Book Review: The Virgin (The Original Sinners #7) by Tiffany Reisz

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I  read this book on January 11th and I was meant to post this review some time ago, but since the book releases tomorrow, it is actually perfect I post it today (I know, I’m a tease)!! The Virgin is the 3rd book in the Original Sinners White Years (the prequel books), but since those are meant to be read after the present-time books, it’s the 7th book in the series.


***ARC of The Virgin received in exchange of an honest review***


the virgin




The controversial story before the story continues in the critically acclaimed and award-winning series The Original Sinners. For years, Kingsley Edge warned Eleanor the day would come when she, the mistress of a well-respected Catholic priest, would have to run and hide. She always imagined if that day came she’d be running away with Søren. But instead, she’s running from him. Knowing Søren and Kingsley will their use their influence to bring her back, Eleanor alone, penniless and scared takes refuge at the one place the men in her life cannot follow: the abbey where her mother has taken orders. Behind the cloistered gates of the convent, Eleanor hides from the man she loves and hates in equal measure She cannot, however, hide from her true nature. When Eleanor befriends a young virginal nun, she faces a startling sexual awakening. But Eleanor can’t stay forever, and the lure of her real life beckons beyond the locked gates. But to follow her fate means to leave Kyrie behind, a sacrifice Eleanor refuses to make The lure of the forbidden. The temptation to sin. The price of passion has never been higher, and Eleanor will have to pay it if she ever wants to go home again.





5 stars5 stars5 stars5 stars5 stars





And Tiffany does it again!I  wonder if there will ever be a time when I won’t be smiling like an idiot while (and after) reading her books! This book shed so much light into Nora and Søren’s story! We finally get to see what really went down when Nora left him and what really culminated it. I also have a new-found respect for Kingsley now! More so than I had after The King! And there is nothing that could break the bond Nora, Søren and Kingsley have! And if you don’t believe this after reading The Virgin, you might not have been reading the same Original Sinners book I have! I just re-read the last 20% of The Virgin while I was scrolling through my highlighted quotes and I feel like crying, not because it was sad, but because I feel overwhelmed by how much Søren  and Nora and Kingsley love each other. Nothing in this world will ever compare to their story. Yes, it’s extremily contradictional, but then it’s the biggest proof of love I’ve seen in romances.  I knew from the first four books that Nora leaving Søren must have been for a pretty serious reason, but even though she give us glimpses of her reasons, we don’t fully get them until now. And I have to say I can understand Nora completely and agree with her. I dont want to give you spoilers, but just know that even though I love Søren beyond reason and in my book he can do no wrong, he didn’t understand Nora as we (and him) liked to think he did. Actually it wasn’t even about understanding her, it was about accepting what and who she really was. And she said herself, even when she hated Søren, she loved him. Yes, she left him because she couldn’t be who she was with him at that time, but also because he wanted to change who he was for them to be together.

“I will leave you before I let you throw your happiness away on some misguided attempt to make an honest woman out of me. Søren  – that ship has sailed.”

Kingsley was a surprise. Again. Until The Mistress I still thought he was jealous of Nora, that despite everything he envied her, but now I see he always loved her. Even when he was jealous. He defied the one person he always obeyed because of her and even though she broke his heart, he reamained loyal to her. He was the first one who recognzined Mistress Nora inside of Eleanor and the first one to accept her. I love Kingsley for that. Oh, and for punching Søren! He deserved the punching!!!

 “It’s funny,”Kingsley said as he made a sudden realization. “For over ten years I’ve thought one thing about her. Yes, she’s beautiful, beyond beautiful. Kinky. Smart. Every man’s dream. But I always thgouth perharps…she wasn’t good enough for you. This little girl from Nowhere, Connecticut, with a nobody mother and a piece of shit father. How could she ever be worthy of you? Now I’m starting to think something different. You hide behind your collar and get to play God while the rest of us do your bidding and suffer the consequences. You get the glory. She gets the bruises. Maybe it’s you who’s not worthy of her. Maybe it’s you who’s not worthy of me, either.”

We get to see a Kingsley vs. Søren smackdown and I loved every minute of it. I loved seeing Kingsley standing up, not only for himself, but for Nora as well. It was long overdue! I admit, I’m not the most thrilled about Nora and Nico’s situation, I even detected some bit of jealousy from Søren’s part, but it actually makes sense because while Nora spend her few months with him, Søren  and Kingsley get to be together. I’m not jealous over THAT relationship, because I get to see those three really love each other and jealousy doesn’t fit their kind of love. Their kind of love is completely faithful, because they’ve learned to accept who they were.

“Collaring Nico two years ago and making him her property had been the best thing she could have done for her relationship with Søren .[…] Once she had a submissive of her own, her own personal property collared and owned, she fully grasped Søren’s love for her.”

Call me crazy, but this kind of sentence just prooves Søren’s love and it makes me warm all over. I’ve come to realise that a love like theirs is stronger than any other we might come across. Look at everything they’ve had to go through and how stronger they came off! Plus they fully understand themselves and the other, there’s full trust and commitment. That’s more than we can ask for in a loving partner! Haters gonna hate (and call me a sicko), but who are them to judge? I fell like I’ve lived this love story along with Nora, Kingsley and Søren and now I understand them so much more than I’ve dreamt of doing!

  ” ‘Kingsley warned me when you were sixteen years old that you weren’t the submissive that I thought I wanted you to be. I ignored his warnings, smug in my certainty that you would always obey me no matter what you were in your heart.’ “

It feels like with age, they’ve obviously gained more responsibilities, but also they’ve gained more wisdon (even Know-It-All Søren)! And with age comes history. The kind of history that make us look back into the past with the bittersweetest of feelings, with not longing for what happened and could have happen, but with longing for what else is to come!

“If she hadn’t loved Søren  before, she would fall in love with him again for looking at ther thirty-eight-year-old body with the same desire that had once gazed on her naked seventeenyear-old form.”

” ‘[…]Getting old has its advantages. The past feels like ancient history now, gathering dust on the bookshelf. The ghosts have finally moved on to the other side.'”

We get to see how much Nora has came along from the 15 yearold petulant girl she once was. Yes, she is still petulant, she kind has to be, since the most feared Dominatrix ever. But she also now understands Søren better. She’s always accepted him for who he is (and was), she actually never wanted to change him or that he changed for her. But now that she has a role much like his, she fully grasped the responsibility he’d always carry on his shoulders for being her Dom. She also now understands herself. With Wes, she grasped the surface of that understanding, but I think now she truly knows it.

“She was a Dominant herself, and she had Nico on his knees in front of her, his lips on her ankles, her welts on his back, that was Nora. But Nora was only one half of her. ‘My Little One,’ Søren  said into her ear as he moved inside her, filling her. ‘My Eleanor.’ And Eleanor was the other half.”

Am I the only one who gets tingles everything Søren  calls her “Little One”? Every encounter they have is just so beautiful. I really hope I get lucky enough someday to find a love like theirs! Ohhh… I also LOVE Søren’s sarcastic and dark sense of humor, I laugh a lot with his jokes. But besides his funny side, did I mention we get Søren in his whole alpha-maleness??? And HOLY HOTNESS, BATMAN!! That man is EVERYTHING. EVERY-FUCKING-THING!

” ‘I told you waht she was a long time ago. That girl is no submissive. She’s a – ‘ ‘She’s mine,’ Søren said. ‘Nothing else matters but that. She is mine. The end.’ “

But in The Virgin, we also get another story. The story of how Nora started as writer and how she met a nun at her mother’s convent. And how that nun helped her change her perspective on her life and her future. Plus she and the num? Pretty HOT! And I’m not into women! Kyre was exactly what Nora needed and I’m glad Nora found her when she needed the comfort and acceptance. It’s amazing when we find people who, not only don’t judge us, but accepts our differences and embrace them. When they help us embrace them ourselves.

“[…] I couldn’t let him throw away the most important part of himself for me.”

And that ladies and gentlemen, just show us that Nora Sutherlin’s got balls. And they are bigger than many men’s . As I always say, if I would love to be friends with Nora, she’d be the best friend a girl could have. I don’t think Søren loved her less for not understanding her, but he certaintly understands her (and all that comes with loving her) better now.

” ‘You should know that as much as I love my Eleanor, my Little One, I do love Mistress Nora, too. It took me longer to fall in love with her, but now I love her as deeply as I love my Eleanor.'”

Søren, Nora and Kingsley have so much story between them, that even if they wanted, they couldn’t have escaped each other. From The Siren I could see that being apart from Søren, and therefore denying such a big part of who she is, was killing Nora. And as the story moves forward we see that it hurts Kingsley too. They are the most perfect Trifecta. The unholiness of their situation is what makes them holy. They are flawed, but when they are together that doesn’t matter at all (specially because Søren can beat the imperfection out of them LMAO). I can’t freaking wait for The Queen…not only because I’m DYING to see Nora becoming The Queen of the Underworld, but also because I’m can’t wait to see what the present story is going to focus on!

” ‘[…]And I asked you if I could have her. Do you remember what you said? ‘ ‘ Remind me,’ Søren said although Kingsley was utterly certain Søren remembered every word from that night. ‘ You said ‘Wait your turn.’ ‘ ‘So I did. And?’ ‘And you should know,’ Kingsley said, ‘if Elle ever comes back, it’s my turn.'”

That was seriously HAWT!!! *fanning myself and grabbing the popcorn to watch the next episode* I’m already in tears thinking of saying goodbye to them! In my heart and mind they’ll always live though, you can’t just forget a story like theirs.

” ‘It’s a miracle, isn’t it?’ Kingsley said. ‘After all we put each other through that we’re still together. All of us. A fucking miracle.’ Nora laughed. ‘Miracle is the word for it.’ ‘In the New Testament,’ Søren  said, putting on his most priestly voice, ‘the word miracle isn’t used in most translations. The phrase signs and wonders appears instead. I prefer that terminology. A miracle is a dicrete act, special in and of itself but with no greater meaning to it. A sign, however, is tying to tell us something.'” ” ‘What do you think it’s a sign of?’ Kingsley asked. ‘That we’re still together after everything”?’     ‘Love conquers all,’ Søren  said. ‘That’s what we’re a sign of,” Nora said. ‘The three of us. This wedding. Everything. Amor vincit omnia.'”

Tiffany created this fantastic world. A world not so different from Alice’s Wonderland. Going into the 8th Circle and into their lives is sure like going into the rabbit hole. I’m proud of being a lover of the unexpected and the different, and love stories involving taboo subjects such as a priest, have always intrigued me! Top that all with incredible writing skills and you have one hell of a happy Carol. It’s like I’ve been waiting for this story to read for such a long time and now that I’ve finally found it, it’s going to be impossible to forget it! It’s going to be hard to let go of these characters and this story, but just like Alice, after you see through the mirror, there’s no turning back, so I don’t think just any other story will make me happy once The Original Sinners is over. It’ll must have to be an extraordinary story to make me as happy as these have made me (and still make me)!! buy the book


the virgin EXCERPT “Holy shit.”

“Eleanor, behave.”

“You’re wearing a kilt.”

“I realize this.”

“You know I’m not capable of behaving under the best of circumstances. You are asking the impossible.”

“Is this going to be a problem?”

“It is the opposite of a problem. It is the best thing that ever happened to me.” Eleanor walked over to him and looked him up and down. He was in full Scottish regalia—black-and-blue plaid kilt, black socks, black shoes, blue sporran, black clerical shirt with his black jacket. He hadn’t put on his collar yet so his shirt was open at the neck. His blond hair was wet and combed back and with the hint of his lean and muscular runner’s legs peeking out from under the kilt, he looked as if he’d stepped out of a fever dream she’d had once and was apparently having again.

“Clergy in Scotland have their own tartan. I’m to wear it during the ceremony.”

“I need your cock, not a lecture on Scottish fashion,” Nora said. “Right now.” She grabbed his hand and attempted to drag him toward the bed. He didn’t budge.

“This is not happening, Little One.”

“I’m going to violate you in so many ways you’re going to have PTSD when I’m done with you.”

“I already have PTSD from this conversation.”

“Shut up, blondie, and get on the bed.”

“Eleanor, no. Red. Stop. Safe word. We have work to do.”

“Fucking first. Work after. You can slice me up like a Thanksgiving turkey if you want. Get hard and lie there. I’m getting under that kilt whether you like it or not.”

“Rape-play is one of my hard limits.”

“Who’s playing?”


She looked at him and pouted. Really pouted. The pout to end all pouts. Søren took a heavy breath.

“Fine. Best we get it out of your system now so I don’t have to worry about being fondled during the ceremony. But make it quick. I’m supposed to meet with the wedding party in half an hour.”

“You’ll never know what hit you.”

Twenty-two years in love with this man and she still wanted him as much today as she did when she was a teenager. More even, but that was the kilt’s fault. She pushed him down onto his back on the bed and straddled his hips. She ripped off her shirt and threw it on the f loor. Pulling her down to him, he kissed her lips, then her neck.

“Are you a true Scotsman?” she asked, sliding her hand up under the kilt. She encountered nothing but Søren. In an instant he had her on her back, his hand pressing lightly on her throat. He roughly yanked her bra down her arms to bare her breasts. He lowered his head and bit her hard on the shoulder. Søren needed to inf lict pain to get aroused, and she didn’t mind at all. If he had to set the bed on fire and sacrifice a virgin to get hard, Nora would hand over a lighter, a dagger and every unsullied teenager in a ten-mile radius—that’s how much she wanted him right now. So of course, right then, someone knocked on her goddamn door.


“You’re in a kilt and you’re not inside me. This is the worst day of my life.” She sighed. “And I’ve been kidnapped.”

She grabbed her shirt off the f loor and pulled it on more angrily than she’d ever put on a shirt in her life. That shirt was lucky to survive.

“You.” She pointed at Søren. “You guard that kilt with your life. I plan on violating the sanctity of it and you as soon as I can.”

“The kilt is not going anywhere, and neither am I,” he said. “Now go, before you assault me again.”

“You’re not out of the woods yet,” she said. “Tonight you and your body and your kilt are mine.”

“Have you forgotten who the Dominant is in this relationship, young lady?”

She exhaled heavily.

“Do I have your permission to violate you ten ways to Sunday tonight? Please and thank you, sir?”

“Yes, you may.”

“Thank God.”




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