Book Boyfriends Valentine’s Daily Cards: Jon Scott

Hey everyone!!

I hope you’re still enjoying the cards!!

Today a very dear character stopped by to leave his own Valentine’s Day card. I’m talking about Jon Scott, the hero from the Choise series by Lori Otto. I absolutly LOVE Lori Otto’s writing and her Emi Lost & Found series is just SPECTACULAR!

The Choise series is a YA sort of spin off from the Emi series, but you can read them without reading Emi’s books first (although I REALLY recommend you to read them too – a very hot book boyfriend from Emi’s series is leaving a card soon too!!).

Jon is a talented artist, a loyal friend, an adoring boyfriend, a great son and a dedicated young man…and did I mention he is HAWT too??



Ohhh Jon!!! Thank you so much for your thoughtful card!!!

If you want to check out the Choise books, where Jon is from, here is the first one, Contessa. The rest of them can be found through the same link (in reading order: Contessa, Olivia, Dear Jon and Livvy)!!

You won’t regret reading Contessa, it’s one of my Favorite Books of 2015!!




Stay tuned for more Valentine’s Day cards from Book Boyfriends!!! ❤





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