Valentine’s Daily Special: Nathan’s Love Poem to Lila from the Breach Series by K.I. Lynn




Hey Bookworms!


Happy Saturday!! If it’s up to me, it’ll be a great one, with a start like Nathan Thorne!


Nate is the hero of the Breach series by K.I. Lynn and he is the filthiest-mouthed book boyfriend. He is all prim and peoper lawyer on the outside, but the real Nathan is a BEAST! 😀


I L❤️VE him and the whole series (I recently read them for the fourth time!) and K.I. Lynn recently released a BOX SET with all three books!!


Last year, Nathan left a Valentine’s Day card to all his fans (HERE), but this year we have something different from him. Nathan write Lila a love poem!!






We gotta love Nathan’s romantic side!! ❤️😈❤️


Thank yiu so much K.I. Lynn and Nathan for this!!! I don’t even need to say that I love it, right?!


buy the book


The box set features all three books and the novella in the series (the reading order is: Breach, Dissolution -novella, Infraction and Reciprocity)












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