Book Review: Love Brewing (Love Brothers #3) by Liz Crowe

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Here is my newest book review, I hope you like it!

I received an ARC of Love Brewing in exchange of an honest review. It can be read as a standalone but I recommend you to read the whole series (I’m OCD like that)!





A Family Saga with humor, heat and heart–not to mention beer, bourbon and basketball!

Every family has one—the black sheep, the problem child, the prodigal. But Dominic Sean Love could teach all of those guys a lesson or two. Stuck in the middle of a boisterous group of siblings, he’s given “acting out” a new meaning from day one.

While he’s the one son who follows his strict father’s footsteps into the Love family business, he’s also the one who butts heads with him the hardest. Their epic clashes are the stuff of family legend. But they have made peace and work side by side to take Love Brewing to the next level of success.

Until Dominic does the one thing his father can never forgive.

Diana Brantley has been Dominic’s friend, girlfriend and ex-girlfriend so many times she’s lost count. When he shows up at the farm she’s slowly transforming into a wildly popular farm-to-table resource for restaurants all over the U.S. her first impulse is to shoot first and ask questions later. But she doesn’t. And their lives entwine once more, for good, bad and ugly.


RATING: 4 stars


4 stars4 stars4 stars4 stars





I knew since the first book, Love Garage,  that Dominic Love would be my favorite Love brother.  He sure is the most broken one of them. I knew he had his issues, but until I read Love Brewing I had no idea how deep they went.

I don’t recommend you to read any spoilers, because some information could be misunderstood. I warn you though, this is not a MM book.

The story is about Dominic Love and also about Diana Brantley. They’ve had a on -and -off “relationship” for years. Diana was Dominic’s girlfriend three times, all of which he cheated on her (one with her sister, which I got MAD about!!)!! I liked the story because it went back and forth until some time. Then it was only in the present. But what I really liked about Dom and Diana’s story is that they had separate stories and separate lives. They’ve had issues to fix, specially Dominic!

I could really relate to them, specially to Dominic, which was a suprise because it’s more difficult for me to relate to male characters. I felt like I was in Dom’s shoes most of the book and I got him.

I also was in Diana’s shoes most of the book, specially when I got revolted about how Dom treated her. I actually wanted to smack young Diana for always going back to a man who treated her like shit. I get that Dom loved her and he had his issues, most of them he couldn’t control, but well, he was jerk. A real class jerk.

Another thing I like about this series is that, although the characters aren’t old, they all had had lives before they got together. Either because they had children, or went to college to study or got married (almost every one of them were married before). So we don’t get too much drama and instead we get real life problems.

I love a little drama, don’t get me wrong (just a little though, I hate overdramatized stories), but sometimes is good not to have it mixed in a story!

Dom managed to make me hate him a little, but then he broke my heart more than a little. He really came a long way, he had to accept he needed help, he needed his medication. He had a lot of issues to accept about himself, most instilled to him by his father. Anton, the Love patriarc was a character I hate for most of the book. I really wish it was shown more about him, and how he dealt with his family’s issues.

Diana also went a long way from the puppy-loving girl that always followed Dom around and accepted his bullshit. Yes, she still couldn’t manage to resist him (but then who would lol), but she finally matured at some point and I give her brownie points for stepping out for herself and realising that everyone was so used to cuddle Dom and that was one of the reasons he got aways with the shitty things he did.

Diana is a strong heroine, she has an addiction to her first love, but she isn’t a push-over. Even when she can’t resist him (she actually initiates a lot of their hot moments LOL). She is a hardworker and she also works hard to find a direction to her life. Her boyfriend Lee is an example of  that. I loved that she gave herself the opportunity to love and be loved by someone who treated her good. Because Dom…well, he wasn’t a good man. Most of the time.

Differently from Love Garage I liked that the big climax and resolution was left to the end, because Love Brewing’s story was built in a way that we feel we lived everything with them, so in the end I don’t feel left behind or that the story reached an end before we get to see everything.

So far Love Brewing is my favorite book in the series!!


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The reading order for the Love Brothers series  is:

Book 1: Love Garage

Book 1.5 (novella): Safe Love

Book 2: Coach Love

Book 3: Love Brewing





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