Blog Tour Stop and Book Review: Professor Cline: Revelead (Professor #1) by J.M. LaRocca

Me again!!!
Now I’m going to review a book I liked a LOT: Professor Cline: Revealed!!!

Getting pleasure from pain makes me a sadist. I’ve been that way for as long as I can remember. Plagued by painful memories and a dark past, I use women to help me forget. I’ve done everything in my power to take control of my life, but there are some things I have no control over.People think they know who I am, but in reality, they know nothing.

My name is Mason Cline.

But after today, you will call me Professor Cline.

RATING:  4.5 Beastly stars

4 stars4 stars4 stars5 stars


I’ve been waiting for Professor Cline: Revealed  since last year and I just HAD to sign up for the blog tour!

This is the first book by J.M. La Rocca I’ve read and I’m definitely a fan!!!

Professor Cline: Revealed took me completely by surprise! I wasn’t expecting a lot of twists that happened there!

What I most liked about this book? The fact that even though we have a hero with a broken past, it’s still different! This is a dark romance (although for me it’s darkish, because I wouldn’t say it’s really dark and my level of darkness is the HARD one lol). If you’re not into dark romances you can still read it, it’s not about kidnapping or anything like this.

Our hero, Mason Cline has a dark and broken past (I felt his pain – no pun intended) and J.M. wrote it perfectly, because we can relate to him and understand why he avoids all kinds of commitment. He is a college professor, so yeah this is a professor/student romance! HAWT!

I’m not very keen on teacher/student romances when they’re in high school yet, but when the heroine is on college, all bets are off!!!

Mason is a Law School professor and being on Law School myself I found that extra hot!

Emma is a great heroine. She is attracted to Mason, even after she discovers he is her professor she is willing to have a sort of “affair” with him, but she also doesn’t let him get away with being with her like he is with every other woman he encounters.

For instance, Mason is not a fan of repeats, and when he does the woman not only can’t touch him, she can’t see him. After an atempt on doing that with Emma and a failing (on Mason’s part, which was surprise) we get to see that Mason’s constant of non-commited sex was crumbling down.

Emma didn’t know yet, but she made quite the impression with Mason. And it was quite out of norm for him!!

Mason is not a one dimensional character, at first we can’t fully understand him and why he is the way he is, which I love. As the story progresses, we get to see more about his past and his troubled relationship with his father and how far into the darkness his father took him.

There is a complete twist there, a twist I wasn’t expecting AT ALL! Hard to know now is how much would Mason be willing to risk to be with Emma. It’s clear he wants to be with her, but there’s much more in this way than just Mason being her teacher.

Compared to the hidden secrets and his father’s own agenda make being Emma’s teacher a little bump in the Mason’s path. He is truly between a rock and hard place, but he’s also gotta learn to share. Mason is very different with Emma than he was with anyone else before. Even the only girl he loved, back in his past. He learned a lot, but is it enough? Will Emma allow him to continue hurting her by being always hot and cold?

We know there’s a reason for him to be all cold on her, after making love declarations. And then be all hot again, just to freeze up more…We know it, but Emma doesn’t. Mostly because of Mason’s own fear. Fear of not only losing her to his secrets, but fear of her getting more attached.

I felt Mason’s struggle every step of the way. I felt the angst, the fear, the attraction. This is a book that makes you feel.

I can’t wait to feel more on Book 2, there’s not enough Mason for one book. But it might be enough of him just for me, so back off ladies!!! LOL



“Don’t move,” I commanded as I nipped at her ear. “You move and I won’t let you come. Do you understand?”
She let out a heavy breath and nodded slowly.
Lowering myself down her body, I trailed my hand down her tits as I once again lowered my head to her pussy. Spreading her lips, I could see her pulsing with need as she tried not to raise her pussy to my face. Gripping her thighs, I lowered my head down again when she stopped moving, flicking at her clit in a fast speed before inserting two fingers to pump into her. She let out a gasp as I curved my finger into her g-spot, and I knew it was taking all of her control not to move her body into mine for more friction.
Flicking my tongue a few more times, I pulled back and stopped pumping my fingers as soon as I felt the walls of her pussy start to clench. She groaned in frustration as the need took over her senses.
Her breathing slowed and I resumed my position, sucking on her clit and causing her to buck into me. Although I’d usually pull away, my own arousal was starting to take over. My hips were moving on their own accord, looking for friction against the bed. I groaned into her pussy as her heavy breathing turned into deep moans.
Keeping at my assault on the bed, I removed my fingers and lowered my mouth to lick up her juices, running my tongue from her entrance to her clit. She groaned every time I flicked at her clit lightly, causing me to pump into the bed faster. I knew if I kept it up, I’d end up releasing in my pants.
I needed to be inside her.
I let go of her legs, moving them off my shoulders, and climbed off the bed. I watched as she clamped her legs closed trying to get some friction for her aching pussy, an ache only I could soothe.
“I’m going to fuck you now, princess,” I told her as I undid my belt and dropped my pants to the floor.

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I’ve had a passion for reading and writing for as long as I can remember. It has always been an escape for one reason or another. Now, I’m taking that passion and turning it into a book. My debut book Lifeless will be released late summer 2013. I can’t wait for you to read this story that has been brewing in my head for over a year. 🙂
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