Have you ever judged a book by its author?

You know that saying “Never judge a book by its cover” ? Well, I don’t. Not necessarily. I don’t mind the covers, unless it’s somthing really creepy. But usually a “bad” cover doens’t mean I won’t read the book.  Of course a well-thought and well designed, beautiful cover always attracts us more to the books.

Want to know a secret? With the exceptions, of course, I don’t usually like covers with models in it, specially partially naked ones…I’m weird, I know. I just LOVE creative covers. Not saying I don’t like the ones with models, I can mention lots of covers I loved with models on them. What I like most is when we can see an author (and the designer) puts thoughts into the cover.

Anyways, this article isn’t actually about book covers… I was talking to a friend earlier today about this, and it was not my first conversation about it and I decided to share my thougths on it…

Do you judge a book by its author? Judging is such a strong word, though…I try really hard not to judge anyone, and I like to put myself in their shoes, because I don’t know what I’ve ever do if I was in someone’s position in certain situations. But then, sometimes we can’t not have a more expressive opionion.

If you ask me this question, I would answer NO. I don’t, because I basically have nothing to do with what an author do or don’t in their spare time. Unless, it’s to offend a reader or a fellow author.

When I write a review or rate a book, I can say with certainty I don’t keep in mind my friendship with the author or if I got an ARC, otherwhise there would be no point in rating or reviewing the book. I completely separate myself, and the book, from the author. That’s the way I do things. So no, MOST OF THE TIMES, the author and the book are separated to me. But then to which point can we separate them?

There are authors I won’t read anymore, not because of anything they did outside their books, but basically because I got tired of their writing or the fact they write the same thing again and again. Again, that’s me and I don’t bash them or say who outside my close circle of friends. Because I think it’s just plain disrespectful to go to an author page and start telling them I didn’t like their books and stuff like that. There is NO POINT in that! The rare times I gave constructive criticism to authors, without being asked, were by messaging them and on both times, both authors were amazingly cool and comprehensive about it. I just don’t do that, even on PM. It’s a different thing when an author asks us our opinion, but even so I keep it privately between me and the author.

If something in the book bothered me enough to mention in my review and I feel I need to say it, I do, but respectfully. I actually HATE giving negative feedback, there’s nothing worse than not to like someone’s work and having to tell them. That really sucks. At the same time I know I’m quite exigent and picky, I know that my opinion is valuable too. So that is another thin line that must not be crossed…

But when the problem is not about what an author wrote, but whay they said or did outside of their books? Social media is the COOLEST thing ever! It’s because of it we’re able to connect with authors and book friends ALL AROUND THE WORLD. And, I’ve said it over and over, that is one of my favorite things about my reading addiction! But then Social Media can also be a b***. Sometimes we all feel the need to outpour our feelings and to say whenever comes to our mind. But what about one of those posts is not funny anymore, it’s plain judgemental, or disrespectful to the readers, or rude to people in general? I’ve seen authors bashing others publically, sometimes bashing a book without even reading a whole chapter…when is that ok?

Again, of course no one, and I include authors there, because they are just as human as any of us, has to like everything or the same things others do. I certainly don’t. I do believe authors should support each other. It’s a ruthless world out there and with the ammount of books released every week and month, it’s becoming harder to get their works known. Of course no author has to be fake, or pretend to like someone’s work. Just don’t say anything about it if you don’t like it! But bashing a fellow author, or calling them names, or bullying them? That is one of the rare things that do make me “boycot” an author. Call it judging, but well, I don’t want anything to do with an author who is not respectful of his/her peers and his/her readers! No matter how good their books are.

When I decide to not read an author anymore the most influencial factor is their writing, if I didn’t like their previous work, or if they write the same things over and over. So no, I don’t usually judge a book by its author. But when it involves an author being completely disrespectful to another? I just don’t feel the need to interact with that author anymore, or support them in anyway.

The same goes for the way authors treat their fans. It’s hard, because we all are fangirls at a point or two. But there’s nothing more fullfillig than seeing a good author who appreacites her readers and fans. Who thank them, who talks to them at book signings, who get back to them!

This is not a jab at any authors, and as far as I know I’m talking about things I’ve seen in the PAST. So there is no new drama in the book world. At least I haven’t seen any…

Anyways, I’ve read books with “poor” covers that were amazing. Just as I’ve read books with amazing covers, that were poor in content. I don’t care for poor personalities (although an author who is AWESOME is always an exciting PLUS), I do care for humility and respect.

So if I ever disrespected any of you, authors, I do apologize. I’ve grown a lot in the last couple of years, specially in the way I say what I thought about a book. There were some books I gave 1-2.5 stars (I keep track of all my read books and ratings through Goodreads), but I try not to be rude to the author. Just as I don’t like to judge a book by its author, I wouldn’t like to be judged by my opinion or review, because if I say I didn’t like a book or that it had a bad vibe, a bad ending, poor writing or anything like that, I’m not attacking you. I’m stating what I thought about the book, I’m being honest.

I won’t rave about books I didn’t like, I recommend them on my FB page. I have no problem writing reviews for books I didn’t like, and if you don’t see any in my blog is not because I’m being an “ass-kisser” or trying to please someone. I’ts basically because I don’t review as many books as I should (I know, I’m a poor excuse of a blogger, plus my computer doesn’t help so I almost cry when I have to start it).

I just wanted to say that me not liking a book has nothing to do with my opinions about the author. The book is the book. A person can be bad and still be talented. Just as he or she can be the coolest, best person in the world, and not being a good writer. It happens. So my answer to my earlier question would be no, I try not to judge a book by its author. But it has happened that I boycoted an author by the way he or she acts towards other authors or readers, but only in extreme cases. Most of the time I don’t care, because we don’t know everyone in the world, but we do know the image someone portraits. So if an author is being mean to people, I don’t really feel like reading his/her work. But again, I don’t follow EVERY author in the world and I usually follow them AFTER reading their work. So what they do in their spare time is none of my business, unless I see bullying and stuff like that, I don’t give a thought about it.

I do like when authors know how to use Social Media in their favor and choose to interact with us readers in a good way!

I’m interested to know what is your opinon about it…do you jugde a book by its author? How about you authors, do you judge readers based on their opinions about your work?


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