ARC Review: Sweet Agony by Charlotte Stein

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So, I’m trying to write more, but, as I’ve said before, my computer isn’t cooperating much!

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Anyways, I got this new book on Netgalley and I just finished reading it, so I decided to write (and post) my review right away, for a change.










New job, new boss, and he’s cold, strict, but terribly attractive. Does Molly Parker stay or does she go? Because beneath Cyrian’s chilly front, there may be a heat that’ll burn her up.

Giving in was vicious bliss.

The live-in position is an opportunity for Molly to earn and escape a problematic family. There’s just one drawback. Her employer is the most eccentric, aloof and closed off man she’s ever encountered. His rules are bizarre and his needs even more so, and caring for his ramshackle Dickensian home is far more than she ever bargained for. Only their increasingly intense conversations stop her heading for the door. Cyrian Harcroft is a man of many mysteries and secrets, and the more she learns the greedier she is for each and every one. Especially when she discovers his greatest fear: any kind of physical contact. Now all she has to do is dig a little deeper, to unearth the passion she knows he can feel…


MY RATING:  4 Beastly stars


4 stars 4 stars 4 stars 4 stars






 ***ARC received from Negalley in exchange of an honest opinion***


This book had a very “Beauty and the Beast” feel to it. And if you know me at all, you know that’s reason enough for me to want to read a book! I was not wrong. But our hero isn’t a beast at all, despite thinking that about himself.



He has a voice that can make you come and is gorgeous. He also has a tormented past and is British. Just thinking about all the filthy things he says in a hot British accent makesme want to fan myself! Did I mention he is besides filthy-mouthed, filthy rich? Oh yeah, that is a deadly combination for me!!



Molly is a girl with a past she doesn’t like to think about. Her family treated her like trash and even took her books, her most favorite thing in the world. So going to an old mansion for a live-in housekeeping position and being interviewed by this rude, entitled man is nothing compared to what she’s been through.



I love the fact that she gets to ruin every one of our hero’s barries. I love they communicate through letters living in the same house, I love that he, just like the Beast, gives her a library…and I absolutely LOVE the fact he is kinky behind all his cold, allusive, samrt and entitled façade.



This book was seriously HAWT!!!! I love how this two find each other and become exactly what each other needs even though they didn’t know they do.



It does give us a ton of details about her past or even his past, although it gives us more about his than hers. But we don’t need it. Because focusing on their story was more than enough to make me hooked on the hotness that they are together! 🙂



This was a very entertaining read, with a different style than my usual “entertaining” reads. I wasn’t expecting the turn it made, but surely enjoyed it!! Every bit of it! 🙂



One of the things I didn’t like though was the way the dilogues were written. They were written in the middle of the descriptions, so there wasn’t really a real place foe them. Which got me confused at times. I even missed some dialogues and realized one of them said something (specially he, because the story is narrated by Molly) and realized after she mentioned something later, so I had to go bak and see that there was actually a dialogue or one of his “lines” there.



But even despite that I enjoyed this book,,the story is intriguing from the start and the banting between the main characters is precious! Molly is full of sass and just what our hero needs!!



I do wish it had an epiolgue or something because I was really enjoying their time together, but the ending was satisfactory without one too!



This is somewhat of a real, modern and kinky fairytale. From the moment the misterious hero appears andthe way our heeoine handles him, you get hooked and just want more of them, just to see what they’ll do the next page!


buy the book













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