Trick or Treats? A Halloween Book Review: The Headmaster by Tiffany Reisz

Hey Book Lovers!!!

Happy Halloween!!! We don’t celebrate Halloween here in Brazil, but I’ve always liked it and this year, my bff is doing a KICK-ASS party and I can’t wait! I still haven’t decided my costume though. 😦

Speaking of Halloween, today I’m going to talk about a book, a short one, that has a spooky twist in it, its perfect for this time!! And what book is that? Well, from the title of this post you can see it’s a book by the Master of all Masters, Tiffany Reisz. So here we go!!

The Headmaster

Rating: 5 Beastly Stars

5 stars5 stars5 stars5 stars5 stars






At the remote Marshall School, Gwen Ashby stumbles upon the job—and the man—of her dreams. Stern, enigmatic Edwin Yorke simmers with a heat Gwen longs to unleash. But Edwin knows all too well that forbidden love can end in tragedy….

My Review:

As I mentioned, Tiffany is the Master for me! The woman can write and write amazingly in so different genres. Let me start by saying this story has NOTHING to do with The Original Sinners (my favorite series in the ENTIRE world!).

The Headmaster is part of a 4-book set by Harlequin. It is the 4th volume in the Harlequin E-Shivers collection. I have to admit that so far, I’ve only read it.

The story stars with Gwen, a recently graduated (in college) girl, who was passing through a small town and hears about this enigmatic school, that might be looking for a new teacher. She was just passing through on her way to Chicago.

After a small incident, Gwen arrives at the  Marshal Academy, an all-boys schook, whose headmaster, Edwin Yorke is as misterious as he is gorgeous! They were lacking a teacher, since the last Literature teacher, the only woman on campus, had resigned.

The boys from the school were so funny! We can see Tiffany’s characteristic humour on them! I LOVED them! Since the beginning they try to be matchmakers to Gwen and Edwin. Not that those two needed the teenager boys to do any work. Edwin and Gwen’s chemistry was instant.

I fell in love with Edwin from the start. He was so prim and proper, with his suits and his “cold” front. Even though he really tried being impolite and imune to Gwen’s charm, he just couldn’t. There was a whole “old-world charm” to him, that was simply irresistible.

Gwen settled very well into the Marshal Academy life. She had her own lodge at the school grounds and she started to have her own routine. Her students, the boys, were all really smart and advanced and Gwen felt challenged and welcome there! More welcome than anywhere she’d been so far.

Gwen was a lovely character and Edwin was THE perfect gentleman. Always so proper, until he unleashed his passion. He and Gwen were the perfect couple and the teenager Carol would have LOVED this story. Somehow Tiffany managed to convey all my teen obsessions on her work. I had this insane obssession about anything gothic (I still love it) an d also for priests (no priests in THIS story), so much that I actually started writing my own story involving a priest back in the day (7 or 8 years ago).

This gothic story was just PERFECT! It has the perfect ammount of gothic in it and the perfect ammont of sexiness and romance to balance it. There’s NO WAY you won’t fall in love with Edwin and his boys as  Gwen (and me) did!!

Between the boys, her work, Edwin’s “tea” visits, she had a perfect new life. Or so she thought.

Unexpected things happen, some I had figured out, but the most impotant one I actually missed! And Gwen had a tough choice to make. Loose her curiosity strike or remain on Marshal and let go of her questions and be with Edwin. After all, what will she choose, the love of her life or to live an empty life, without all the colors Edwin, and Marshal, brought to her?

Find out now!!

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