Book Review: Pressure Point (Point #2) by Olivia Luck

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My latest review will be of Pressure Point by Olivia Luck. This book was released on Wednesday (Feb 28th) and it’s part of a series that which book can be read as standalones.

So far I only read this one, but I’m sure going to read book 1, because I believe it will give me more insight into other characters of this book.

***I received an ARC of Pressure Point in exchange of an honest opinion***





I know what you’re thinking. It’s unconventional to want a man nine years older than you. It’s inconvenient to crush on your dearest friend’s older brother. It’s silly to pine after a man for six years. It’s cliché to lust after a celebrity. It’s pathetic to fall in love with a man who barely knows you exist.

I know what you’re thinking because I’ve thought it all, too. And yet that hasn’t stopped me from wanting Blake Campbell. Charming, gorgeous, brilliant, kind, selfless – Blake is everything I’ve ever wanted, but he doesn’t see me that way. In fact, he hardly noticed me until one night.

Traumatic events brought us together for the first time, but then he tossed me aside. I know it’s irrational, but I wanted him up until the moment he left me lying there alone.

When his eyes finally open and he finds out I’ve left, will it be too late?


MY RATING: 4 stars


4 stars 4 stars 4 stars 4 stars





Pressure Point is the story of Stella and Blake. Stella met Blake in college, he is the brother of her new friend. A brother who is 11 years older than Zoe and 9 years older than her.

Her attraction to him was instant, and we get to know that his was too. But a series of events happen and Blake decides to never act on the attraction. So does Stella, because she is afraid of her friend’s reaction, since every new friend Zoe makes is trying to gain something from her celebrity brother.

Blake is a former football player for the college and his father owns several business, like a record company and a hockey team. Zoe and Blake are half-siblings. Their mom was married to Zoe’s father, but they died when she was 10.

The three of them remain friends through the years, although Stella is best friends with Zoe and not that close to Blake. She then starts working outside of her family italian restaurant while Zoe still finishes college. Stella meets a new friend, Victoria and she is a great character, so funny!

Then, something  traumatic happens, something I learned is, even though it appears in this book, the main story of book 1, which is Zoe’s story.

Most of Pressure Point is focused on the present, although it gives us a background from when Stella meets Zoe and Blake, going through the years, until Stella is 27. If I had to classify this book I’d say it’s a cross between a second chance romance and a new romance.

Because even though Stella and Blake have some sort of history, their romance really starts later, but it had a feeling of a second chance one, because Blake has to work to earn Stella’s trust.

I really liked both characters. Blake had his flaws, but I liked how he redeemed himself in Stella’s eyes. And Stella is also a good friend and a great character, although I felt like she forgot a little about Zoe when they spent time apart (Zoe asked her to leave her alone after her traumatic experience). To me, sometimes it felt like Stella hadn’t missed Zoe and stopped thinking of her. But then I realised the main focus of this book wasn’t really that part of their relationship and I guess we get to see that on book 1. But from Stella’s POV, I’d like to have seen her suffering a bit more about her friend.

She gets jealous of Blake with Zoe too, but I got that it was because it’s been months she hadn’t been speaking with Zoe so, she didn’t really know what was going on with her best friend. And in my opinion she was justifiable in her feelings, because Blake did take her for granted.

The pace of the story is fast, but since we get their past history too, we don’t  have a insta-love kind of fast pace. I liked how the story flowed, I got immersed into it and I couldn’t stop until I saw where they were headed. Some parts that I think were too fast, were probably the ones that already appeared in the first book, so that’s why I want to read it too, to have a better understanding.

I liked that this book had an actual story and that it didn’t have a villain or any added drama. It worked perfectly just the way it is. I liked the characters and the writing style. This is a love story about real-life people and we can see them coming alive from the book! I just love stories like that!!

Also, I LOVED the cover, it’s so beautiful!!! These kinds of meaninful covers are my favorites! Also I marked down the book’s first paragraph, it was awesome and we can already see Olivia’s writing style from it!!

I loved Stella’s italian family and how close they are together. Her cousins and other best friend, Victoria, are great! Book 3 will be about Victoria and in the end of Pressure Point we can already see what Victoria’s book will be about. I can’t wait to read it!!




They say life is about choices. You spend your life making decisions and dealing with the consequences, whether they are positive or negative. In my tumultuous frame of mind, I make a choice. A very poorly thought out choice, but one that I have to live with, nevertheless.

As soon as Cassidy finishes her encore, I tell the girls that we’re going backstage to meet the singer. They follow behind the private elevator to the lower level of the Chi Center, talking giddily. I push their voices out of my mind, leading them with long, purposeful strides.

There are perks to owning the joint. The security guards clear the way for me, knowing not to bother me when I’m in a foul mood.
With a short knock, I push my way into Cassidy’s crowded backstage room. The moment she lays her fake-eyelash covered gaze on me, she squeals. The sound hurts my ears, but I pretend it doesn’t.

“Blake Campbell, I didn’t know you were coming back here!” She literally launches herself at me, latching her over tanned arms around my neck and thrusting her glitter-speckled tits against my chest.

And then, in plain sight of Stella, I yank the pop star into my arms and thrust my tongue down her throat.

You are a moron.



Pressure Point Teaser 4


Olivia Luck lives in the middle of America with her loving husband and her obsession with writing. She wrote her first romance novel at age eight. When she’s not reading, editing, or writing, you can find her in the kitchen learning to cook. Olivia loves to travel and spend time with her family.

Get in touch with Olivia, she adores emails:


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