Blog Tour Stop and Review + Character Interview: My Time in the Affair by Stylo Fantôme

my time in the affair blog tour

Hey everyone!!!

I’m so happy for Stylo! Not only My Time in the Affair released on May 2nd but it got #1 in Romantic Erotica on Amazon. Stylo deserves all the success and recognition! I lost count on how many people I’ve pimped her books, since Degradation! When I first read Degradation before it was even released I started recommending it and everyone  who read it LOVED it and seems like it’s the same with My Time in the Affair, everyone I recommend it to, ends up liking it!!!









I made a conscious decision to cheat on my husband.

Now, before you judge me, hear my story. Hear how much I’m like you, how similar my thoughts are to your own. Yes, I’m a horrible person. Yes, I’ve done horrible things. Yes, I don’t deserve forgiveness. Yes, bad things happened because of my actions.

But I’m willing to bet I’ve done things that maybe, just maybe, you have thought of doing.

Maybe, just maybe, you’re not as innocent as you’d like to think.

Or maybe I’m not so guilty …

WARNING: This book involves CHEATING. The word AFFAIR is in the title. The main character has an AFFAIR. In the synopsis (directly above), she states that she intentionally has an AFFAIR. If you don’t like CHEATING, then you have been VERY WELL warned. Also, this book is primarily written in the third-person narrative.


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5 stars5 stars5 stars5 stars5 stars





Oh WOW! That was pretty much my reaction after finishing My Time in the Affair, a month or so ago. Stylo really consolidated herself as one of my favorite authors, with this new standalone she more than proved she can write different stories than the ones she already published.


Everyone knows my love for the Kane Trilogy, Jameson and Tate are forever imprinted in my mind (and heart). But even loving it so much and knowing Stylo is an amazing writer I admit I had my doubts about this book. Not because it deals with cheating, I actually don’t have a problem with that. What I was afraid was that this could be a book about a heroine who got herself a identity crisis and got a summer fling and got back to her husband. That was when I first saw the title to Stylo’s new book.


When I read the synopsis I just KNEW it would be my kind of book! And I was right. This isn’t a book about cheating. This is simply one of the best romances I’ve read in a while. After I finished it I found some other pretty good ones, but My Time in the Affair is just such a FRESH story.


mtita teaser 10


It’s got a different vibe than most books we’ve been seeing lately and I love that! It’s this THRILLING love story. So SEXY and GRIPPING! Our hero is an alpha, but a different alphan than Jameson was. But an alpha all the way. The man can COME FIND ME anytime he wants and BREAK my you-know-what.


MTITA teaser 3


Tal has about everything (and anything) I LOVE in a book boyfriend. He is confident and cocky, but he can also be sweet in the right times.  He isn’t a guy who seduces a married woman out of her marriage. If anything he was seduced by Mischa.  I absolutely LOVED Tal from the first scene he appeared to the last one! He has a secret though, a secret Mischa wasn’t expecting. But then Mischa didn’t really expected to fall in love with her Rome affair.


MTITA Teaser 6


Yes, she was convinced she was going to cheat on her husband, but she tried and couldn’t. If it wasn’t for Tal, I honestly don’t think she could have gone through with her plan. Tal was as unexpected as their blooming love. And their relationship is so much more than an affair. Since the first moment.




Mischa, though, without knowing is in the middle of a web of intrigue and has no idea what’s coming for her. I admit at some few moments I didn’t get her, but that didn’t prevent me to like her or her love story. If I had to choose though, my favorite character would be Tal.


Tal and Mischa have an instant EXPLOSIVE chemistry! Did I mention EXPLOSIVE? Because be prepared, your painties will for sure DESINTEGRATE with the Tal loving going on there! Also he is a dirty talking, but not a calling names one…he is much more into antecipating his moves talker! And he sure DELIVERS them!!


MTITA teaser 5


The book is mainly told in third person which I prefer, but we get some POV’s from Tal and Mischa too. And as I said, My Time in the Affair is so much more than a story about a woman who cheats on her husband. I’m not saying cheating is right, but well Mischa really didn’t have a marriage. It was not about the sex, but about the fact that marriage is much more than a friendship, it’s about a partnership. Something Tal and Mischa had from the beginning.


MTITA Teaser


You know when a book doesn’t have a signature genre, like dark, MC, paranormal, but it’s a contemporary (and INCENDIARY) romance that has everything that makes a romance junkie’s heart beats faster? Well, My Time in the Affair is one of those. But what is different here? First of all the writing. The writing is OFF THE CHARTS PERFECT! Stylo knows exactly where to put her words and how to weave them and how to put her ideas into paper. As a reader I can sense that when I’m reading her books. She knows exactly how she wants her story to be and how to make it happen. That is real magic! My second choice would be Tal! God, I LOVED him! His cocky attitude (confidence, Carol! It’s confidence!), his sweet moments, how he teaches Mischa how to be brave and speak up for herself. How he calls her Misch, how he swears, how he makes their love so explosive! You gotta love a character that is written so right, that he makes you wish you were inside the story and not outside reading it. And then there are other reasons, but one I have to point out is that this book is different just for the fact that it deals with cheating with an honest front. I know, cheating is the opposite of honesty. But reading My Time in the Affair, there is no doubt this story is honest. We get to see how Mischa is from the beginning and even wanting to cheat, she isn’t a cheater. Tal and Mischa are honest about who they are and what they’re doing. There is no tip-toeing around the fact that yes, both of them are doing something wrong. Again, I don’t judge people, we can’t help falling in love. Do I think Mischa’s decisions were right? I don’t know, I do put myself in her shoes though. After all who could resist Tal, specially coming from such an empty marriage?


MTITA teaser 4


My Time in the Affair is very different than the Kane Trilogy (let’s face it, nothing can quite compare to Satan and Tate), but just like Degradation, it’s not your typical romance. That is the only similarity I find between them. Besides the amazing writing, of course. Yes, MTITA is not your typical romance, but normal is quite overrated in my opinion, so sign me up to a Stylo Fantôme’s book boyfriend any day of the year! hahaha


Although Jameson was filthy mouthed and super dirty, he is a clean-cut guy, a (not so classic) CEO. Tal is quite different. He is rugged, he is out there in your face, he is so cocky. He embodies the Mediterranean from his roots, wild and beautiful. And unpredictable, but yet someone you can trust undoubtely.


MTITA teaser 7


I don’t think Mischa is as secure of herself as she would like to be. At least not until she meets Tal. She is afraid, after all she’s been stuck in a meaninless marriage for a while. She wants to be daring and what better place than a far away country. A country known for its lively lifestyle, for partying, for passion! Funny thing is that until Tal, she didn’t actually find the passion in Italy. So yeah, I believe she learns that with the right person everywhere can be amazing, every time can be perfect and every encounter can be explosive, thrilling and amazing.


MTITA teaser 8


And it was good that for a change, the hero is the one who could admit his feelings first. Who could admit he didn’t want her to leave. Of course, Mischa doesn’t want that too, but it takes some time for her to work out the idea that she isn’t cut for a Italy fling, for one-night stands, for cheating and lying. She is made for Tal and Tal is made for her.


But will that be enough? When the person you learned to trust and whom you confided such deep secrets to turns out to be so different than you thought he was…could you still give it a chance? That is the real fire trial in their relationship. It’s not her marriage, it’s not her insecurities. It’s the fact that deep down there are still doubts and that maybe, just maybe, Tal is nothing like the man she learned to love and trust.


mtita teaser 2MTITA teaser 9










There’s not much I could say about this story and why you should read it without giving something away. Just know that if you’re reticent, it’s not about cheating. Cheating is such a small part of their love and relationship. I love the fact that the story started a way, they met, they started their fling and when we think everything is done, Stylo flips the table and gives us more. That’s what I like in a good book, how versatile yet so consistent it can be!




What Stylo did here, was turn strangers (or so it seemed *wink wink*) into lovers, into something more and flipping it all out and turning the whole story around. The adversities we thought Mischa and Tal would have are nothing like what they actyally were. It’s not even about coming clean about their affair anymore. It’s about so much more than that! I love those kinds of plot twists, even though from the mystery around Tal, I got an idea what was really happening there.


My Time in the Affair is an amazingly written book. A tale of love in the middle of the stilness in  life can be. It’s sexy as hell, captivating, exilarating, super funny (OMG, Tal is so funny. He and Mish together are the PERFECT dose of funny and sexy, with some lovely banter going one between the characters. I love the fact that during their time together we get to see them getting to know each other, more than she knew her husband in all their years together and more than Tal allowed himself to know any other women before. We get to see them falling in love and it was AWESOME to experience that alongside with them!



I’m glad so far everyone who I recommended it to, or who I see finished this book really gets it’s not about a cheating story-line. It’s about characters in a shitty situation, it’s about falling in love, it’s about accepting life’s challenges, it’s about grabbing life with our bare hands and making it our own. Making it perfect to live with the right person. With the right partner. It’s about coming to find life. Coming to find happiness!It’s about coming to find not only the time they met through their affair, but it’s about coming to find what else they can live out of the affair!







Mischa snorted, stood up, and began collecting her paperwork. The man stood up as well, and next thing she knew, he was pressed up against her side. She started to pull away, but he wrapped his arm around her waist.

“What are you doing!?” she was shocked.

“The night is young, and you are very beautiful. Come, let us get to know one another,” his voice was low as he leaned down towards her. She practically bent in half trying to get away.

“You’re about to get to know my fist! Let go of me!” she snapped.

“American women are so feisty, I love it. I will show you -,”

Babe! Sorry I took so long!

Misch turned her head and stared in shock as a second man came up to her other side, grabbing her free hand and bringing it to his lips, kissing the backs of her fingers.

Am I releasing pheromones or something!?

“Excuse me!?” she squeaked. The new guy was tall, and though he blended in with the local scenery, his accent was American. He didn’t look at her, just held her hand and glared at the other man.

“Can I help you?” he demanded.

“You know this woman?” the Italian guy questioned.

“I should hope so, I fucking married her,” new guy snapped, then grabbed her left hand, holding it up so the other man could see her wedding set.

“I am sorry. She said she was alone,” Cassanova began sliding away.

“Well, she’s not alone anymore, so get the fuck out of here.”

Misch’s mind was blown, and she didn’t say anything as the American man hugged her close to his side. She watched as the Italian gentleman glared at them for a moment longer, then walked away, cursing in the other language. A deep voice chuckled from above her, and she was let go.

“Did you just save me?” she asked, moving away from her new friend.

“Yeah, you looked like you needed it,” he informed her, smiling down at her.

Oooohhhh, wow. And I picked tonight of all nights to not dress up …

“I’m sorry, who are you?” she blurted out.

“Your savior.”

He was smiling, but she didn’t feel like he was joking. His voice was low and his smile sly. He had incredibly thick, black hair, which almost shined and had waves on top of his head. His eyes were so dark, they almost looked black, matching his thick eyebrows and heavy lashes. His lips were on the fuller side, and he easily had two days worth of stubble on his jaw. Her heart started beating faster.

No, no, no. This can’t be happening. I’m not doing this. I don’t want this.





I don’t know if  you remember my last character interview, where I had a birthday party on my blog and the crew from The Kane Trilogy came to visit me. Well, I was looking for Tal, because we’d scheduled an interview too…


*hides behind the hot Mediterranean-looking man before Jameson chases her*

Carol: Phew…thanks so much, he did not like my twerking idea…OMG, Tal!!! *doesn’t  where to look at (he is really good-looking)* I was looking for you! I’m so glad you could come! Thank you so much for your presence, I know you don’t like to leave Mischa alone…

Tal: HAHA well, you’ve seen the kind  of trouble she can get into when left alone

Carol: First of all, I want to know, when are you coming for a mission (or pleasure time) here in Brazil? It’s no Rome, but I could get my v…broken here too! I’ve already made a t-shirt for that *shows him a t-shirt saying “Got my v*** broken in Brazil in the front and #TalCameToFindMe in the back*. I really hope Mischa doesn’t kick my ass, Tate is a good sport with my questions to Jameson ahaha

Tal: If you promise to make one in my size, I’ll make Brazil our next destination.

*hm…tries to figure out what his size is*

Carol: What was your first ever impression of Mischa? When you officially met her, I mean?

Tal: That she was very gorgeous and very nervous.

Carol: Do you still really enjoy your job? Would you changed it if Mischa wanted? (I don’t think she would though…)

Tal: Coming out with the hard stuff! It would be rough, but if she really couldn’t handle it, if that was the breaking point, yeah, I would leave my job. In a heart beat.

*break for swooning*

Carol: What’s up with the hide and seek routine? Who am I kidding? That’s super hot! (Jesus, did I say that out loud…AGAIN?)

Tal: HAHA gotta keep the ladies on their toes.

*I know I’m on my toes*
Carol: In your opinion what are Mischa’s best qualities? And the worst ones?

Tal: Her best quality is that she’s a realist – she examines every thought, every emotion, to see if it’s … I don’t know, “correct”, in her mind. Her worst quality is she has a lot of self-doubt.

Carol: A tough one, but please know that I don’t judge you or even Mischa…I get her completely… How could you tell you can trust her not to cheat on you?

Tal: Because she wasn’t that girl, not really. She’s not a cheater. I know that sounds stupid, but she isn’t. If it hadn’t been me, if it hadn’t been her, I honestly think that she never would’ve cheated at all. Fate. What a bitch.

(Isn’t his answer PERFECT? I totally agree with him!)

Carol: Speaking of it…you should really get in the business of helping unhappily married women to feel sexy again.. I’m not married, but I could use some #TalCharm….Sorry, I disgress…Before Mischa, what would you say you looked for in a woman (even if it was just for pleasure)? And what changed after Mischa?

Tal: Before Mischa, I looked for nice legs and nicer tits. Low standards and lower morals – fun-on-the-go. Mischa changed everything. She made me want to have conversations at 3am, and go to stupid cafes at 1 in the afternoon. Made me want to hold on to something.


Carol: What is the most amazing place in the world you have ever been?

Tal: What’s with women and this question!? HAHA~ Honestly, I don’t pay a whole lot of attention anymore. I’d have to say home. Jerusalem.

(Would you take me? I’ve always wanted to know there!)

Carol: If you could live anywhere, besides Italy, with Mischa, where would you choose?

Tal: I’m partial to the southern coast of Europe in general, though I also like Thailand a lot. But really, she just has to say “we’re moving” and I’d just say “where to?”

(Please, Mischa, don’t come to kiss my ass, but I’d totally stalk him to any of those places. I really want to get to know them too!)

Carol: In your opinion what is the best memory of Italy with Mischa you have? And what do you think is hers?

Tal: Hmmm …. are we talking PG-13, or X-Rated? HAHA My best memory is the time we spent together in Positano. Even with all the shit going on with her ex, her family, all of it – it’s still the place where we really … came together, you know?

In my blog you can ALWAYS be X-Rated haha. And yeah, I know, I really agree with you!


Carol: Do you have any hot friends to introduce me to? Don’t mind me, I’m probably drunk on some birthday punch…Hey speaking of it, where is my bday gift???

Tal: I packed you one, but Misch claimed it was “inappropriate” and then some name-calling happened. But don’t worry, I’ll mail it to you.

*slips Tal her mail address* I’m looking forward to it! Like anything is inappropriate after I met Jameson bahahaha.

Carol: Sorry again…well let’s change subjects, I don’t want you getting aggraveted with me like Jameson did…I know you’re a gentleman (although I like when you aren’t *looks coily at him*).
I don’t know if you already know about my blog’s traditon, but after some questions I always do a quickfire Q&A with my guests, where you answer the first thing that comes to you mind…Ready? (hm…I bet you’re always ready *winks*)

BBB: Bed or Sofa?

Tal: HAHA anywhere I can make it happen
BBB: Top or Bottom?

Tal: Top – but honestly, I’m just happy to be invited to the party

(Well, I AM indeed having a party…*speculates*)

BBB: Are you a breast man or a butt man?

Tal: You can’t ask a man that! It’s impossible! Both. All of it. Everything.

BBB: Movies or books?

Tal: Books

(Brownie points here!!)

BBB: Wine or beer?

Tal: Beer

BBB: Favorite kind of lingerie (and color) in a woman?

Tal: Anything red is sexy, and hot damn, a whatchamacallit … with the laces … a corset. With thigh highs!

*checks her phone for the closest lingerie shop*

BBB: Chocolate or chips?

Tal: Chips

BBB: Naked or half-naked?

Tal: Naked, as much and as often as possible


BBB: Dogs or cats?

Tal: Dogs

BBB: Rope or feather?

Tal: Excellent question! Hmmm … I’d have to say feather.

Oh Really??? *wonders why*

Don’t look at me like that!! Sorry, but everyone wants the nitty-gritty ones, I’m getting famous for those kind of questions hahaha

BBB: Spanking or being spanked? (Wanna test that?)

Tal: Bend over and you can get my answer right away

Oh my! *Gets up to do it, but realises there are people around*Ooops, raincheck?

BBB: Cars or Bikes?

Tal: I love a suped up bike

BBB: And finally, boxers or briefs?

Tal: Briefs – I have a weird thing for bright colors, too. Anything to give the ladies a show.

*looks down hoping he’ll show*

BBB: OHHHHH I have a last one *smiles devilishly*…Are you a shower or a grower?

Tal: AHAHAHAHA what kind of question is that!? I mean, in my opinion, I’ve got a frickin’ show stopping, award winning, tool of magic in my pants. Totally. But I suppose you’d have to ask Misch … though I’m positive her answer will be the same.
(Tool of magic????? *looks down, REALLY hoping he’ll show her*)

Thank you so much for being here Tal, it means a lot to me! Plus it’s been really fun, right?!
I’d ask you for a shout out to my friend Jessie, but she agreed you could be mine for my birthday, so, sorry, Jessie, he’s all mine today! 🙂
You can #ComeFindMe anytime you want!! 🙂

Tal: Thank for having me, and yeah, if you’re ever lost, you definitely know who to call.

*proceeds to make a plane to get lost real soon*



Hahaha that was fun!!


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authorpic_Stylo FantomeCrazy woman living in an undisclosed location in Alaska (where the need for a creative mind is a necessity!), I have been writing since …, forever? Yeah, that sounds about right. I have been told that I remind people of Lucille Ball – I also see shades of Jennifer Saunders, and Denis Leary. So basically, I laugh a lot, I’m clumsy a lot, and I say the F-word A LOT.

I like dogs more than I like most people, and I don’t trust anyone who doesn’t drink. No, I do not live in an igloo, and no, the sun does not set for six months out of the year, there’s your Alaska lesson for the day. I have mermaid hair – both a curse and a blessing – and most of the time I talk so fast, even I can’t understand me.

Yeah. I think that about sums me up.

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