Carol’s Impression: Dearborn by Jenni Moen



Hey everyone!!


I’m supposed to be on lockdown, because I still have one exam on Wednesday, but I figured I could do another Carol’s Impression, since it’s a mini-review, I won’t spend so much time (if my computer helps, of course!).


Today’s impression is about Dearborn, the latest book by Jenni Moen, who is one of my favorite authors!! ❤





dearbornI feel his emotions in living color. As if they are my own.

If he’s angry, I rage with him. If he’s grieving, I do too. When he thinks about the past, I’m right there, walking beside him. I am the window to his soul, and yet, in spite of that, he’s a riddle with no solution.

A puzzle with too many missing pieces.

We always want what we can’t have. All I wanted was some peace and quiet. To fall in love with someone untouched by the magic of Woodland Creek. I craved normalcy.

But not as much as I craved him.

When he returns to town a broken hero, there’s no choice to be made. I will reach him when no one else can. Together, we will face a future he doesn’t want.

Why? Because our love is pure magic.


RATING:  4.5 Beastly Stars


4 stars4 stars4 stars4 stars5 stars







I love Jenni Moen’s writing because we can see it comes from her heart! She is a truly gifted author and Dearborn is another example of it! I love authors that write in more than one “niche”. Dearborn is a book with a paranormal twist, but it could just well be a contemporary romance!


I loved that I could relate to the characters and now I want to know more about them!!


Quin is mysterious and caring and all kinds of hot and Willow is a great female lead. She has such an inner strength about her!


I liked that there was time for them to fall in love, even though they’ve known each other for years. This is not a case of an insta-love kind of book and I love that! I always enjoy when I have the time to fall in love with the characters along with them!


I really liked the mystery behind the story, how everything was connected and how the pieces fit in the right places! I had some theories and the story still surprised me. I LOVE being surprised about stories and plots!!


Even though this story has the PRN (paranormal) thing going on, I wouldn’t categorize it as a PRN book. It has a PRN twist, but this story could happen to any of us. And that is one of my favorite things about Jenni’s writing, her ability to make us relate to the story and make it sound (and feel) so real!



buy the book













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