Beauty x Sex???

Hey everyone!!

I’m finally writing to explain the change in name, address, email address and FB page…

Well, I LOVE the name Sex and the Books, it was inspired by Sex and the City and Carrie is the SHIT! She writes her own column and has a HUGE closet, plus all the shoes and bags I wish I had LOL I want to be Carrie Bradshaw when I grow up!

But then, I was receiving too many requests about weird books, some people were confusing my blog with a sex blog, which it wasn’t and it will never be. Plus I don’t read about sex. I read books. Romance. PERIOD. And recently I had an incident involving that notion that I write in my blog something I actually don’t .

Although I loved the name Sex and the Books, since the beginning it was something I wasn’t completely sure about. A friend of mine made a suggestion about a name involving Beauty and the Beast, which is my all time favorite Disney movie. I LOVE the Beast, plus Belle could be me! No one understands her love for books 😦

After some adaptation, with help from my book friends, I came up with the Beauty and the Beastly Books, but now that I’m thinking about it should have been Beauty IN the Beastly Books haha, but I can change that (excuse me if I make another change soon LOL). In case you’re wondering the Beauty ISN’T me! It’s the beauty of reading and finding characters, authors and a story that you can love so intensily!

So that’s it!

Sex and the Books as a blog no long exists, but I will mantain the FB page, though, in addition to Beauty and the Beastly Books FB page!

I look forward to continue getting better as a blogger and I would love your suggestions and comments about Beauty and the Beastly Books so far!!!












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