Book Review: I Found You by Jane Lark

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How’s everything going? I’m finally getting excited for my birthday this Thursday (yaaay 25 years, but who’s counting? I certainly ain’t LOL)! April is a month full of amazing new releases and I’ve read some fantastic books so far! And today I’m reviewing one of the books I’ve read this year…I Found You by Jane Lark. I hope you enjoy my review!! 🙂



Rating: 4.5 I-love-this-book stars!!

Book Synopsis:

Tomorrow is for regrets. Tonight is for being together.

On a cold winter night, Rachel and Jason’s lives collide on Manhattan Bridge. She’s running from life, he’s running toward it. But compassion urges him to help her.

His offer of a place to stay leads to friendship and trouble. There’s his fiancée back home in Oregon and a family who just don’t trust this girl from the wrong side of the tracks.

But when the connection between them is so electric, so right… everyone else must be wrong. And as the snow begins to settle on the Hudson, there’s nothing but the possibility of what could be – of this, right here, right now. Them.

My Review:

How can I start reviewing this book? Well, let’s start with Jason…Prepare yourselves to SWOON!!! OMG, I fell in love with him pretty fast, like Rachel herself.

Rachel…Well, in the beginning I had mixed feelings about her. I didn’t know to believe she was misunderstood or just plain crazy. But then, one or two pages later I couldn’t stop from rooting for her and being mad at other characters who would just bash her! She really needed the support and Jason is the perfect person for her. The only problem, though is letting herself accept that. She knew it and wanted to be loved, but really accept it? She wasn’t programmed to know what real love was.

Rachel grew up with an alcoholic mother, a mother who just didn’t care about her daughter and her health. Rachel really had some issues, but she was not only misunderstood, but also ostracized for not having the opportunities in her life that other people had in theirs…For being dealt a shitty hand, she suffered prejudice, and it was never her fault after all!

Rachel and Jason’s story began in a bridge in the middle of Manhattan…Were they on the right place at the right time? Some could argue that Rachel needed Jason more than he needed her, she really had a messed up life so far, but his life was not perfect either. He woke up and got up every morning, and lived a lie. He went to this job he hated, but he was adamant about proving himself to his parents and whole town. He was in a relationship that was only being good to his girlfriend who lived far away from NY…far away from him and apparently far away from their problems…Jason hasn’t been happy in a long time.

Then comes this crazy girl and he introduces her to his apartment and his life and suddenly everything changes. No matter what everyone thought and said about Rachel, she wasn’t like that, she wasn’t taking advantage of him and she simply hasn’t been dealt a good hand in life. And Jason changes her luck, just as she changes his.

This story is a beautiful, romantic mess and I absolutely enjoyed everything about it. Jason and Rachel’s journey is not an easy one, but that’s probably why I related so much to this book and its characters, they feel real, because their problems and their life felt very real. They could easily be me or you or our friends. I could easily be Rachel (who wouldn’t want to find a Jason too?? LOL) and I could easily be going through what she went…Actually after reading this story I want to be her friend, I want to listen to her, to help her and to root even more for her!

Thank you so much Jane Lark, not only for the opportunity to read it, but also for introducing me to such incredible characters, whom I want to be best friends with, and to such a powerful and beautiful story!



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