When Reading becomes a “Show”…

Hey everyone!!!


I have some venting to do…and the best way I do it is writing. Hopefully some of you will get how I’ve been feeling too!


This week I’ve been struggling with the Social Media madness the book community has turned into. In two days into the week I’ve already seen so many people BRAG on groups and sometimes on my feed as well. I don’t see the need to show off you have a book others don’t have just to make others jealous or make them feel bad for not being besties with an author. I have NOTHING against people posting pics of their ARCs or books they get from authors, specially when the readers do so to spread the word out about an author or thank them. What I absolutely have ZERO patience is people doing stuff like that in a rude and obnoxious way just to get attention or make others jealous. We left highschool a long time ago so I don’t get it.


Nothing in the world will ever please everyone, and everything has a good and a bad side. For me the good side of the book community  will always surpass the bad side, but I’ve been getting tired of feeling down because of the downside of it all. I just want to read my books, connect with the authors and spread the word out about them! Easy, right? I thought so too!


But we’re living a time in which people think they can say or do anything they want because they are hidden behind a screen. The power of the keyboard!! So why not use this power for the good, like our authors do for us??! I REALLY doubt people would knock on other people’s houses to say nonsense to them or to act rudely. So why do it in Social Media???


I miss the good ole days when reading was about the books and not who was better than who and who has more books, who has read more books, who gets more ARCs, who knows more authors. I guarantee every author out there LOVES to get new fans, and I believe they are THANKFUL to get every new fan they do.


I’m not saying I’m better than anyone, I’ve had my share of drama and stuff happening to me, but there’s a point we gotta choose to be quiet and that is what I’ve been doing this week on Social Media. I’d rather quit for a week, get my energy back and stay away than see things that purposely hurt me.


Lately I’ve seen some new people on groups and appearing on my timeline and I always like to get to know new people,and I love that we can reach so many pepole to our own book tribe, but when they appear just to stir drama, or to be the new alpha on the block and stuff like that? Makes me wanna go back in time, I have to admit. 😦



I genuinely like to help anyone I can and connecting with new people (specially ones that have the same taste in books as I do) is one of my all time favorite things in the entire world. But when people are rude about it and are obnoxious trying to get all the attention and show off to the world they are so much better than others, it gets me really down. There will always be someone who has “more” than we, but we don’t need the constant reminder. What I will not do is help spreading out the word about people who treat others badly or are so focused on themselves, either it’s an author, a blogger or a reader. I don’t care, I just don’t have what it takes to play the game most of the time. I’m too honest for that! But one thing I’ve learned in the past couple years is to avoid this situations, to step down instead of dwelling on them. And that is what I’m trying to do with this mini FB break…


I wish everyone just focused on reading and talking about books instead of trying to be the better than everyone, instead of competing for attention. There’s no need for that!!! I HATE to feel like I’m competing for attention so when I see that kind of situation my gut feeling is to leave, because I’m not here to compete with anyone for anything. I believe there is space for everyone, specially if we do something different, that stands out!




So I’m focusing on my reading. I feel like I’ve been slacking this year. I’m almost at book 300 but I feel like I should have read much more, considering how I’ve read the past 3/4 years. But then I’ve become so picky this year and college and all my jobs have been very hard on me! I plan on compesating it next year though.


I’m also focusing on the blog, I had a book-themed photoshoot  and I will change a bit of the blog’s face in a couple days/weeks. Plus Christmas is almost here and it’s my FAVORITE time of the year. I wait all year long for it (this is the part that I say “wow, the year flew by” – but I’m gettting a bit tired of 2015 so I won’t say it haha).


What am I gonna do about this Social Media Gone Mad thing then? NOTHING. Yes, N-O-T-H-I-N-G!! I can’t control everything and I’m tired of trying to. So I will focus on doing my job, on spreading the word about authors, helping new ones, reading and I’m gonna start writing again. The people who matter will know I’m here doing all I can for my favorite books and authors, so that’s what I will focus on. If I’m not doing enough I truly apologize, I will always try to do better, even when I procrastinate! LOL




But one thing I’d like to leave with you all…I’m not someone easily offended by stuff (I don’t care about paper cups, or xenophobia, I tend to just IGNORE the things I see and don’t like, although this whole post is about something I can’t ignore, I chose to quit being so online for a while to ignore all I see that I don’t like…), but I’d like to ask each of you to think about what you’ll post, to put yourself in the place of someone else that might read it, because we can avoid unnecessary hurt and drama this way. Think about if it’s really necessary to say something, because since we deal with written words a LOT of the meaning of what we say might get lost or not gotten, after all we can’t really know what someone meant by something they wrote. Use your voice to spread the love, the positivity, to say things that will mean something (good) to others. Use your voice to help others, to spread the word about your authors and books in a good way…Sometimes we love a book or an author so much we get too enthusiastic or crazy, but let’s remember it’s JUST A BOOK! 🙂




That being said, I’d REALLY appreciate your feedback on the blog, on posts you would like to see here (or that you usually like in blogs), what changes you would make, if you like some video posts…Thank you so much for still following me after all this time and for reading my posts!!! I absolutely LOVE when I see people from ALL parts of the world read my posts!!! 🙂












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