Book Review and Character Interview: Out of Plans (Mercenaries#2) by Stylo Fantôme




HEEEEEEY Everyone!!!


This post is SUUUUUPER late!!! But better late than never, right?! LOL


Before you read this review, if you want here is my review of the first book, Best Laid Plans, it’s HERE.






* Find Marc
* DON’T find Marc
* Take down a Russian Bratva boss
* Don’t have sex with Kingsley
* Find Marc
* Take down a Colombian drug lord
* Don’t fall for Marc again
* Kill every ..

This is the story of what happens when best laid plans fail, and a vengeful woman is forced to find her own way once again. A bond broken, trust shattered, and too many lies to keep track of find Marc and Lily all out of plans and running out of time. Can they find their way back to each other before trouble finds them first, or is it really the end of their journey?



RATING: 5 Beastly Stars


5 stars5 stars5 stars5 stars5 stars





I want to start this review by saying I was right on my review of Best Laid Plans, what I missed in the first book IS  here in Out of Plans. And I’m so glad!! What I missed in it was what was yet to come and Stylo delivered it very very well.


As usual, her research was impecable. I LOVE when authors do a thorough research. And I witnessed it. Stylo asked me for a few pointers about Portuguese and Brazil, but I had no idea they were for this particular book and when I saw my actual city, Belo Horizonte, in it I totally squeeled!! LOL


Now for the story…Out of Plans starts where Best Laid Plans finished, or some months after. Lily isn’t letting Marc get away with what he did in Best Laid Plans and Marc is set on doing it his way. Fights and confusion are bound to happen and plans are bound to fail. But as a reader, we enjoy every moment of those. I LOVED how Out of Plans started and the new characters that we meet in it.


I love that Marc truly met his match in Best Laid Plans and seeing him realizing it in Out of Plans is AWESOME. Made me connect a lot more with him.





We have an even tougher Lily, a somewhat new Marc and an even more AWESOME Kingsley Law. I have to say I love Lily and Marc, but somehow I REALLY connected with Kingsley. But I have to say I connected with both Marc and Lily even more in this book than in Best Laid Plans.that for me, Kingsley completely stole the show, he is my favorite character.




Actually, Stylo introduced another GREAT side character, Damiano Ledo and I also LOVED the guy. He is such a bad guy, but hey, I have a thing for them. 🙂




Stylo has such a knack for introducing, and creating, side characters. ALL her side characters are great! I mean, her main characters are awesome, but it’s not always we see such great side characters that interact and combine so well with the main ones. I love how she brings us these great side characters that end up gaining our hearts (I mean, Sanders 4EVAH!!! <3).


Out of Plans like Best Laid Plans is FILLED with tons of action and it all works so well for the story. It doesn’t get lost in it, just the opposite, it makes the story! Out of Plans isn’t necessary a romance. Actually, here in Brazil the word for “novel” is “romance”. So a “romance” isn’t about being a romantic story, although most of them are. So Out of Plans is the type of novel that isn’t about the romance, the romance is the background to the story. And I LOVED that because it completly works. Not that it doesn’t have romance. I mean, Marc??? The man has some stamina in him!!! 😉




Another thing I LOVE about Stylo’s writing, and that is super present in this book, as in any of her other books, is the fact her characters are who they are and they don’t apologize for it. I love that, because they are not trying to be good or politicaly correct or anything like that. I love that Marc has no qualms about who he is and how me makes a living. And I LOVE that Lily came out of her shell and became like that too. In Best Laid Plans we eventually find out she has a HUGE way to go, she has a dangerous plan to get revenge against a big bad guy. And this guy finally appears in Out of Plans. Lily has gone through a LOT in her life and everything she goes through just make her tougher and tougher. But that doesn’t mean she becomes heartless, just the opposite, she has such a great heart! But just like Marc and Kingsley, she doesn’t apologize for being who she became. And I LOVE that. It’s always refreshing to see such genuine characters.




Lily had a LOT to learn, mostly physically but also emotionally. She can’t let her emotions ge the best of her, but then she has the BEST master. But then, Marcalso  has a LOT to make up to Lily, and acting all alone isn’t the right way to do it. I think his biggest lesson is learning that having a partner doens’t make him weaker, it just adds to the fun and strength in a job. And oh boy, Marc has a surprise coming his way,  he so isn’t expecting what’s coming for him, but he so needed that!!


Lily had a lot to acomplish from Best Laid Plans to Out of Plans, but she isn’t the only one. Marc too has a lot to overcome. Lily truly has changed his life and him as well. And it was great to see this change. She made him more human, but still lethal. He didn’t lose his edge, but he definitely had some changes to his personality. What happened between him and Lily was a hell of a mismatch of ideals and thoughts. He thought he was doing the best, which obviously he wasn’t and Lily was so right to be upset.  I like that Lily gives as good as she gets (in all aspects, in fighting, in sex – LOL- and in an emotional level too), and I like that doesn’t let DeSant get away with his actions. And I particularly love that even though both of them changed a lot, they didn’t lose their essence, either their own individual essence or their essence as a couple.




As I said, Out of Plans is an action-packed book, but I loved every minute of it. The action scenes are so well written and it felt like I was watching a movie. If this was a movie, I’d definitely go watch it more than once! 🙂


Once again Stylo showed her versatility as a writer.  Not only in writing stories in different genres but in creating great characters and side characters in her stories. Her characters truly make her stories, but in this case I think the story in itself, with all the action and the great scenarion, that we could feel we were into along with the characters while reading the book, is what makes Out of Plans such a great read! It’s the perfect combination of writing, flawless research, genuine and real (and refreshing) characters, great insertion of new characters and a good story!!



Today I have the pleasure of having the one and only Kingsley Law in my blog!


Beauty and the Beastly Books: Hey, Kisgsley, welcome! Can I call you Law? It’s an honor to have you here!

Kinglsey Law: Darling, you may call me whatever you like.

BBB: So, I have to say your training methods in Out of Plans really impressed me! What would it take for you to train me?

Kingsley: It’s very rigorous, requires spending many hours together naked. I feel partners should know every inch of each others bodies, don’t you? So really, just a willing heart and mind, and you’re in.

(Oh my! I don’t know if I dare…Jameson might get jealous…even though we are only together in my head! LOL)

BBB: You know, I’m a Law student and I have to say your “laws” would be much more fun to study than my country’s! You could totally come teach in my college, I’d love a Kingsley’s Laws diploma! Pretty please? *winks*

Kingsley: Kingsley’s law: flattery is always accepted, often appreciated, and never grows old. Cheers, darling.


BBB: Since I approached the subject, do you have plans for visiting Brazil soon? Marc was here in my city and even though I missed him, I’m pretty sure I can find a thing or two for you to enjoy! *looks at him with puppy eyes* (And I have the space so no worries about hotels)

Kingsley: I travel quite a bit for work, as you know, and I’ve recently become very good friends with a son of your fair city – I shall ask him to arrange a tour one of these days. With you as the guide, of course.

Squeeeee!!!! I would love to have you both on me! I mean in me…I mean, with me…Well, you got it! (Jesus, he is rather distracting).

BBB: Now seriously…Rumor has it, you’re getting your own book and I can say for myself that I’m DYING to read it! Can you tell us what to expect from it?

Kingsley: Intrigue! Sex. Danger. Sex. Explosions! Sex. Old friends and new enemies. And sex. And of course, I’m sure there will be an in depth look at what made me the amazing specimen of man you see before you, as well. Did I mention the sex bit? Lots of that.

(*fans herself* I guess I can make the sacrifice of reading some Kingsley sex scenes.)

BBB: If you could choose anywhere in the world to spend the rest of your life and anyone too, where and who would you choose? I wouldn’t be opposed at you saying me ahahaha (Ooops, did I really said that out loud? Old habits are hard to die).

Kingsley: That’s a tough question. I have more than enough money to retire right now, and very comfortably so, too – I could, in theory, do exactly what you’re saying. But I don’t like to be still. Idle hands are the devil’s playpen, darling. But if I could spend my non-retirement with just one partner … I’d choose Sheila.

*gets jealous of Sheila*

BBB: If you could “design” your perfect partner, how would he or she be? More like Lily or more like Marc?

Kingsley: Dear god, like Lily, of course. Have you met De Sant? He’s all brash and brutish, no sense of style. Not that Lily’s much better, but at least she’s easier on the eyes.

Marc is pretty easy on the eyes too! *blushes thinking of him*

BBB: I know most of your jobs are supposed to be super discreet, but can you tell, us what’s the worst one you ever had and why?

Kingsley: Worse job I ever had? Ah, the stuff of nightmares. When I was just a young thing, first starting out, I took a job from a frustrated young man. His great-aunt had buried her life savings somewhere on her property, up near York, in England. I bungled the whole situation, she found me creeping about her garden, I had to think on my feet. Said I was from a local committee, judging gardens. Complimented her roses. She invited me in for tea. I’ll spare the details, but suffice it to say, sex with an octogenarian is exactly how you’d imagine it to be.

(*gulps* I’m seriously disturbed right now! I can never say what’s coming out of his mouth and if it’s true or not! LOL)

BBB: What are you most afraid of when you go out on a new job?

Kingsley: That my equipment might get damaged beyond repair.

Boys and their toys, huh?!

BBB: What’s your signature fight move?

Kingsley: I avoid hand-to-hand combat as much as possible, that’s why I’m so picky about the jobs I choose. But if I have to fight, I’m very fast with my hands, I have a few boxing championships under my belt, back from another lifetime. I’d say my punch combo.

Ohhh I’m curious about that lifetime…And I’ve always wanted to learn how to boxe! *looks at Kingsley with puppy eyes*

BBB: Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years? Married? With kids?

Kingsley: Good god, I just had the strongest wave of nausea. I completely blacked out. Next question.

BBB: How is your ideal woman? (please say Brazilian,,please say Brazilian…oops, ai said it outloud AGAIN!  *blushes*)

Kingsley: Of course Brazilians are fabulous, darling, but I don’t like to discriminate. My ideal woman is a willing one. That’s about the only requirement.

I VOLUNTEER! *yells in her best Katniss voice*

BBB: What’s your favorite thing to do in you spare time?

Kingsley: I think I just answered this question in your last question.

BBB: What is the ultimate Kingsley Law?

Kingsley: Kingsley’s law: Fuck the laws – whatever it takes to get the job done.

That might be my favorite so far!!!

Now, it’s a tradition here on Beauty and the Beastly Books to do a rapidfire Q&A, so just answer the first thing that pops in your head!


BBB: Favorite food?

Kingsley: I love a good curry.

BBB: Favorite color? Black so no visible blood? LOL

Kingsley: I do adore black, but don’t consider it a color. I am very partial to blue, the majority of my suits are in some shade of blue or another.

BBB: Bed or sofa?

Kingsley: As long as there’s a flat surface, love, I’m good to go.

*points to the right and grins to him*

BBB: Beer or wine?

Kingsley: May I choose neither? A good brandy is best.

BBB: A book or a movie?

Kingsley: Book.

I knew I had reasons to love you!

BBB: Favorite sex position? (Sorry, couldn’t resist LOL)

Kingsley: Doggy-style. God, such barbaric terminology, isn’t it?

I don’t mind the terminology as long as…oops, I need some filter. LOL

BBB: Cats or dogs?

Kingtsley: I have a soft spot for dogs.

*thinks to herself* Awwwn, we’re meant to be

BBB: Day or night?

Kingsley: Night time.

I’m a night owl myself! 😉

BBB: The city or the countryside?

Kingsley: I prefer the bustle of a city.

BBB: Christmas or New Year?

Kingsley: New Year’s.

BBB: Favorite gun or fight implement (is that a term? I am so clueless lol)?

Kingsley: Never, darling! Perfectly legitimate question. My favorite tool is my Barrett M82A1 – little miss Sheila. I’ve had her since I was 19.

(I just love how he says darling! *le sigh*)

BBB: Now this is important…we can become friends or enemies after your answer ahahaha: Marvel or DC?

Kingsley: I’m afraid I don’t have as much time to read as I used to. I quite enjoyed Iron Man the movIe, though, does that count?

GREAT answer, darling!!! 😉

BBB: Favorite country (or city) you’ve ever been?

Kingsley: Bangkok – it’s why my home is in Thailand. Though I choose not to live in the city, it’s still my favorite place to visit. So many blind eyes so willingly looking the other way, I adore it.

BBB: Casual or chic? Although I kinda have a clue already…

Kingsley: Chic is the only answer to this question.

I think you need to meet Mr. Jameson Kane one day… I have a feeling you’d be fast friends hehehe

BBB: Night out in the city or staying in and relaxing?

Kingsley: Night out

BBB: Favorite cocktail or drink?

Kingsley: I love a good Manhattan.

*gags* Hum, just NO…

BBB: Handcuffs or rope? *looks at him seriously* (and no, it’s not for the bad guys)

Kingsley: Whichever is closest at hand, darling.

*looks around for any handcuffs or rope*

BBB: And the big, and classic, one: Boxers or briefs? Or maybe commando? *tries to sneak a peek*

Kingsley: Always briefs. I get mine specially prepared, by a darling little woman from London. All my clothes are specially made and tailored, of course. Only way to live, honestly.

What? Sorry, I was still looking around for a pair of handcuffs or some rope…Any chance I see them? Oops! I guess he IS a good mercenary. He isn’t even here anymore….


THANKS so much Kingsley (and Stylo) for another AWESOME interview!!!


buy the book














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