Valentine’s Daily Special: Connor Cobalt’s Guide to a Perfect Valentine’s Day by Krista & Becca Ritchie





Hey again, book lovers!!!


I can’t believe the posts will come to an end tomorrow! It’s been really fun doing these!!


Although Valentine’s Day is celebrated here in Brazil on June 12th (and it’s just for boyfriends and girlfriends, not friends), I want to celebrate today with you!! 🙂


This post is by one of my favorite cocky book boyfriend’s, Connor Cobalt from the Addicted Series and the spin-off books about the Calloway Sisters.


Last year Connor (along with Lo and Ryke) wrote you Valentine’s Day cards (see HERE) and this year he is back with a guide to a perfect Valentine’s Day!!


Connor Cobalt has his own books with Rose (Kiss the Sky and Fuel the Fire), but he is in every Addicted book and Ryke and Daisy’s books as well. He’s rich, he’s controlled, he’s a genious…He is basically the book (and better) version of tv-show Chuck Bass! I LOVE Connor!





Connor Cobalt’s Guide to a Perfect Valentine’s Day


Instead of just listing out what I do for Rose, I’m offering my guidance to all of you. You need it. I also don’t give it out frequently, so read carefully. As a reminder: no matter how hard you try, you’ll never come close to me, but your effort is always appreciated.


1. Know your significant other. If they find Valentine’s Day trite and flippant, do not—under any circumstances—send them a box of chocolates. You lose points if the chocolate comes in a heart-shaped container. Don’t be an idiot. If they find Valentine’s Day romantic, in any form, move onto number two. In my case: I move to two. Have you met Rose Calloway?


2. Buy red roses. If you live with your significant other, they should wake up to a bouquet. Don’t give them the time to wonder if you’re thinking about them. Show them that you always are. If you find this particularly lame, then good luck with the rest of the day. You’ll need luck since your intellect is now questionable.


3. Plan an event around their tastes. If they prefer quiet nights inside, don’t take them to a club because the day says you should. Valentine’s Day doesn’t dictate your night. Your significant other’s interests do. In my case: I’d bring Rose to a play, preferably Shakespeare.


4. Make dinner reservations. If you can’t do this right, then you better hope your significant other has a deep infatuation with forgetfulness and inability to follow through.


5. End the night the way that your significant other wants. If you’ve found your equal, most likely you’ll share the same wants. Anything goes here. Whatever suits both of you. Rose and I will usually play two rounds of chess. By the end of the night, we’re both winners.







Thank you so much Connor and the Ritchie girls, Krista and Becca!!!



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