Character Interview: Jameson, Tate, Sanders and Ang from the Kane Trilogy by Stylo Fantôme


Happy Birthday to me! Happy Birthday to me!!!

Yes, today is my birthday and to help me celebrate my 26 candles I have some pretty special people here!!! Some of my favorite characters of all time came to drink some punch and answer some of my questions: Jameson Kane, Tate, Sanders and Ang!!

Now, if you remember, Jameson and Tate were here before for this HILARIOUS interview.

If you haven’t read Completion (the short – and final – story after book 3) this interview contain spoilers! If you read Completion, my first interview with Tate and Jameson was featured in the end of the book, in the extras!

Here is the interview (in the end you might get a hint for what’s to come in my character’s interview hall..)

Hey guys!! Thank you so much for coming to my impromptu Birthday Interview!! It’s an honor to have you here as part of my celebration! 26 doesn’t sound so bad now!

Jameson and Tate it’s wonderful to have you again!!! Sanders, you look dapper in that suit…and Ang..hmmm nice to meet you*blushes*

*looks behind*Where is Tal? Well, I’ll have to start without him…

So, in my blog’s tradition I’ll make a couple questions to you and then a quickfire Q&A that you’ll andwer with the first thing that comes to mind…

BBB: Jameson, how is married life treating you? You know, I called that number you gave me the last time but it was disconnected… If I didn’t love Tate I’d be mad Alol

Jameson: Ah, yes. Things have gotten a little crazier, I had to change my number. Married life is the same as unmarried life, the only difference is the name she signs on her receipts. I keep reminding her about the “honor & obey” part, but she never fucking listens.

BBB: Jameson, what’s the thing you do to Tate that you most like? (*wonders if he’d pull my her just for a little taste if I ask*). – Did I say that out loud???

Jameson: Thing I like to do the most to Tate? Jesus, have you got an hour? You do realize the woman let’s me do anything I want. But I must say, my absolutely most favorite thing to do – is to get her to shut up. Rarely happens, is a blessing when it does.

BBB: Tate, how about you, how is it being married to Mr. Satan?

Tate: Pretty awesome, cause now he’s not as scary. I mean, what’s he gonna do? He’s married to me, I’m not going anywhere, muahahaha.

*turns to Ang blushing*

BBB: Ang, give me the scoop…how is being a porn star for real? Does it feel as mechanical as we see them? You know, I have a couple of friends who would love James Dean number, if you have… *bats eyelashes*

Ang: For reals, it’s the coolest. thing. ever. I mean, yeah, it can be mechanical, and the “bigger” you get, the more work it really is, but I worked hard to get here – I wouldn’t give it up for anything. And James Dean isn’t too cool with me, ever since I scored that big role over him – though personally I think it’s cause I out-wondered his wonder-schlong. Am I allowed to say wonder-schlong?

Tate: You can’t say “wonder-schlong”, this is an interview! Be classy, for fuck’s sake.
Ang: Oh, you can say “fuck” but I can’t say “wonder-schlong”?
Tate: There’s a huge difference between “fuck” and “wonder-schlong”!
Ang: No there isn’t! So I’m gonna say -,

Jameson: If EITHER of you say wonder-ANYTHING again, I will be the one with a fucking problem. Now shut the fuck up and let her talk.

*turns head back and forth laughing*Thank you, Jameson!

BBB: What’s the deal with Ellie? And how did you like your Brazilian fling*you could totally have another now* (oops, did I voice that?)

Ang: Ellie is good, working on baby number two, I think. She was … I don’t know, you know … like sometimes, when things are fucked up, other fucked up things don’t seem so bad, you know? I missed my friend, and Ellie and I would hang out at the hospital, or at Tate’s old apartment, and it just kinda happened. It was weird, this rich chick being so into me. What can I say? I liked it. And I’m down for some Brazilian any time, sweetie.

*wonders if he’ll take his shirt off* Hm…good to know, thanks Ang!! Maybe your number will work! *turns evil look to Satan*

BBB: Sandy.. Can I call you Sandy? (*without Tate punching me*)… Well, tell me, do you believe that Tate is your soulmate? I absolutely love the relationship you have with her! Also the one you have with Jameson…
Sanders: I am the one who called her my soulmate, so it would be rather odd if I didn’t believe that statement. People think I am emotionless. But in reality, it is the exact opposite. Tate is very special to me, and I to her.

*swoons* ( I wanna be BFFs with Sandy too!!!)

BBB: Sanders again, how about Jameson…how it was being raised by him? Do you see him as a father or a big brother?

Sanders: I was fairly beyond the age of being impressionable by the time Jameson came into my life, I was thirteen. He saved my life, and opened doors that never would have even been available to me, so to reach this age under his patronage has been an honor. I have a father, I have never seen Jameson as a father. He has always been my guardian. A guiding light, if you will. An inspiration.
BBB: Sanders, do you miss living with Tate and Jameson? Do you think you’ll go back to living with them??
Sanders: Of course I miss living with them, but no, that chapter is closed. We can be family without living under the same roof.

Do you all want some more of my birthday punch? I know it’s pink, Jameson, but you look totally hot drinking it! *winks*

Now to our quickfire questions to the four of you:

BBB: Favorite Food (*hopes Jameson says something I can cook*)?

Jameson: Food? French. Dish? Steak, extra rare.

*goes look for her French cookbook*
Tate: Chinese food
Ang: Ditto on the Chinese
Sanders: Thai
BBB: Sanders and Ang – favorite color?
Ang: I don’t know if I have a favorite color. I like anything bright. The more neon, the better.
(I can see that…)
Sanders: I’m partial to blue. Maybe cornflower, or cobalt.

BBB: Mixed drinks or shots?Jameson: I don’t care either way

Tate: Honestly, probably shots.

Ang: BODY shots, ha ha.

Sanders: I avoid imbibing, but when the situation calls for it, a mixed drink is preferred.

BBB: Getting drunk or getting high?

Jameson: neither

(I’d love to see Jameson drunk someday ahahaha)

Sanders: neither

Ang: definitely high
Tate: Oh, I was gonna say drunk till you said that, but I don’t know! What kind of high? I’d rather smoke a joint than get drunk, but I’d rather get drunk than take ecstasy. God, I sound awful, I don’t even do ecstasy. Still. I don’t know. Whatever the situation calls for.

BBB: Books or Movies?Jameson: either(Oh, no Jameson…it will ALWAYS be books!!! LOL)

Tate: movies

Ang: movies
Sanders: books
(And that is why I love you, Sandy!!!)

BBB: One night stands or Dating?

Jameson: a one night stand got me into this mess – maybe I should’ve tried dating.

Tate: oh, shut up, you poop. One night stands were always easier than anything I’ve gone through with Satan over here.
(True dat!!)
Jameson: you loved every moment.
Tate: That’s what you think.
Ang: God, stop flirting, I’m gonna barf. I could go either way.
Sanders: I think dating would always be in everyone’s best interest.

BBB: If you could travel to any place in the world, where would you choose?Jameson: I can travel to any place in the world.(Don’t need to rub it off, Mr. Kane!! Can you take me next time???)

Tate: you’re such a dick! I’d go to anywhere on the Mediterranean, I love it there.

*high fives Tate*

Ang: okay, so, I’d go back to Boston, cause down on the south side, they have this AMAZING hot dog place, and ever since I’ve moved out to L.A., I’ve been dying for it. They toast the buns, and the relish is hand made, and I used to screw this waitress, so I would get extra -,

Tate: He will literally talk about this place all night. Move onto Sanders.

Sanders: The beach.
(Brazil has many beaches…. *looks hopeful*)
Tate: … just any beach?
Sanders: a private beach.
Tate: I never would’ve guessed!
Jameson: Sanders loves the beach.

Sanders: I love privacy and quiet and nature. A private beach provides these things.

BBB: Weirdest place you’ve ever had sex? Sandy, you don’t have to answer that, but if you want to answer later, I have this weird place I’d love to show you! *wink, wink* (my friend Jessie would kill me though)

Jameson: it would be easier to list the non-weird places I’ve had sex.

*blushes* Oh, God!!!!

Tate: hmmm, so many men, so many places! I once had sex in an empty tiger enclosure at the Franklin Park Zoo, that was pretty weird. Ang and I did it in a wax museum, in a display. We thought it was closed and had to hold still for twenty minutes while a retirement home took their patients through on a tour.
Ang: ah, good times. I’m a porn star – having sex in a bed is almost weird to me, anymore.

BBB: cuffs or rope?(Seriously what happened to my questions, I can’t believe these are mine!! Lol)Ang: I think they’re excellent questions! And if YOU have any questions about cuffs or ropes, I could totally help you out with that.
Thanks, Ang!!! I’ll think about it…
Tate: Ug, listen to him. Neither for me.
Jameson: Rope
BBB: Sanders –  Tate or Jameson?(Now, don’t scowl Jameson, I still love you!)
Sanders: this is an impossible question. If I were in jail and had one phone call, it would be to Jameson. If I were stuck on a deserted island and could only take one person, it would be Tatum. But these are facetious answers to a facetious question. I could never choose, I love them equally.
Awwwwwn!!! Ovaries explosion all over this party right now!!
BBB: underwear or Commando?(*hopes Jameson will take it all off this time)Jameson: I prefer commando, but am wearing briefs right now. And if it wasn’t a guarantee that Tate would pitch a fucking fit, I would gladly show you.
Tate: hey, I’m not saying anything. Do what you want.
*wonders if he will do it*
Ang: commando
*tries to take a look*
Sanders: I feel that’s very unhygienic of the both of you. I prefer briefs, I have them custom made.

I wouldn’t expect nothing less from you, Sanders!!

Thank you so much!! Oh my! Ang sure knows how to twerk!! I might need to cut off the punch!!!*takes off the glass from everyone’s hands before anyone gets drunk*

Jameson, any chance you could twerk for us? No??? Gee, why that face?
*hides behind Ang*

Oh, there’s Tal…guess I’ll have to interview him now… Laters, everyone!!!

*runs towards the really good looking guy with the Mediterranean eyes to protect her from Jameson*


Stylo, thank you so much as usual!!! This has been so fun!!!!

Now, if you haven’t read The Kane Trilogy, where have you been?? Here are the buy links:

Stylo has a new standalone romance coming, My Time in the Affair, featuring that mysterious Tal I started interviewing at the party…I guess, you’ll have to wait to see what happens…After all, I had to go find him for it!! #YouWillGetWhenYouReadTheBook#LoveMyTal

Here is the pre-order link for My Time in the Affair:



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