Favorite Books of the Month (and Extra Recommendations): January 2016




Hi everyone!!


This year I’m starting some new series here on the blog and one of them is the Favorite Books of the Month. I’m ADDICTED to Youtube videos, I mostly watch the beauty and lifestyle YouTubers and this is something most of them do so I got inspired by them.


So every end/beginning of the month I’ll post my favorite books of the past month. By the end of the year I’ll have the compilation of all my favorites and whichever I might add! 🙂


In the end of every post I’ll also throw in the mix the books that impressed me in that month. They might not be favorites (I really can’t choose anything, but at the same time I’ve been so picky), but they made a great impression.




  • Unhinge by Calia Read4.5 stars: I loved loved this book! I loved Unravel (the first book – also a standalone)  and Victoria and her story really intrigued me when she was mentioned in it Her story though…We have hints of what it be through Unhinge, but in the end there are a LOT of surprises coming our way! Victoria’s story might not be as dark as the one in Unravel, but the twists and turns will definitely keep you on your toes! Calia is a GREAT writer!


  • Dirty Ugly Toy by K. Webster5 stars: I was completely HOOKED on this book from page 1. I couldn’t stop reading it for anything and it was an AMAZING story! K. Webster definitely impressed me and won a ticket to my auto-clicks. Her writing is so good and even though we might have seen so many stories in that corner of the dark sub-genre, her story is so unique and fresh! I absolutely LOVED reading this book and recommended it to all my friends and every one of them who has read it agreed with me!




  • Misconduct by Penelope Douglas
  • Clubwhore by Kim Jones
  • The Rebirth of Sin by Courtney Lane
  • The Baller by Vi Keeland – This one will make you laugh and cry and definitely SWOON!
  • Chasing Spring by R.S. Grey – This book is so different from Rachel’s usual stories and it was so good! A GREAT contemporary NA from one of my favorite writers!


Stay tuned for February favorites, coming next week!!!












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