Valentine’s Daily Special: Steps on How to Land a Book Boyfriend by EJ from More Than Water by Renee Ericson





Hello again everyone!!!


Carnaval is officially over here in Brazil, so I can finally dedicate more time to these special posts!


From now on until Valentine’s Day, I’m posting more than one special post a day for you. I hope you all enjoy them!!


The first post today is brought to you by EJ Cunnings from the book More Than Water by Renee Ericson. I LOVE More than Water, it was one of my Favorite Books of 2015.







Haha if following these steps land me a book boyfriend exactly like Foster (I L❤️VE Fozzie!!!) I’ll certainly follow them!!


thank you so much EJ and Renee!! I LOVED this!


I loved discovering Renee Ericson (even though it isn’t her first book, it’s the first I’ve read)! If you want you can check my review HERE.



buy the book


More than Water:


More than Kisses (novella):


























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