Valentine’s Daily Special: Tatum’s Guide for Getting thr Devil from The Kane Trilogy by Stylo Fantôme




It’s me again!!!!! LOL


By now I think all of you know my love for Jameson Kane and the Kane Trilogy by Stylo Fantôme. I mean, Satan is the best (and no the book isn’t paranormal, Satan is just his pet name from his girl, Tatum)! It’s easy for us to love our book boyfriends, but, at least for me, it’s not every heroine that captivates me and Tate (Tatum O’Shea) is one of the BEST ONES! She doesn’t apologize for who she is and I love that about her. About all of teh characters in the Kane trilogy.


I’ve said it before more than once, but the fact  Stylo kept the whole series so consistent and how the characters remained loyal to themselves until the end make this series one of my all times favorite one! I lost count of how many times I recommended it and everyone who reads it after I tell them to, loves it!!


Last year Jameson wrote a Valentine’s Day card for his readers and fans (HERE), and this year Tate wrote us a guide to get our own Satan! I LOOOOOOVED this!! And I want my own Jameson SO MUCH! I blame Stylo for creating such a great book boyfriend, now no man will compare! Also because he looks like Gandy! ❤️







1. “DGAF”


◦ Some days will be hot, and some will be cold. Some will be like he fell off the face of the planet. You have to learn to disconnect, to “not give a fuck” – realize it really, truly has nothing to do with you, and is just the way he operates.


◦ ALSO can be interpreted as “don’t give a fuck” about his shitty attitude and just do whatever you want when he’s in one of his moods 😀


2. “Sexually Confident”


◦ This is a polite way of saying “know how to fuck”. This is something he likes, something he’s very good at, and something he wants to do a lot, so it’s best to have a bit of experience.


◦ Also don’t be afraid of experimenting. Variety is the spice of life! And trust me when I say you won’t find a more adventurous – or understanding – person to play with.


◦ Can even go to the extreme and be a tad slutty. Remember, for Satan, being a slut is a good thing. Three isn’t necessarily a crowd when it comes to him.


3. Be Yourself


◦ Shockingly, the devil hates pretension. He’s a snobby asshole because he IS a snobby asshole. If you’re a silly, lighthearted person, then be that person. If you’re an introverted, quiet type, be that person. He’ll respect you if you’re a good person (though that doesn’t guarantee he won’t find you annoying). If you’re fake, he won’t waste any time on you at all.


◦ Realize that none of what I said above means he’ll like you. He doesn’t like anyone. He’s Satan, duh.


4. Take-No-Prisoners


◦ Basically this means always go balls-to-the-wall. Satan is difficult at the best of times. Always be prepared for battle, and always go all in. Don’t pull your punches, because he certainly won’t.


◦ Don’t be afraid of him. He’ll want you to be, and you can’t ever show him fear. Like a T-rex, or something. Something that will rip out your throat.


5. Sense of Humor


◦ This should probably be number one on the list, as it’s the most necessary. Be prepared to laugh a lot – the devil is funny. You will be laughing with him, at him, at yourself. Mostly at yourself, which leads us to …


◦ Be able to laugh at yourself – he will, A LOT. If you can’t laugh at yourself and the crazy bullshit he’ll put you through, you’ll go insane.


6. Loose Morals


◦ About EVERYTHING. Your sexual proclivities, the trade embargoes with North Korea, boardroom negotiation tactics, whether or not fucking a secretary is considering cheating, whether or not inviting said secretary to a threesome without your knowledge is rude, all of the above.


◦ He also just finds someone with loose morals and zero ethics incredibly attractive, so there’s that.


7. An Open Mind


◦ This kind of encapsulates everything we’ve gone over. If you want to get yourself a devil, you’re setting yourself up for an adventure of epic proportions. Be prepared to take a lot of shit, and give even more.


◦ He’s going to require a lot of things – time, attention, devotion, love, sex, energy, thoughts, prayers, ritualistic sacrifices. Be prepared to provide any/all these things.


◦ You’re also going to get a lot of things in return – frustrations, loss of sleep, loss of energy, insanity, crazy sex, and quite possibly more love than you’ve ever felt before in your life. Basically, it will be the best thing you’ve ever experienced in your life, so buckle up, go with the flow, and enjoy the ride.






So, I’m basically turning into a slut with no morals, but for Jameson I have no problem with that! LOL If anyone says anything I’ll blame Stylo! 🙂



Thank you so much Stylo and Tate!!! You’re the best!!


buy the book





Stay tuned for more special posts in honor of Valentine’s Day!!!












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