Book Boyfriends Valentine’s Daily Cards: Evan Matthews

So, I could not believe Evan actually wrote a Valentine’s Card for me to share in my blog!

Evan is the swoon-worthy hero of the Breathing Series by Rebecca Donnovan. This serie is one that is actually published here in Brazil, but I read it 4 or so years ago…

Reason to Breathe was one of my first indie books and it BLEW ME AWAY! Just like the rest of the series. The level of angst in every book…Well, I have to say they were the books that got me hooked on angsty books!!!

So thank you so much Rebecca Donovoan for this and also Evan for leaving us such a great Valentine’s Day card!!



The term swoon-worthy was probably invinted to talk about Evan…He is PERFECT! Patient, cute, HOT, loving and loyal…I just absolutley LOVE him!!

This is a series I recommend to EVERYONE whenever I can, because they truly stay with you!!

The reading order is: Reason to Breathe, Barely Breathing and Out of Breath. And you can find them here:














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