ARC Review: Take (Need series #2) by K.I. Lynn and N. Isabelle Blanco



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TAKEPart 2 of the Need series…

Love is only a battlefield when you have a fighting chance.

In the aftermath of bad decisions followed by poor thinking, Brayden is still without Kira.

Years of hurt have hardened Kira, and she’s not just going to roll over for Brayden on command. Strong willed and stubborn, neither of them is willing to give in without a fight.

There’s a million reasons why she shouldn’t care for him anymore . . . but she does.

Brayden senses this, and he’s laid siege on her life, haunting her in every possible sense—reminding her of what they once shared.

But he’s still the man that wrecked her.

The man she loves.

The man she utterly despises.

He’s still her step brother.

Right and wrong have no sway with the heart. What it wants, it takes.

With every day that passes, Kira is reminded of all the reasons she has to hate him . . . and all the reasons she still has to adore him.

Can Kira let go and give him a chance, or is it really too little, too late?

Even if she can forgive him, is it possible for them to have a future together while still being step-siblings?



MY RATING: 4.5 “Kitty” Stars


4 stars4 stars4 stars4 stars 5 stars






I was SO excited to read this book I couldn’t believe it when I got my ARC!!! The first book, Need, is part of my Favorite Reads of 2015 (see my review HERE).


Take starts right after where Need leaves us. With Brayden focused on getting Kira back and for her to know he loves her, which is no easy thing to accomplish.


I LOVED the level of angst, Need brought to me, it’s the exact kind of angty read I like. And Take came loaded with angst too. The good kind.


Sometimes when we read a book that we want to reach inside and just shake the characters to make them see something, we don’t like it. But sometimes we get a book, like Take, that we get frustrated over a character because we can FEEL what they feel and we KNOW why they are like that. That was what Kira made me feel. The girl frustrated me in so many parts of the book and I loved that feeling, because I could see it was exactly what K.I. Lynn and N. Isabelle Blanco wanted me to feel. Kira has been through a LOT in her life, and a lot of that because of Brayden, so even though my poor heart breaks for him, I think Kira’s attitudes were completely justified.


Even though Kira’s actions are justifiable, I still feel for Brayden. I wanted to get inside my iPad and hug him tight! My poor, dirty-mouthed boy!!!


Brayden made me swoon from the first page to the last one. The guy is romantic and OFF THE CHARTS HOT, a combination that is HARD to resist. Kira, girl, I totally get you!


While Need showed us how they met and how their story began and their relationship built over the years, Take shows us how they can cope with who they are NOW. And that’s not only for Kira and Brayden. Their parents and friends too. God, I wanted to slap Brayden’s father. The man is a complete a-hole!!!


I liked this change of “pace” in the story, because in the first book we got to meet them and it prepared us for who they would be in the present. I LOVED getting to know them since they were kids, I love this kind of thing in books, but now I also really liked them now. We could see what was going on in both their heads. How everything they went through was affecting them now.


Take is told in both Brayden and Kira’s POVs and I have to say, the authors did an excellent work on portraying a female and a male POV. After all it isn’t an easy transition, to write or read. But Take is a book that’s effortless to read, the story just flows and when you see it, you’re 90% into it and you can’t believe it’ll be over soon!


I was hooked on the characters since book 1 but in this book I didn’t know if I wanted to kill Kira for refusing Brayden or if I wanted to be her, so he could try it with me ahahaha. Which to me is a great sign!


And now, can we talk about the sexy times in this book? OMG! They are SCORCHING! The things that come out of of Brayden’s mouth! Some even get me blushing. For real. Even though the romance between those two is forbidden as hell (not to me, I do see the big issue, does that make me weird?? LOL), we just want them to say “the hell with it!” and get on with their romance because the tension between them is so palpable!!


A lot happens in the story, but it’s not a rushed one. I wish I could get more though, because I wasn’t ready to let go of these characters. Take will certainly get you hooked from the beginning to the end and I can’t already wait for the third book!!! I need more of my Brayden!!


Take will literally take you inside its story. It’ll make you want to slap some characters (Austin and Brayden’s father in my case), get some sense into others, swoon, suffer, need a fan becaof yourself as well use of how hot it can get…Take will get every emotion the characters feel out of you as well. It’s completely GRIPPING and it will no doubt grab your attention.


As I mentioned I had my moments of frustration with Kira, but since I could see it was the purpose, it didn’t bother me, just the opposite. It build up to what the story is bringing next (and even to what happened towards the end of Take). I really can’t wait. Not only because of the forbidden aspect, that is intriguing, angsty and sexy, but because of how this story was told. It makes you want more and more and it’s so raw and gritty!


I love the writing collabroation between K.I. Lynn and N. Isabelle Blanco. I haven’t read any of N. Isabelle’s books yet (they’re on my TBR list, that will never ever end), but what these two have made together is so freaking good!!!! I’m in love with the way the story is being told and I crave more of it for sure!!


Great job to both K.I. Lynn and N. Isabelle Blanco! Now, you need to figure out a way to bring Brayden to life, because I absolutely NEED him. Pun intended. LOL



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