Book Boyfriends Valentine’s Daily Cards: Grizz

It’s me again!! LOL

So, I had given up on the MC books, because they wwere pretty much the  trend genre to go…Until last November , when I clicked this book called Nine Minutes by Beth Flynn. Nine Minutes is much, much more than an MC book. This story will be with me forever, because it’s February and I still can’t forget it! It’s in my Favorites of 2014 list too!!

The writing is SPECTACULAR! The way she built the story and developed it, it couldn’t be more perfect and I can’t wait for the second book to be released, after that shocking ending!!

I’m a HUGE “Flynnatic” now!!! And Grizz, the hero of the book, the cursing, fearsome and HAWT biker who stole my heart sent his readers a Valentine’s Day card!!

I’m very honored to show you this…it’s always amazing when we connect with authors and characters and I’m very very happy I read Nine Minutes and connected with Beth!!

At first, Grizz is someone you shouldn’t love or even be attracted to and as the story progresses…well let me just say, I’m HOOKED!!

And here is his card! I love how it’s Grizz ALL THE WAY!!





Thank you so much Grizz!! I want that fucking ride anytime you come to Brazil!!!

If you haven’t read Nine Minutes, here it is:









6 thoughts on “Book Boyfriends Valentine’s Daily Cards: Grizz

  1. This card is sooooo like Grizz….thanks for including him!! NM was my fav read of 2014 and Beth Flynn is AMAZING!! This read is the most thought provoking book I own.

  2. can i just say i loved this. this book was sitting in my kindle LB for a while and i thought “what the hell ill read it tonight” and WOW i wish i would have read it sooner. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Grizz is such a sweet heart. and your right you shouldn’t love or even be attracted to him but i fell for him. I cried after i read the hole book for him. its such a great story. thanks so much for posting this.

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