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So one of my favorite books this year, The Bad Ones by Stylo Fantôme is live!! Here is my review of it! I’ll have more posts about it this week and a surprise too!







Love isn’t always bright and shiny.

Sometimes, it’s dirty and wrong, buried six feet deep in a secret place where only wild things dare to go. Hidden behind a big black curtain that covers things no one should ever see.

Sometimes it happens between two people who should never be allowed to come together. One who is a match, and the other who just happens to be gasoline.

One strike is all it takes to burn the whole world down, and that’s exactly what they plan on doing.

Even if it kills them.



MY RATING: 5 “I LOVE BEING BAD” Beastly stars


5 stars5 stars5 stars5 stars5 stars





Of course when Stylo Fantôme writes a book named The Bad Ones  the characters are going to be BAD. And I LOVE that!! I love when characters are a certain way and don’t apologize for that. It’s even better when they OWN it!! They are who they are, and there’s no reason for it but the fact they WANT it. And Constantine and Dulcie sure OWN it!




This book for me is Stylo at her best! I love her writing, I think anything she writes she will please me, I love her attention to detail in every step of her books (from the covers to the story and the character interviews she gives), we can se she does her homework and that united with the talent she has to write stories makes for some of my favorite books!  By now everyone knows how versatile she can be and I really like that, but when she writes the controversial stories, the dark ones, for me it’s when she THRIVES!


I love Stylo’s characters, I think she builds them so well. As I said in my opinion she is a writer tha can write in every genre and be good at it, but her “different” reads (the somewhat controversial and “darker” ones) speak to my soul in a whole new level. That’s why the Kane trilogy and now The Bad Ones are my favorite books by Stylo. After all I’m the kind of weird reader who just LOVES the controversial books ( and yes, I’m being ironic on the weird because I’ve been called “sick” so many times for some of the books I like LOL). For me the more taboo and different the better!!




I think I’ve probably said this here before but I REALLY like the names Stylo chooses for her characters, they are so strong and have a character of their own!


I didn’t know anything about the story when I read it back in the beginning for March, because as I’ve mentioned before I’m trying to go in blind with books this year. I saw teasers though and I was super curious about how bad the Bad Ones were. And man, Stylo did GOOD! If you think my book husband, Jameson Kane, is evil you definitely NEED to meet Con. Constantine is absolutely CRAZY and AMAZING. I kept falling more in love with him in each page and not once I questioned myself. Not because I’m jaded, which I am, but I loved him and Dulcie. I didn’t make the connection before but I just thought that I am jaded when it comes to anti-heroes and it’s probably Alex from A Clockwork Orange’s fault!!! I LOVED that book when I read it 10 or so years ago and now I can make a connection. In that book we can see some people’s nature can’t be changed and that is one of the things I most liked in The Bad Ones. We DON’T want Dulcie or Con to change. They are both perfect the way they are. They are perfect for each other.


You will definitely appreciate how bad these characters can be and you won’t be questioning the fact you like it and you will want MORE. You will want to be bad with Con and Dulcie. They are insanely amazing together!


I really liked how the story starts when they are a bit younger (not much) and how it spams through the time (again not much). It built a great connection between the characters. I like that even though they came from such different backgrounds, both Con and Dulcie found each other without even trying that much. I LOVED the first chapter, it was somewhat a surprise for me and I love being surprised!


I DEVOURED The Bad Ones. I couldn’t stop reading it and I didn’t want it to end. It has a perfect epilogue (I’ll tell you a secret, I’m not the biggest fan of epilogues, mostly because I don’t think every book needs them).


The Bad Ones is the kind of story that captivates because it is so GOOD. The writing flows so well and the idea is great, and better, it was played well in the story. A story is not only made of good ideas, the writer must know how to put that into words, how to build the story and the characters and make everything flow and connect. And Stylo did a great job with all of that in The Bad Ones. She makes us fall in love with someone many people would call a monster. Someone that in real life would give a lot of people nightmares. But Con for me is someone I still can’t stop thinking about. There’s just something about him. His snark, his disdain for what society deems appropriate and “right”, his sociopathic ways…and how HOT he also is. He is the perfect f***up packet. And Dulcie? She is the perfect girl for him. In no way I think Con influenced her, she is not a victim and I think that is one of the things that Con finds so attractive about her. I LOVE the fact she is not a flowery heroine. There is a sometimes quiet strenght about her and when she and Con are together it stops being quiet. They are truly each other’s best part, or should I say, worst part?! 😉





For me it was very refreshing to read about characters like them, who are truly bad but with no excuse or specific reason for being this way. Sometimes there are monsters among us, and they don’t have to be all bad to be monsters, it doesn’t mean they don’t have a conscience. It means they don’t care, but that doesn’t mean they don’t care about anything, they just don’t care about what most people would. Are Con and Dulcie monsters? Maybe. But it works for them. I love how there is no traumatic past or any “issues” for them to be different. It’s just the way they are and seeing how comfortable they are being that way was VERY fresh!


People can be molded, yes. We are so oftenly told what to do according to society’s standards and we have to act a certain way. Tha can even be done to the mayor’s son, the star football player and most popular guy at school. But it doesn’t mean he wants to be that way or that he accepts it. Oh no, he is probably a wolf waiting to feed on his prey. Society can try changing what they deem bad (which in Con and Dulcie’s case is actually BAD LOL), but it will be only a mask. The truth lies beneath it. We all have something we hide from others, some hidden facet about us society might disagree with or we might not be brave enough to show. But in Con and Dulcie’s case it’s much more apparent and they simply stop caring about what is right and wrong. That’s is only their truths. That is something very powerful, regardless of it being good or bad.





If you have to choose one “different”, darker (I don’t consider it really dark, but I’m the dark queen haha) and taboo read this year, it needs to be The Bad Ones!


What else can say to convince you? The writing is spectacular, the story is so “new”, the characters are amazing! Stylo has kept me on my toes through the whole story. I was always waiting for the next thing to happen and I was dragged to the edge of my sit (my bed, actually) sometimes. It’s a thrilling story, so fascinating and it will definitely hook you! It has a big ole Carol type of read stamp on it! I want so bad to be bad with Con, but I have to admit Dulcie scares me so I’ll leave him to her. Although I could settle for being their bff! 😉


buy the book













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