen to a human being.

Im my opinion.
I love two people.
I love them differently.
One is a man.
One is a woman.
And they are brother and sister.

**** A stand alone novel in the best-selling Rhythm Series. ****







5 stars5 stars5 stars5 stars5 stars





***ARC received in exchange of an honest review***


When I read the blurb of Luka I was worried. First because I don’t like love triangles and I don’t do them anymore. Second because I definitely don’t do MM books. Then imagine how worried I was when I saw a love triangle between two men and a woman??


I have to confess I was very worried and I doubted it. I never doubted Jane’s talent, because if you ever doubt her talent to write and captive you with her stories you are a fool, my friend. No, I was worried because I didn’t think I’d relate to the story and that is essentially why I don’t do MM, I can’t relate to the characters 99% of the time. But then I find a book that is in the rare 1%. Not because it has a MM plotline, it’s in the 1% because it’s rare to find a book that will move you from the beginning.


Joke was on me, because if there’s one thing I can count in Jane’s writing is the way she makes me relate to her characters and their story. And I’ve never been so glad I was wrong about a story!!! Just like Luka I believe that love shouldnt be labeled. It doesn’t matter the gender of who we love, or if we are able to love both men and women. Love is beautiful BECAUSE it’s beyond all that! And I have to thank Jane for showing me this once again!


You know how Slave to the Rhythm is on my TOP list of reads this year. That book moved me in a way I can’t ever truly describe. It’s so powerful in every way. But then here I am reading Luka (and as I’m writing this I’m at 82% so I don’t even know how it ends yet), and I’m met with a book that is so powerful in such a quiet way. There’s a quiet power in this book, and it doesn’t make it less powerful than Slave to the Rhythm. It’s a different kind of powerful, but powerful nonetheless. The way Jane is able to move not only me, but also my heart, with her stories always leaves me speechless.  I can literally feel my heart crying reading a book like this. Not of sadness, but because I’m overwhelmed with so many emotions. I absolutely LOVE Luka. Both the book and the character. It’s hard not to fall at least a bit in love with Luka, he is what love should be. Generous, funny, beautiful and unprejudiced. So once again, thank you, Jane for making my heart soar reading such a beautiful book!!




Now that I finished the book..WOW. JUST WOW! I thought it would go to a direction, and it didn’t, but Jane made me love what she did and then in the last 18% of the book she completely TURNED the story upside down! And I’m glad. I’m glad she is an author who has the guts to write a book that isn’t all rainbows and butterflies. I’m glad she shows us that life isn’t a fairy tale after all and that some things can’t be mended, no matter how great they were. If you want a book that is real to its very core you definitely have to check Jane’s books. I have no idea how she does it, I truly don’t and I’m happy and honored to say I “know” her, because it makes me so proud when I get to read a book like this written by someone I know.


She made my heart soar for sure. From Slave to the Rhythm I thought I had an idea of how Luka’s love life and interest would go. And he had to go through a lot for Jane to show us a glimpse of that! There was, specially, a moment between Luka and his grandmother that made me intrigued and made me smile, because I just KNEW there was something there.




And there is a character that stole my heart. Elizabeta. She made me laugh and cry. She made me cry so hard and I loved it! She made the book more real for me.


I love books like this, that constantly change our minds and I love that something I had an intuition about turned out to be right. But I loved it even more because I never saw it coming how Jane would play it off. And it needed a whole ride for it to be even a possibility. I love Jane’s writing. Seriously. There’s really something about books that do that, that surprise us so much and so close to the end, but in which the story doesn’t get lost. Just the opposite. This story makes so much sense and not once did anything seem out of place.


It seems like I need to thank Jane again. She changed my mind about something and then changed it again. It seems this book is the rare 1% not because of the MM part after all, as I mentioned before, but because it’s rare to find books that move us like this.


Luka is SO MUCH more than a story that has a male couple. It’s much more than a story that has a straight couple. Luka is simply MORE. And trust me, you definitely need to read it. If you don’t like MM, whatever are your reasons, you still need to read this book. It didn’t turn me into a MM book reader, but it turned me into a better reader, not because of it, but because Jane wrote it!


And I may need to cross what I said earlier. The power in this story might not be so quiet after all. It’s hidden, but it’s there and when you see it, it’ll crash into you and you’ll never see it coming.  Amazing job,  Jane! I’m really honored I got to read this book and seems like your books always seem to find me when I need them most. I definitely needed Luka in my life (both the book and the character). It changed my views on things and it confirmed some of the ones I had before. Sometimes love isn’t enough and things can’t be mended. But if you’re lucky enough you’ll find something better and even more worth fighting and living for. I needed this story today. I needed to feel this much today.


I  can’t wait for Jane’s next book, because I can’t wait to have all these feelings again. I crave them. And it seems this exact kind of feelings only Jane can bring into my heart. So hurry, Jane, because my heart wants more of the soaring only you can make it do!!



buy the book


LUKA will be released on June 16th, but you can already PRE-ORDER !














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