ARC Book Review: Semper Fi (The Education Series #3) by Jane Harvey-Berrick

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This post is very dear to me, because I adore Jane’s writing and The Education of Sebastian, the first book, was just released here in Brazil in Portuguese! I am so proud of Jane and I love to see her talent being recognized!!


Just a reminder: Semper Fi will be LIVE in a couple hours (November 10th)!!




semper fi


One life, one love
Sempre e per sempre

“I’m falling in love with Seb and Caro all over again.” E Craig

* * * *

Ten years ago US Marine Sebastian Hunter was a teenager in love with a married woman—a woman who broke his heart.

Kicking his heels in a desk job in Geneva, he’s given the chance to get back to the action. Life just might be worth living again … until he meets the woman who broke him 10 years earlier.

Now she’s back, but he’ll do anything to keep her at arm’s length. Temptation doesn’t come much stronger, but he’d be a fool to fall for her again…

Caroline Venzi is a successful journalist, preparing to head out to report from the front lines of the war in Afghanistan. Love is the last thing on her mind when she crosses paths with Marine Sebastian Hunter.

Will this chance encounter reignite the erotic passion of their past?

* * * * *

This story is a re-telling of the best-selling contemporary romance ‘The Education of Caroline’, now told from US Marine Sebastian Hunter’s point of view.

Profits of this book support the military charities Felix Fund (UK) and EOD Warrior Foundation (USA)


RATING: 5 “Sempre” stars


5 stars5 stars5 stars5 stars5 stars




*** ARC received in exchange of an honest review ***


First of all, you should know Semper-Fi is The Education of Caroline  (TEOC) in Sebastian’s POV (with additional scenes). Even though TEOC is the second book it can be read as a standalone. I only read the first book, The Education of Sebastian (TEOS) YEARS after I’ve read TEOC. I regret that, because I couldn’t believe I waited so long, but I thought the age difference between Caroline and Sebastian, when he was a teen, would bother me. IT DIDN’T.


The Education of Sebastian and The Education of Caroline are two of my favorite books of all time. This love story is beyond epic, it touches us deep in our souls! And reading it through Sebastian’s POV is such a priviledge! It honestly felt like coming home, after a long period of absense.


Sebastian Hunter is EVERYTHING!!! One of the best book boyfriens out there, since he was a teenager to when he transformed into a HOT man. I love his trasformation. He has this edge about him, but deep down he is still the same romantic, Sebastian. Chief Hunter comes to play and we swoon and fan ourselves for SURE, but Sebastian? Sebastian is sweet and amazing as well!!!


teaser 2


Even though I have read the story before, Semper-Fi brought a whole new perspective to it for me! I related to Caroline in both the previous books and specially The Education of Caroline (I know some people couldn’t relate to her), but I have to admit I was surprised at how much I related to Sebastian!!!


Through his mind I could really see how much Caro made him suffer. I knew it, but to experience it with Sebastian was a very intense and angsty thing. Even through everything that happened to him through the years, Sebastian still doesn’t think he is worthy of Caro. Semper Fi deals with Sebastian’s frustrastions in a much deeper way than The Education of Caroline did and I loved it. We could really feel what was happening in his mind. Both his frustration when he reencounters Caroline and later in the story…I have to say I didn’t like Caroline very much for the first half of the book and that is one of my favorite things in Semper- Fi!  It really solidifies Jane’s talent and abilities to change the perspective in her own story!


teaser 1


Another thing I like about Jane’s books is that I don’t particularly care for male POVs, I usually prefer not to read them, but in this case I really, really got into Sebastian’s mind.


As I said, reading Semper-Fi was like coming home. To this amazing love story and to my HAWT Chief Hunter as well! The man is ALWAYS “loaded”! I (I mean, Caroline) am a lucky woman! hehehe


teaser 3


Story-wise it’s the same as The Education of Caroline, with the additional angsty, sometimes funny, and desperate pointers from Seb’s mind. BUT, it also have bonus chapters into their future and those I will leave for you to discover. ❤


Jane is such a generous writer, giving us this gift that is knowing more of our Seb! Plus, ALL the profits of Semper-Fi’s sells go to two military organizations Jane supports: Felix Fund and EOD Warrior Foundation which is something BEAUTIFUL of hers to do!


I have read 98% of Jane’s Books and most of them are favorites of mine, they are amazing! Always such different stories, but at the same time with her characteristic way of weaving magic from her words! It’s hard to describe what books like TEOS, TEOC and Semper-Fi make you feel. They are so meaninful, so beautiful to read and just so MUCH! It’s more than most books and yet it doesn’t need any additional drama or anything remotely “over”. Semper Fi was truly beautiful to read. A feeling very feel books bring to me.


Let me try describing what is to read an epic love story by Jane Harvey-Berrick: first of all you can believe how beautiful her words are. Then, you are immediately transported to the world Jane creates, a world that has nothing of unreal, a world that could be there where you live. Then you will forget you are reading a book and will be reminded because her words are transcendent, they can both make you forget you  are reading them, but then they remind you what a special thing it is to read them. And after you finish you will want to cry. Not because the stories are sad (some might be or might have some sad and angsty moments), but because you just feel SO MUCH, you don’t even know how to deal with all the emotions playig with you. They are the perfect combination of love and bittersweetness. They can make the hairs on your arms stood out, they can make you question any and everything and they can, above any (and every) thing, make you FEEL.


Once in a while you find a story that truly speaks to your heart. It may have nothing to do with your real life or what you have been through in your life, but even so you hear the calling of the story, of the characters. The Education of Sebastian and Caroline, and now Semper-Fi, are these kind of stories to me. They are filled with realness even though their reality is so different from my own. The love story between Sebastian Hunter and Caroline Venzi is beyond amazing. It’s beyond this world! It’s undoubtly one of those love stories that stay marked in our hearts and minds. You will not forget these two and their story!


I love the way Jane describes things and the story itself. Her way with words is so beautiful, she can make poetry from the simplest of things. And the way she makes us relate to her characters and their stories? Uncanny and wonderful! She is a true storyteller!!! A words magician!


Thank you for this book Jane. You’re amazing! This story is one of my all time favorites, sempre and per sempre!!!!


buy the book












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