ARC Review: The Queen (The Original Sinners #8) by Tiffany Reisz

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I’m so excited for this post!! If you have visited my blog before you must know that The Original Sinners series by Tiffany Reisz is my ALL TIME FAVORITE book series. I can NEVER choose a favorite book, but with this series it’s a given.



the queen





Once upon a time, Nora and Søren made a fateful deal—if he gave her everything, she would give him forever. 

The time has finally come to keep their promises. 

Out of money and out of options after her year-long exile, Eleanor Schreiber agrees to join forces with Kingsley Edge, the king of kink. After her first taste of power as a Dominant, Eleanor buries her old submissive self and transforms into Mistress Nora, the Red Queen. With the help of a mysterious young man with a job even more illicit than her own, Nora squares off against a cunning rival in her quest to become the most respected, the most feared Dominatrix in the Underground.

While new lovers and the sweet taste of freedom intoxicate Nora, she is tempted time and time again by Søren, her only love and the one man who refuses to bow to her. But when Søren accepts a new church assignment in a dangerous country, she must make an agonizing choice—will the queen keep her throne and let her lover go, or trade in her crown for Søren’s collar?

With a shattering final confession, the last link in the chain is forged in The Original Sinners saga. It’s the closing chapter in a story of salvation, sacrifice and the multitude of scars we collect in the name of ecstasy—and love.



MY RATING:  5 “Jeg Elsker Dig Min Præst” Stars


5 stars5 stars5 stars5 stars5 stars





*** ARC received in exchange of an honest review ***


When you love reading as much as I do, finishing a good book is almost something quite bittersweet, because you love the story so much you don’t want it to end and because you liked how it ended. For me, it’s always hard to like how books end, specially series.


But The Original Sinners have been quite a journey. I admit there were times I thought Tiffany was crazy for doing what she did, but who knows a story better than its creator? And who am I to judge it? And after every explanation she gave me, things made more and more sense!


And then she goes and writes such a perfect book to end the series!


You know that book that ties everything together? That is The Queen! It has the answers to every question I ever had in the entire series! Tiffany’s words bring such joy to my heart and after I finished it I couldn’t  do anything but cry, because this book made me feel SO MUCH!!!!


I have to thank her so much for this incredible journey! It’s been amazing to see it all happening!!


Every frustration, all the wait, every tear, it will all be worth just to see this ending!


I don’t want to say too much because you HAVE to go blind with this book, you HAVE to work through it all on your own and you WON’T regret a single minute you’ll spend reading it!


When I finished The Mistress, I had a few (A LOT) questions, and when I saw Tiffany was writing the prequel books the ones I most wanted to read were The Saint and The Queen, because I really wanted to know how it was when Nora and Søren met and also how she became a dominatrix and how it was when they were separated! And Tiffany didn’t disappoint one bit!


We get to see how Nora became the Queen of the Underground, how she met Wes (that was bittersweet, sad – for reasons regarding Søren – and also made me smile like an idiot) , how Nora and Søren grew  together and apart at the same time. This book was perfection! It even makes the whole Grace thing makes even more sense (I still don’t like it, but I respect her and the whole situation more now). And it answered one of my biggest curiosities: what Zach said to Søren in that phone call that made Søren laugh!


I absolutely loved The Saint and it was my favorite book in the series so far, because I loved to see Søren falling in love and being all flirty, but in The Queen we really get to see how in love he is with Nora. How broken-hearted he was when she left and wouldn’t come back to him. We get to experience it all along with them and we suffer with them as well.


In The Virgin we get to see how Søren and Nora fell apart, or better, why. The Queen starts right after it ends, and the past story Nora tells us is the best besides The Saint’s. In The Queen we really see the reason and how Søren really found the heart to accept this side of Nora that, he thought, he didn’t belong with. And it’s great to see that after so many years they can now accept each other and their love is stronger than ever, it’s funny because after all that, it seems like they trust each other even more. And Nora can even play with Søren, something she couldn’t do, not as she does now, before they “broke up”.


I don’t know, we get this idea of Søren as almost like a God (from Tiffany’s own words, he is the Father, Kingsley is the Son and Nora, the (UN) Holy Spirit in the series). He is the Almighty, not only for Nora and Kingsley, but for their whole Underground community and he can’t do no wrong, when in fact he is a human being as everyone else and flawed too. It actually took me by surprise (which at this point in my fandom of Tiffany it shouldn’t)  how much he actually loves Nora (and King too). In the Queen he is beyond the playful Søren of The Saint, he truly is romantic and devoted and also devastated enough to give up both Nora and Kingsley. Nora leaving broke him, not only because of her, but also because Kingsley couldn’t accept he couldn’t accept Nora and him and their new dynamics.


” I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t eat. I couldn’t pray. Everthing I’ve gone through in my life – with y father, my sister, being separated from my mother for thirteen years – in a heartbeat, in an instant, in the twinkling of an eye I would have happily gone through that again before I went through the hell you put me through when you left me.’ “


So Nora leaving took not only her from him, but also King. And Nora leaving broke King too, both because he loves her and because he couldn’t forget Søren.  He realized how human Søren was, when he couldn’t accept Nora for what she was.


” ‘We live each day like it’s our last. But not by running about wildly, attempting to cram every possible experience into one day. Instead…every day we should make our peace with God and each other. Say what needs to be said and not leave it for another times. If I knew I would dies tomorrow I’d spend all night telling you and Kingsley how much I love you both, and I wouldn’t let God take me until I was certain you knew every word. I would sing it to you like the angels sing praise to God in heave – unceasingly’.”


It was a surprise how we discover in The King, that the first time they both see and talk to each other after years was when Nora was arrested as a teenager. I always thought from The Red Years books they mainted contact over the years…

The Queen consolidates this series as my favorite ever series and as the best books I’ve read. They are so detailed and Tiffany never lost herself and her characters and story when she decided to go back and forth in the story. The story comes full cycle with this book and  I have to say it was my ultimost pleasure to read them.


Tiffany has the uncanny talent of pushing every barrier the reader might have, and best, without them minding it. I can say for myself, The Siren’s big revelation about who Søren was didn’t shock me (I wrote about it myself in highschool and I love a taboo), but even when she made him to be an a***hole I knew I’d love him. And Søren is FAR from being an a-hole, he truly is the best man alive.


But…I have to say…Even I have some hard limits in books, very few, because I have an open mind. One of them is M/M scenes, but Tiffany took care of it ages ago. Still her books are some of the few MM books I can read. With The Queen she took care of two more of my hard limits. I can’t believe I found them HOT (if you read the book and want to know what they are, PM me on Facebook or send me an email at Tiffany pushed my barries and her writing is so talented she made it BEAUTIFUL and MEANINFUL even.


I ABSOLUTELY LOVE how this characters know each other and accept and love each other. You truly don’t get the concept of true love and selflessness until you meet Søren, Nora and Kingsley.


” It isn’t sharing. Not to me. He is one man when he’s with you. Another man when he’s with me. It’s clear you care for the man who he is with you. I care for the man who he is when he’s with me.”


Many people might say that because Nora and Kingsley both have so many sex partners they were cheating on Søren (specialy Nora) and were selfish. I’m sorry but I can’t agree AT ALL. The fact that all happened  is because they came through a lot of issues and learned to ACCEPT each other for not only their qualities, but for their flaws too.  They truly LOVE each other. No one is more loyal to a lover than Nora and Kingsley are to Søren and he is to them.


” Nora loved Søren. This was an incontrovertible fact of the universe, strong as gravity, inevitable as sunrise.”


Seeing Nora become the Queen of the Underground was so powerful! I have goosebumps just thinking about how awesome it was! Kingsley recognized her for what she was when she was 15 years old. Søren not so much, he saw her submissive side, because that’s what he wanted her to be, his. But there’s no denying she was born to be a queen. I honestly belive Søren and Nora are happier now that he accepts her. They have always had this connection that seems to be out of this world. But now?  Now they can tell each other anything and they trust each other and they can play and be flirty (we already saw that in the Red Years books – The Siren, The Angel, The Prince and The Mistress), but it’s undeniable that after The Mistress, they’ve become even more connected.


” ‘I break my vows when I know I can justify it before God and know God will say, ‘ I don’t blame you’. When God looks at you and He looks at Kingsley, something tells me that’s what He would say.'”


I love when they are together, but above it all I absolutely LOVE Nora and Kingsley’s friendship. Kingsley is for Nora someone that no one can replace. Just like Søren does, Kingsley really “gets” Nora. And he has been getting her for a long time. In the Red Years books it took me a while to warm up to Kingsley, I only truly did after The Prince, because I viewed him as a jealous b**tch. And I think that was intentional of Tiffany. Because when we discover this amazing connection and friendship and LOVE Kingsley and Nora have, it’s beautiful. I mean, in The Virgin we see that Kingsley actually cuts ties with Søren because of Nora (and because of himself too, because if Søren couldn’t accept NORA, how would he know if he accepted him, Kingsley???)!


” ‘That you think I’m doing this to hurt you is all the proof I need that leaving you was the right thing to do. You know I have this part of me. You know this is who I am. You’ve always known. Pretending it’s not there won’t make it go away. If you ‘d let me explore my dominant side instead of ignoring it, hiding it from me…I might never have left. But you forbade me from seing Kingsley, one of your precious three nonnegotiables. God,me and Kingsley. Have you ever considered he might be one of my nonegotiables, too?’ “.


Seeing Nora become the Queen was powerful, it was bittersweet, like most past parts in these books. But it was also very enlightening. Just like with Søren, we are used to see this strong Nora Sutherlin, but here we get to see how she became her!


” ‘Chess teaches that actions have consequences and the wise man – or woman – will always look to the endgame…’

   Elle picked up the red bishop. The bishop moved diagonally along a straight line. The poor pawn could move only a square at a time. Although if it were played well, it could become a queen. She put the bishoop back on the board and picked up the red queen and the white king. The king was a strong piece, of course. The most important piece and the most vulnerable to attack. But the queen…the queen was the most powerful chess piece. More powerful than the king. And the queen could move any way she wanted…”


But The Queen isn’t made only of roses, it has its share of thorns. Specially with the secrets we get to uncover and the revelations we didn’t see coming. Tiffany once again surprises us and make us fear the whole book from the very first pages. And fear it I did. And I believe I will no matter how many times I read it, because what’s to come it’s fearsome!!! It’s new and every change brings fear with it. I LOVED how she ended the story and the surprise she gave us. I was very, very happy about it! And Nora’s last realization? PRICELESS! Believe me, you DON’T want to miss feeling all this feelings I did and now I’m feeling again!


But it’s also the best thing you’ll ever read in our life!!


” ‘There is one person stronger than the quee or the king combined, ‘ she said.

‘ Who?’

‘ The man who moves the pieces’. “


Thank you once again, Tiffany! Thank you for being so talented. Thank you for having the courage of writing and publish this thought-provoking story. Thank you for keep going, until we could learn everything about these characters. Thank you for teaching me about love. Thank you for restoring my faith. Thank you for showing me amazing writing. Thank you for Kingsley. Thank you for Nora. And thank you so MUCH for Søren. And above it all, thank you for your utterly beautiful words.



buy the book


Here is the AMAZON link to get The Queen.


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