First Time Blogger!

My girl Frannie is starting a new blog. I absolutely LOVE discussing books with her and we usually in tune when it comes to, well, most of what we talked about, not only books!!
Check out Reads to Breathe!!!

ReadstoBreathe by #SCBB Blog

I never imagined that I would be doing a blog. I am not very good with computers and don’t have much patience for them either, but it seems like things worked out this way for a reason. I am taking this journalism class over at Fullerton College and am surprised at how much I am enjoying it. One of the class assignments is for me to do a blog. Bam! Here it is and it will be about books.

I love to read. If i could read all day everyday I would, and with an English degree it’s exactly what I plan to do. In another class, I had to interview an author and I was thrilled to. I thought to my self “This would be awesome to review books and interview authors and write all about it!” Then this class came along and the opportunity was just there. I am…

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