New Features and Blog Updates

Hey everyone!!

I have some things to talk to you about…First of all, let me apologize for the 18827587857459th time for not updating the blog as much as I should, or want. Law School is kicking my butt, plus my procrastinating tendencies are in overload! LOL

But with the blog with a new face I also have some ideas and I’m determined to put them to real use! The first of them is my rating system!

I’ve always rated books from 0-5 stars, although I think I’ve never rated a book 0 stars. On the blog, I think my lowest rating was 2 or 2.5 stars, but I’ve had a few 1 or 1.5 ratings. I just rather focus my reviews on books that I love. Of course if anyone ask me what I thought about certain book and I didn’t like it, I will not pretend I did. I just won’t be rude about it.

Anyway, since the blog is now called Beauty and the Beastly Books, I decided to make some Beastly Stars to go with it, and with the help of my friend Audrey I’ve come up with the following system: using the beastly faces according to the rating of the book. For example, 1 star would be something like “WTF did I just read??” . Well, for me this could actually mean a 5 stars book, so for it not to be too confusing, the Beastly Face will also be shaped as a star, this way I can mix them to create the .5 ratings (like 3.5, 4.5, etc.).

So, here are my newest rating system, a.k.a. Beastly Faces:

1 star: WTF did I just read?

1 star



2 stars: This book is so depressing and exhausting (not all 2 stars books are  depressing or exhausting ones, that’s why I’ll use the number of Beastly Faces according to the number of stars, so you’ll know it’s a 2 stars book. For some reason I didn’t connect with it, but it was almost a 3 stars).

2 stars




3 stars: Hm…It wasn’t so bad. (Although some 3 stars books for me are actually GOOD ones…The Beast expressions are what made the names, but 3 stars for me usually are more than just not bad).

3 stars



4 stars: Me like it! Me like it  a LOT!

4 stars



5 stars: I fucking LOVE this book!!!!

5 stars



I had a BLAST talking about these expressions with Aud and I hope you like my “Beastmometer”!!



Ok, now for my other news is that I decided to have my own YouTube channel for the blog! I will have some video recommendations (my own and asked recommendations about books in certain genres and stuff), favorite books lists, answer questions about books and stuff like that. At first I don’t want to do video reviews, because I really like to write my reviews, I can talk about books I read and all, like favorite books of the month and then giving a little synopsis about them, but I want to keep my reviews just here on the blog.

I actually recorded the first video, that was supposed to be an introduction, but I lost it, because I had to restore my iPad and I didn’t have the backup for that ONE video yet… 😦

But I may have a new one already on the channel tomorrow, or at least next week! You’ll be the firsts to know!!!

I would love for you to suggest what else you would like to see on the blog or on the YouTube channel! Just comment below or PM me on the blog’s FB page.

I hope you like the new things I’m adding to the blog!!!





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