Book Boyfriends Valentine’s Daily Cards: Loren Hale, Connor Cobalt and Ryke Meadows

This cards idea turned out just so cool!!!

Now, three of my favorite ever book boyfriends also stopped by!!!

The Addicted Series by Krista & Becca Ritchie are by far one of my favorites! Lo, Connor and Ryke are in all books, even though Connor and Ryke have their own books also, the Calloway Sisters spin-offs (started with Kiss the Sky and Hothouse Flower!!

Here are their cards!!! Lo’s story with Lily starts with Addicted to You (you can check the reading order HERE).



Oh…Lo! Lo is the geek I’ve always dreamed of, being the Star Wars and Marvel geek that I am…not to mention Harry Potter!!! He’s sweet and sexy and I LOVE him and how protective he is of Lily and his friends!!!


Connor Cobalt has his own book, Kiss the Sky, but he is in every Addicted book as well..And I love that! He’s rich, he’s controlled, he’s a genious…Chuck Bass has nothing on Connor Cobalt!!




And Ryke Meadows…What more to say about him, than he’s fucking Ryke Meadows??!!! He’s adventurous, HOT as hell, speaks his mind and always tells it like it is!!! Daisy is a luck biatch!!!

Ryke is also in all Addcited books, but his own book is Hothouse Flower!




Thank you so much Lo, Connor and Ryke!! And also thanks to the Ritchie girls, Krista and Becca!!!

And stay tunned because there’s one more book for each Rose and Daisy coming!!!







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2 responses to “Book Boyfriends Valentine’s Daily Cards: Loren Hale, Connor Cobalt and Ryke Meadows

  1. Love these valentine’s from Lo and Connor and Ryke! I just love those guys. ❤

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