Book Review: Remembering Joy (Joy #1) by Jenni Moen

Hey everyone!!

I have a lot of fun projects coming for you guys and one of them is for Valentine’s Day and I hope you all like it!

But today I’m doing a book review for a book I read in 2013 and it was featured on my Favorite Books of 2013 list: Remembering Joy by Jenni Moen. It’s funny because I “met” Jenni last year because of With the Father, but I only realized I knew of her a month later and that I actually read her Joy series the year before! I loved that!!




One mistake can shatter dreams and irrevocably shape the future. Alexis knows this first hand. Even though her memory of that day is hazy, she has spent ten years trying to put it behind her and focus on the future.

Armed with the knowledge that her career will be her only legacy, Alexis works night and day to prove that she is more than just her last name. It’s not that she doesn’t have time for love – she doesn’t have the heart for it. After all, there’s no point in starting something that you can’t finish.

Adam is dark and brooding and strangely charming. The film student is the perfect distraction from the mundane life she’s created for herself.

Unfortunately, Adam’s memory isn’t hazy . . . not in the least. And, what she doesn’t remember, he can’t forget.

MY RATING: 5 beastly stars


5 stars5 stars5 stars5 stars5 stars




I don’t remember who recommended this book to me or if I found it browsing on Goodreads, what I do know is that the blurb alone pulled me to it. I read it in 2013 and it was one of my top reads that year. It still is, actually!

Right in the beginning we get to know Adam and how he sees a girl from his past, a girl that he hates and he thinks is a snob. The thing is, Adam doesn’t know Alexis at all.

Alexis is a girl who fights against her family name and has emerged herself into her work. She has one friend, her work husband, Ethan and he is the only one she goes out with to have some drinks. And in one of these drinking nights she meets Adam.

A lot happens in their story, a lot of misanderstandings, a lot of mistery around Alexis past and her nightmares and a lot grows between them, the least expected, specially for Adam: love.

Alexis is plagued by nightmares that she knows have something to do with something that happened in her past, but she can’t remember what. Her memory of that day has plagued her for the last 10 years even thought she actually has no memory of it, unless you count her enigmatic dreams.

Adam is the knowlegeable one in the couple. He knows something about Alexis past, something that makes him want to destroy her and what better vengeance than getting really close to her to make her suffer? He actually starts messing with her life, like her work and other things.The thing is Adam isn’t a bad person. At all. Nor is Alexis and as he gets to know her, he finally realises that and he falls for her.


 “I was having trouble sorting through it all. For so many years, I’d hated her. And then recently I’d begun to think that, despite it all, I might actually love her. Now, I didn’t know what I felt.”


She is also falling for him despite her fears of having people close to her.


“After all, I had no desire to meet someone who I actually had something in common with. I didn’t want someone who would really want to get to know me. I was damaged goods, and I’d learned the hard way that once they learned the truth I wasn’t worth sticking around for.”

Remembering Joy is the kind of book I live to find. It has angst, romance and mystery all in one package. But it doesn’t have the kind of angst that makes you want to crawl and fold yourself into a ball and cry for days. Not, it has just the right ammount of angst to make it interesting.

Adam is on my list of swoon-worthy book boyfriends. After all he is gorgeous, has tattoos and is hard and sweet at the same time. Alexis is also the kind of heroine I like. She is vunerable, but she isn’t weak. She’s got the sass and the attitude to back it up and as a couple they click so well!!

This book made me feel so much and I could relate to both characters, Adam and Alexis. I also loved the twists Jenni did in the story. When you think you had it all figured out, she goes and throws even more at us (one of these “mores”, actually made me smile so much, in such a bittersweet way).

I love the dicotomy of the characters, Alexis is this girl that has it all, designer clothes, money, the name, but she actually swims against the flow, she doesn’t want to be definied by her family. She has everything to be this stuck up b***ch and she is such a good, kind and generous person. But then so is Adam. He tries to hide in his tough guy mask, but he is actually a perfect boyfriend.

Remembering Joy is truly one of the best books I’ve ever read, it’s hard to explain your feelings on books that make you feel like this one did to me. Yes, it’s all about the feelings, but it is also a very well written book and that helps making the story so believeable and passionate.

Remembering Joy is not a standalone but it doesn’t have a cliffhanger, it has a sequel, that I very much enjoyed reading, because, when made right, I love sequels. I always feel sad seeing a book go.

I’ve read both books twice now and the second time brought all those great feelings again. Of course, there’s nothing like reading a book for the first time, but then being reminded why you loved it so much was so, so good! It was more than bittersweet, it was love at second sight and I believe that no matter how many times I read them, I’ll fall in love all over again!

This book is enchanting, outstanding and it has such a powerful story, you can’t miss it! Phenomenal in its story, in its characters and in how much it makes us feel! Books as entertainment are awesome, but then you find one that is the real deal, a book that makes you feel this much and you’re ruined! Thank you so much Jenni Moen for writing this and sharing it with us!

As I said, it has all the qualities of the books I most enjoy (no matter if they are dark or “vanilla”, or funny or angsty, all of them have some common qualities) and one of the best ones is that we can see the story (not only the characters) grow. We can see it starting one way and, because of it being so well executed and consistent, we can see how and where it’s going. And let me tell you, it’s a true joy seeing where this story  leads its characters (and Jenni leads the story).






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