Release Day Blitz and Book Review: Priest by Sierra Simone

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Priest is finally LIVE and LOOK AT THAT COVER!!!! Those arms!!! *-*


Priest cover






There are many rules a priest can’t break.
A priest cannot marry. A priest cannot abandon his flock. A priest cannot forsake his God.

I’ve always been good at following rules.
Until she came.
My name is Tyler Anselm Bell. I’m twenty-nine years old. Six months ago, I broke my vow of celibacy on the altar of my own church, and God help me, I would do it again.
I am a priest and this is my confession.

***Priest is a standalone, full-length novel with an HEA. For mature audiences only.***


MY RATING: 4 – HOLY TABOO – Beastly stars


4 stars4 stars4 stars4 stars





*****ARC received in exchange of an honest review*****


When I first saw the cover and blurb of Priest I IMMEDIATELY HAD to read it! I mean, TABOO read, about a PRIEST? Automatically TBR for me! I have a thing for love stories about priests since I was in highschool (I even started writing my own, that actually goes waaay more taboo than that…what can I see, I have a wild imagination. lol), so yeah…

I did think this story would go on a different direction, but I actually liked it a LOT!! This book was OFF THE CHARTS HOT! I mean, a HOT as sin priest, having sex in a church? Talk about SIN!!! Plus, Father Bell might have an imagination even wilder than mine!!!

Priest is a book about contradictions. A priest that has the most sinful thoughts, and actually act on them. A rich girl who doesn’t want her blue-blooded life and goes in a whole different direction in life.  Poppy is a walking contradiction. Of course they have much more in common, but the first thing tha came to my mind is the fact that Poppy is a dirty girl. She loves sex and she doesn’t hide it, and her upbringing would never conform with that. Tyler is also someone who is obviously quite dirty. I mean, having the thoughts alone about having sex inside his church? Yeah…

Another thing they have in common is that both of them ended up living a life that was not for them, no matter what they thought. Poppy tried to hide her true self behind her family wishes for her, but it didn’t really last long. She left them and became something. Something that wasn’t her also, but because of all the experiences she had, she finally became the person she was not only comfortable being, but also someone who wasn’t as entitled as her family, but also not as dirty as some people thought she was. She did make some wrong choices in her way there, and because of those she goes to Tyler’s church to confess, even though she isn’t a Catholic. She needed someone to hear, and being a sinfully good-looking priest, also helped her choose him, to be her listener and friend.

Tyler Bell is our HOT priest. But he is so much more than that. From the beginning of the story we can see the is more a man than a priest. But wait…are man and priest separate entities? Well, according to the Church they might be. But then I don’t think that Tyler would have acted on his temptation (or would even acknowledge it) if he was really supposed to be a priest. After all, he didn’t need a priest collar to be close to God.

Tyler is a good priest. And Poppy is a good girl. But finding each other might not have been that good. They were BAAAAAD together, and I enjoyed it so much!! But then, despite being bad together, they were good to each other. Because of her, Father Bell starts figuring out a lot of things. Things that in the past made him define himself as someone he actually isn’t. Things that also happened him to deal with something he went through in his past. And he helps Poppy too. He not only listens to her as her priest (and let’s face it, she isn’t really Catholic, so he was never her priest), but also as a friend. And also because of him Poppy accepts who she truly is and that she isn’t a bad person. At all. No matter the choices she might have made in her past.

Priest is all kinds of sordid, forbidden,taboo and HOT! This book is raw and even though it deals with something so taboo, it all makes sense. Father Bell is above anything, such a good man!!

Priest is a book that will certainly evoke a lot of feelings from the readers. It will make you fan yourselves, it will make you swoon, it will make you want to stab your e-readers and paperbacks, it will make you want to scream and it will make you want to read it all over again, just to see if you read all those hot scenes right!

The story captures you from the first page, it’s so SORDID!  I mean, some of the stuff they do, I couldn’t believe they were doing where they were (together or alone). This isn’t a book that shocked me though. The whole priest-meets-girl-and-have-incredibly-hot-sex-with-her wasn’t meant to be there for shock value! And after you read it, you’ll get what I’m saying when I say that wasn’t anything they could do about it, they were meant to fall into bed from the minute they met. Not only because they were both attracted to each other, but also for their own personal reasons. Not everything is what it seems. Poppy may have looked the part of the Newport Blue Blood Girl, but she wasn’t one when it came to it, just as Father Bell has his own part he was playing. But he didn’t even know he was playing a part, for him it was all part of being a man of God.

However some of the sex scenes did seem a bit “shocking”. They didn’t shock me, but I feel like they were written for that reason, there is a line that is so thin between sordid, taboo and hot and borderline NO-NO. Priest skates through this line, it doesn’t really cross it, but for me, some of the scenes were a bit extreme. Not extreme as in wild or kinky, after all I’m used to kinky.

My favorite book in the entire world is about a priest. And it’s really taboo. But a different kind than this one. I mean, Tyler can be kinky, but I don’t think I’ve ever met any character as kinky as my Priest. So you could say I have high expectations when it comes to books with priests in them. I won’t compare them though, the stories and characters are different, so it’s not even fair or right to do so, in my opinion.

Some might say it’s not right for a man to dedicate his life to priesthood and fall in love, and in lust with a woman. But then, there are the ones who can see past that. That can see they are good people, that they loved each other. We actually have one of those people in the form a very witty old character in this book. I LOVED her!

There is a saying that if a man cheats on his wife, it must be because he didn’t really love her in the first place, because if he did, he’d resist temptation. And I feel that it might also apply here, but with a feel changes, after all NOTHING is set in stone or as black and white like that… Tyler Bell fell into temptation pretty easily. I mean, yes, Poppy was an attractive woman, one that exuded sex. And Tyler wasn’t a virgin. Not in a long shot. He is a twenty-nine year old priest that became a priest some years back. So he experienced life as a single man, one that wasn’t celibate at all. So knowing what he might have been missing, was also something that counted in why he broke his vows. But then, why he wasn’t strong enough for not breaking them? It might have something to do with his connection with Poppy? For sure. But it also runs deeper than that. I don’t think he was meant to be a priest at all. Yes, he made great things for his community and for this parish, but those are things that he could have done without being a priest. From quite early into the story you can see that. So why? Well, you gotta read it to understand it better…but I promise you, it will all make sense.

There is a lot of pressure into his whole as a priest in his parish. There was a big scandal involving the old priest there, so he shouldn’t add more into that pressure. But with Poppy as his friend, that is basically impossible!

I liked Poppy despite her flaws. I had moments I didn’t like her that much, and moments when I couldn’t believe what she was doing or that I didn’t agree with what she did. But overall, she is a great female character. She is a strong woman, who learned from her mistakes, despite everything. She is exactly what Tyler needs, but also she exactly what he doesn’t need. It’s up to him to make the choice between what he really wants and what he really needs, and if both of them can be one only thing.

Priest when in a direction I wasn’t expecting, as I mentioned, and I’m equally glad and a bit bummed about it. I’m bummed about it, because I wanted Tyler to tell more about his past before being a priest. He mentions he led a life of “sin” with women before, that he was quite the ladies man. But I wish I saw more of that side of him. And I’m glad, because I actually like when books surprise me. One thing though, that doesn’t make sense to me is how easily it is for him to just put aside being a priest. Unfortunately it just doesn’t work like that, there is a lot of trouble into it…

The story in Priest flows  well, you get immersed into it from the start. But I have to say that towards the end, it felt a little bit too fast-paced to me, it almost went flat. I mean, some of the things that happened, could have had a few more pages to them. I liked how it ended, but I think I wanted it a bit differently, just in some aspects.

Priest is a  SOLID 4 stars read for me though. I liked it, even though I didn’t rate it a 5 stars, I see things that could have been different, but then that is MY opinion and after all, the story complety works as it is.

I fell in love with Father Bell, and I fell in love with Tyler Bell as well. He is a HOT man, regardless of the priest collar or not. And the things he do in this book? I guarantee you’ll want them too!

Priest is deliciously forbidden, it’s sinful like a dessert you shouldn’t eat, but when you know it, you have your mouth full of chocolate and you still want more and you don’t care for your diet at all. It’s bad, but it’s so so good. Priest is a taboo story. But Priest is a love story. Priest is much more than a story about a priest who breaks his vows. It’s a story about a man and woman. But it’s a story about a priest too. A priest who is a good man. And about the woman he falls in love.

But then, a story has to have an ending. And I couldn’t see how this one would end. Not with how Poppy managed it (I wanted to MURDER her for breaking sweet – HOT- Tyler’s heart). Priest is the kind of book that will make you crave more. More Tyler, more story, more great writing. This book is not a guilty pleasure at all. It’s a pleasure that you won’t feel guilty about, even though it’s all wrong, it’s also all right!

One think is sure, I wish I could find and seduce a hot priest like Tyler. I mean, even though we don’t go out seducing horny priests (at least I don’t and I did study in a Catholic school full of them – I mean full of priests. I don’t know they were anything other than old and ugly LOL), but if we did, Tyler would be the right man for it, he is so horny after all. This story is going to make your e-reader screen all foggy and the pages of your book all steamed!

Now…I kinda want to go try to find a hot priest. I mean, it’s sinful, but well, they would totally help with the forgiving thing, right?  I’m just kidding…Not. I mean, if Tyler Bell appeared on my doorstep, I’d definitely not be kidding! LOL






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Sierra Simone is a former librarian who spent too much time reading romance novels at the information desk. She lives with her husband and family in Kansas City. Social Media Links: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook author page | Facebook fan page | Goodreads author page | Goodreads fan group     10984480_834713043287466_2667670679104946897_n









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