Valentine’s Day Daily Posts

Hey everyone!!

So as I mentioned I have a special project for Valentine’s Day. I was supposed to have started it for real today, earlier. But I had bad news, one of my family’s dogs passed away today after 11 years with us and I had a bad and sad day…I know you have nothing to do with it and although I had decided to skip today and start them tomorrow,  I’m really excited for these posts, so even late I want to start today!! 🙂

So, here is the deal, everyday until Feb 14th I will be posting Valentine’s Day cards  (sometimes more than one per day) from  some of my (and I belive yours too) favorite book boyfriends to you, the readers! There are some pretty special characters on board and they have great things to say to you!

The first one is actually very swoon-worthy, it’s a card, not really for us readers, but for a very special lady. The one and only Kellan Kyle wrote a very romantic card to Kiera and they agreed to share it with us! A special thanks to S.C. Stephens for sharing the words of Kellan to Kiera! ❤


Oh and if you don’t know who Kellan Kyle is (Have you been living under a rock?????), his first book, Thoughtless,  is currently on SALE! It was one of my first indie books!! Kellan is THE rockstar book boyfriend! There are 3 books in the series (book 2, Effortless is my favorite) and S.C. Stephens is releasing a book in Kellan’s POV this month!! It’s Thoughtfull (Thoughtless 1.5).

I hope you enjoy this and the other cards yet to come! I’m pretty excited about this whole project!!



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