Book Boyfriends Valentine’s Daily Cards: Adam Hill

Good morning, peeps!!

I recently reviewed Remembering Joy, the first book in the Joy Series by Jenni Moen (REVIEW HERE), and the hero of the series , Adam, is another favorite book boyfriend of mine! And guess what? He came here just to wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day too!!

Adam can be brooding, he is sweet, he’s a loyal friend, sexy as hell…well, Adam is book boyfriend material to a T! Seriously. If you haven’t met him yet, you’re missing!!!



Oh Adam! I love your funny T-shirts and all those gifts to Alexis were so, so swooning!!! Your card is already one of my special things for Valentine’s Day, so thank you, thank you!!! I’m sure the readers appreciate it as well, right girls?

If you got curious about Adam and Alexis story, I reviewed their first book recently and there are no cliffies in them, it’s a two-books series and I love both! And here are both books with their new covers (aren’t they GORGEOUS???):











Thank you Jenni for letting Adam stop by to leave us his card and for being as awesome as your characters are!!!





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