Book Review: Thirty Nights (American Beauty #1) by Ani Keating

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So, I ready this INCREDIBLE book today and I couldn’t wait to write a review for it!!! Ani Keating was a surprise! I love finding new amazing debut authors!! 🙂




thirty nights

Thirty nights. Two hearts. One fate.

American Beauty, Book 1

After her parents’ tragic deaths, Elisa Snow wanted nothing more than to escape her past. Eighteen and alone, she fled her quaint English village and moved to the United States. A starving science student by day and an artist’s muse by night, Elisa has slowly built a new life. She never dreamed she would lose everything again.

She’s one week from graduation when her visa is unexpectedly denied. Given thirty days to leave the country, she must face the one thing she cannot survive again—saying goodbye and leaving her home. Yet within minutes of her world shattering, she meets a man with the power to piece it back together.

After finishing his tour of duty in Iraq, Aiden Hale traded battlefields for boardrooms, becoming one of the most successful venture capitalists in the nation. But all his wealth can’t buy him reprieve from the horrific memories of war. The only thing that gives him peace is a painting of Elisa.

Drawn together by their invisible wounds, they begin a passionate affair as they race against the clock to defy their pasts—and fight for their future.

Earlier versions of this book were posted on the author’s blog under the titles of The Master’s Muse and 30 Nights of Snow, using the pen name Ani Surnois, and has since been extensively edited.

Warning: Contains a blistering exploration of desire, sacrifice and redemption…and love’s power to equalize us in ways laws cannot.





5 stars5 stars5 stars5 stars5 stars





WOW. This book was BEYOND amazing! I was already awed while reading it but after I finished I was speechless!! I have the BIGGEST book hangover now!!!


I finished Thirty Nights in a few hours after I started and it’s gone straight to my Favorite Books of 2015 list! No doubt. At all.


Thirty Nights was such a powerful story and I couldn’t put it down and kept counting the pages because I never wanted it to end! Yes, it ends in a cliffy (and by the time I reached 90% I just knew we’d need a second book), but I wouldn’t trade reading it for the first time for anything! I’d read it all again, cliffy or no cliffy. It’s THAT good!


This is the kind of book I live to find! It has angst, it has romance, it has good  (excellent) writing… It’s book perfection! The story just GRIPS you in a way you don’t want to let go! It’s beautiful and raw and I want to read it all over again right now, because it brought me such good feelings! I just want to curl up and hold it!


Plus I want to be Ani Keating’s new best friend, just so I can get the scoop on my Aiden, yes, I said MY hahaha!


I can’t wait for the sequel, but this is the kind of book I don’t even mind that it ended in a cliffhanger, because I’m just glad I read it in the first place! I just want to experience it all over again! Ani Keating has a real talent for making us FEEL her story. The way she tells you brings you not only to the characters reality, but also to their feelings. I could feel the story between Aiden and Isa pulsing through the pages of my e-reader!


Thirty Nights has a few of my favorite things in a book: a billionaire? Check! Angst? Check! A good story behind the characters? Check! A heroine that is strong but shows vulnerability without being a doormat? CHECK! Although it has a lot of the things I enjoy in books, it’s completely different than anything I’ve read. Some elements I’ve seen in other books, but they are told in a different way and Ani’s talented writing skills brings the story to life without any effort. At least that’s how it felt. I just couldn’t NOT fall in love with this story and its characters. It was effortless to appreacite her writing..


This year I’ve been VERY picky and I was looking at my list of Favorites for last year (HERE) and I couldn’t avoid comparing this year’s books with last year’s  and I have to say last year I found more amazing books…so finding a new favorite is SO GOOD!


Thirty Nights brought me all the amazing feels I crave when I start a new book and for that alone I’m very thankful to Ani Keating! This story felt so real and so compelling! I mean, I could feel Aiden’s struggle to accept his reality and the fact he could love someone, that he was deserving of it. He has a devastating past and to overcome it is no easy task. His past involves some traumatic events but as I said, it was told in a fresh way, with a different way than other books with a similar premisse. Aiden has some serious things going on for thim besides his past. He only wishes he could forget some of the things that happened to him and some of the things he felt and feels and experiences. So that mixed up with this troubled past of his, makes up for a very different kind of billionaire-with-a-hard-past story.  I LOVED that this seemed like just another billionaire CEO with issues in his past, BUT it was completely different! It was refreshing and I have to say, Aiden’s past sounds a LOT more real than many flawed CEO’s I’ve read (and as you know, I love me some CEO books).


The same way with Isa’s struggles. She is a genious, a accomplished chemist despite her young age and unexperienced in so many ways, but despite all that, she is NO doormat. She is strong and resilient and so completely loyal to the ones she love! She really is an AMAZING heroine! Congratulations to Ani for writing such compelling characters, flawed but strong, characters that complement each other completely.


The story is also centered on one of Isa’s biggest struggles so far in her life and I really liked the background it provided. This is more than a boy-meets-girl story. It has great content and a message and an actual story involved!


Isa’s geekness is ADORABLE and I LOVE how Aiden not only accepts it, but is also so taken by it. They had some pretty cute moments together. Some pretty HOT ones too! They really feel right together and I even love when Aiden made an ass of himself, because having making up for it was amazing. Made me swoon and my heart melt and made all the pain worth it! I now want to see more of that! Aiden and Isa truly belong together and the fact it’s not just rainbows and butterflies with them makes the story even more real! It’s always so welcoming to see characters working for their love and to overcome their issues!


Now, Aiden TOTALLY made me SWOON! Come on, the roses!!! From the little tips Ani kept giving us I figured out most of his past, but when he finally reveals it it devastated me, so I could really understand him! And his flaws and his past only made me swoon over him even more, I literally wanted to get inside the story and just hug him!!  This story had my heart caught in my throat, some parts of it GUTTED me!


And now I’m even more curious about Aiden’s past after the way it ended. I REALLY want to see how the story will unfold!I mean, Isa has a LOT to overcome now but so does Aiden! And it seems like loving each other is just the beginning of a very hard road ahead of those two and I can’t wait to see their journey continuing and how Aiden and Isa will understand each other and accept their faults!


I really can’t wait for the next book, but even with the cliffhanger I’m COMPLETELY satisfied with this story. It was beyond perfect! It’s hard to explain and you’ll need to read it to experience Ani Keating’s writing, but after what I experienced, I just want MORE. She got me HOOKED on her writing and I’ll be anxiously waiting for more of her work!


buy the book















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