Book Boyfriends Valentine’s Daily Cards: Casey Moore

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!!!

Being the book  slut I am, I wouldn’t have time to spend the day with all my book boyfriends!!

But today I’ll share some more cards from them with you!

The first today is from Casey, the hero of Bait by M. Mabie. Bait is a book full of angst, but so, so , so freaking good!! It’s also on my list of Favorite Books of 2014!!!

Casey is the sweetest book boyfriend, but he is also super hot and alpha!!! With his curled hair, charming ways and his Lou-ness he sure stole my heart!!!




Thank you so much, Casey!! I’ve been missing you and I can’t wait for Sail to have more of yours and Blake’s story!!!

If you haven’t read it, you can get it here:







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