Book Review: For Love or Money by Tara Brown

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First of all, let me take the floor and announce I turn 25 today (I still haven’t felt the weight of this many years) LOL Yeap, I’m the birthday girl and I’m finally excited to get old haha 25 in my head was pretty old, specially when I think of the amount of things I still want to do with my life, before I turn into a real grown up (in my head I’m like 18 lol)…anyways, Happy Birthday to me! 🙂

And what better way to celebrate my birthday with you than sharing a review for a book by my favorite author?! What amazes me most about the book world is how many friends we can make because of books and when one of them is an author you admire is just an incredible bonus!

I talk about how much I love Tara Brown’s books all the time here, but the crazy thing is that I first met her books (The Lonely and than Lost Boy) before I ever had a conversation with her! So, for me is an honor to call her my friend and I love her and everything she writes. Seriously the woman is a genius! First of all she writes faster than anyone, she releases a lot of books per year and is FANTASTIC! Being that good is pure, pure TALENT!

So here we go, I hope you enjoy my latest review!!


Rating: 4.75 hot-damn-I-wanna-be-a-character-of-this-book stars

Book Synopsis:

James Holland has a secret.
His friends don’t know it.
His parents don’t know it.
His teachers at Harvard don’t know it.

But someone does and she isn’t telling anyone.

When Lana Weber learns the truth about a certain campus celebrity,
she does what any girl in her position would.
She uses it to get everything she wants.

But sometimes the thing you want and the thing you need,
are very different from the thing you get.

My Review:

As you know I’m very honest in my reviews and if I say I like and pimp Tara’s books is because every one of them I liked! As I said, when I first started talking to her, I’ve already read two of her books, so before I knew here I was already pimping her book! I’m always honest when I say that Tara is just fantastic!

My first two books by her were “dark”, mind f***ck ones and than I started reading other books by Tara and that characteristic that is so hers, to turn a story into something completely unexpected and build different stories inside one story appeared in every one of her books that I read so far…

Last week I finally read her book My Side and it was  a surprise! I couldn’t find that characteristic, but it didn’t make the story less amazing! Just the opposite…Taking unexpected turns wouldn’t match with that story, so I was pleased to see a different side of Tara with it. By the way, I super recommend it, LOVED My Side!

And than I started reading For Love or Money and BAM! She does it again! It sure has a few turns but nothing like I would expect. Tara blows my mind again! She never, NEVER disappoints and fail to amaze me! If you want to read a book by a writer who doesn’t write what you expect and just simply writes amazing stories, Tara is your girl! I’m convinced, Tara can write ANYTHING and I’m sure she can turn any subject into an interesting one and come up with an amazing story! Seriously…I have a reader crush on her, obviously LOL

In For Love or Money we meet Lana, a very selfish rich girl who has everything she wants and is a cry for attention. I didn’t expect to like her, on the first pages I actually disliked her very much, she was just too superficial. But even then I knew there was more to her.

Than enters James, the hot college football player who also has some secrets in his sleeves and tatooed body. James intrigued me from the start and damn, what a hot, dirty boy he is! I finished this book feeling like I NEEDED to meet him, I honestly would be happy with one goal in my life: being James’s dirty girl. Honestly!

The combination of Lana and James though, makes the story  just flow! Lana needed James in her life and us readers needed him in her life so we could see she actually wasn’t always that selfish girl and inside her there was this completely different girl trying to come up to life again. Only James to be able to bring the real Lana not only to the surface, but for the whole world to see. He is as real as you get, even though he has his own dirty secret, Lana is pretty drawn to him (as would any living hetero female in the world!!) and she needed a dosage of his realness so she could show the world not only her potential, but herself!

She is afraid of a lot of things and James makes her fears not only disappear, but also be blindsided by how much more she can be when she forgets about them. With James there’s no barrel, no fears, no secrets and she can simply be…

James also needed Lana in his life…only she was able to show him that he could actually have the dual life he wanted, the college boy and the musician he was. Both of them are incredibly gifted, but both were afraid to show it. James fear though is not like Lana’s, he isn’t afraid to show the world his talent, but he’s afraid his talent and love for music would shadow his future, he wanted to have opportunities besides music. But when this two incredible people get united, they are unstoppable.  No fears, no crazy people, nothing and no one could stop then from shining!

But in the middle of all this there’s also a mystery of Lana’s crazy perv stalker/rapist to be solved. Since she is pretty much addicted to sex, her being used is not something people would think of, after all in the eyes of the world she asked for all she got, but she is not that. She feels and she gets hurt and she feels guilty for being so out of control, people would think she wanted the attention of crazy guys or that she would drug minors just to have a good time.

Lana needs to prove herself for her father, the mega music mogul, but she also needs to prove her value to herself, and making her work for it is the best lesson her father ever gave her. Along the way she will learn a lot, specially about herself.

You will certainly laugh a lot with her, root for her, swoon over James and just enjoy this crazy yet amazing ride!

This book has action, rock, music and players, what else not to like? Oh, did I mention the steamy scenes???!!! Oh boy! You’re in for a treat…

The only thing I wanted more was for James secret to be more explored, but that doesn’t make the book  and the story bad, it’s just my crazy Tara-addicted mind wanting more of her writing!!!

Oh, you don’t need to read My Side before, they are different stories, but the main character from it is mentioned in For Love or Money and I smiled big every time someone talked about him…

I just love Tara’s characters…the guys are always swoon worthy, amazing and the girls are always badass, snarky girls, and I relate so much with them haha I feel like I’m best friends with them and in the end I just want to hug the whole book! I wish there was a way I could meet all of them, what a crazy and fun party that would be!!!


Here is the link to BUY THE BOOK



And to celebrate my birthday and the release of For Love of Money I’ll be giving away an ebook copy of it.

All you need to do is comment on this post (with your email address) telling me the day of your bday!

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    1. Hi Marketa!! Thanks for the comment…I forgot to mention the giveaway is over, I already contacted and gifted the winner…but there will be more opportunities for you! I hope to see you again here at Sex and the Books! 🙂

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